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Posted by mintie | Nov 30, 2012 @ 03:15 AM | 8,778 Views
Holidays over ,back at work now 7 weeks and into the modelling again.
Progress is slow on the cadet but am making head way.
Fuse well on the way ,and starting on the tail feathers.
The weather was so good the other night went out flying with the Fourier and had two really pleasing flights.Must remember to take the cam out next time.
Still deciding on the wing sections to use ,but leaning toward clark Y.Plenty of time to get it right I hope.
Been setting one of my other gliders up as we now are getting lots of good wind for slope soaring.
This time of the year we get predominately NE and sometimes very strong.So usually get a bit it stick time in on the sand dunes close to home.
The cadet build can be followed here for those interested.