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Posted by mintie | Feb 07, 2015 @ 07:34 PM | 11,152 Views
.I bought this wee motor for my Dad in 1973 when I was doing my engineering apprenticeship...I am not sure how much he used it.
In1984 when my kids were small we came over to see my parents and used the motor on my small row boat.

In 2013 we gave my parents a hand to shift as they were moving into a self contained rest home,and look what I found ....My Dad still had the tas motor up in the garage loft.....turns out he had never used it since we did in 1984.
Mum asked if I wanted it ...So off home with the motor and put into my garage.

Last weekend the 2nd Feb 2015 I decided to see if the motor would go..Checked the spark ,made up a bit of fuel and 10 pulls on the chord and it went.

This wee motor had stood for 31 years ,,had nothing done to it and it ran sweet as.

The motor is 0.9 hp at 6500.rpm
My wife and I are now intending to use it in our motor home with a 2.4m inflatable boat for fishing.