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Posted by mintie | Jan 12, 2013 @ 12:04 AM | 9,166 Views
never done it ,aways wanted to ,kept talking about it ,so decided to do something about it.
My good mate Paul [ Paul NZ] has talked about it to me numerous times and we said it could be fun to give it a go some day.
He has a scratch built 1/5 scale ASW 20 3 meter wing span glider,weighing in at 5 lbs,and I have a scratch built 1/6 scale Piper Super Cub,powered by an OS46.weighing in at 6 lbs.
Could we get this combination to work..
To tell you the truth I did have my doubts as to the possible lack of power.
So in the end bit the bullet and went ahead and made the tow cable on the Cub and he put in a tow release on the glider,and made up a dolly for the glider to ride on.
Well today was the day 12.1.13 and off out to a private air strip at 7.30 to get all set up.Perfect weather no wind and hot.
The take off run was round 65 meters before the glider flew off the dolly then the Cub was in the air. I had to trim the cub to say on the ground until the ASW lifted off.
The cub had to work hard to get the glider up to speed,but once in the air the OS46 had the power and we had a good climb out.
We had 6 flights,and getting better each time ,but still a way to go..A little more difficult than it looks,to keep both planes in line.
Paul had just bought a small video cam so he had that on the glider tail. pretty good videos
It was really a good day , happy to succeed and looking forward to some more.
Hopefully the video works..A near mishap early on where the glider near hit me, but go to round half way and that is the action.leave your speckers off as it is only wind noise. enjoy.
MINI0007model ASW 20 glider towed by a model Piper Cub (7 min 28 sec)