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Posted by mintie | Sep 18, 2012 @ 02:36 PM | 7,762 Views
Since NY,have travelled to Binghamton,and stayed two night at B&B.Spent a bit of time hunting round this area .Found a few points of interest.
Moved on then to Niagra falls..
Now this is a place to visit.Our B&B was very near to down town so was able to walk each day.
Did a trip behind the falls,up the river in the Mist of the Maid and the white water cat walk.
A truelly amazing experence.
We had been told about Niagra on the lake , by a follow traveller we meet,so went for a look.Really beautifull up there.
So now our trip is very near the end and in Toronto now ready to fly out tomorrow and back home.
Six weeks has just gone so fast,but looking back have covered a hugh area and done 7264kms with the car..So in topping off where have we been .Started at Toronto,montreal,Quebec,Edmonston,miramichi,PEI.Ha lifax,Fredericton,Bar Harbour,Peggies Cove,North Conway,Concord,Harvard,Boston,Yarmouth,Cape Cod Rehoboth,New Port Rhode Island ,New York City,Niagra,Toronto.[And all the little places in between.
A fantastic trip.
Posted by mintie | Sep 12, 2012 @ 05:23 PM | 7,531 Views
We have done quite a bit of travelling since last post.
Been to Yarmouth,and did a trip out to Cape Cod for the day.About an hrs drive each way. A really nice area with some neat beachs.not a lot of people in the water even though it was a very hot day.
Travelled onto Rehoboth stopping in on Woods Hole ocean research,and looked at the aquarium
Our two days at Rehoboth gave time to go to New Port Rhode Island to have a look at the rich mansions.This place is just $$$$$.
Rehoboth to New York. Set the GPS and away we drove.
Interesting time getting to our hotel..Got lost many times,GPS is not 100% reliable but not always its fault. NY has many one way streets,which is fine ,BUT during set times of the day,you cant turn into them. GPS says turn ,but signs says NO. Fun I can tell you.
Have now spent 3 days here ,two bus trips,and boat trip ,and many kms on foot.
Interesting place,people and cars everywhere,all trying to get somewhere as fast as they can.
On the road again tomorrow.
Posted by mintie | Sep 06, 2012 @ 07:47 PM | 7,015 Views
After North Conway onto Concord,and this place has a lot of the history of the American Revolutiion.The battles in Lexington,Concord and starting from boston.
I didnt know any of this so was very interested in learning of this history that took place.
Also followed this up in Boston when we got there with the Tea party.
Spent three days in Boston,so had a chance to have a look around.Did The trolley bus tour which included a harbour cruise and stopped at the Tea party museum.
Did a Harvard tour ,spent some time walking round the area from our Hotel getting lost,but did see quite a lot.
Interesting city, big , bustling,noisy,lots of people,heaps of shops,cars every where,dangerous if you are a pedestrian, but we had a cool time.
On the road again today heading to our next destination.
Posted by mintie | Sep 06, 2012 @ 07:10 PM | 6,845 Views
since the last posting have been to Fredericton,which was a very nice place.We had a very enjoyable time there just walking and exploring the town.
Most of our stops in the smaller places are for two days so dont see all but do give us a taste of our surroundings.
Now we leave canada and start into the USA
Next stop is Bar Harbour in Maine..Now this is a vey nice stop. After getting set up in our B&B had a bit of a walk around the down town part.
Next day took a harbour cruise,which was a nature and scenic cruise and went right out to the open sea.Away for about 2.5 hrs
Travelled onto North conway.
Every stop has something of interest.Now starting to get into a bit of American history.