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Posted by mintie | Jul 22, 2012 @ 01:03 AM | 6,761 Views
Have now started building the cadet.
Building to 29% which gives me a 12 ft w/s, a nice size to fit the car for transport.
Fuse is 1.9 ms long and each wing is just over 1.8 ms.
Have a build log going here for those that are interested.
Will have built up wings and tail sections.
The fuse is hot wired foam,news print and fiberglass.
The structual center section is made up of 6mm ply formers and these attach to the main wheel frame work.
Will be a center section for the tow release to mount onto .
Still doing design work as I go along.
Keeping my fingers crossed,as Ren from Preimer Pilots is doing a new 1/3 glider pilot and hoping one of these will go in this glider.
Posted by mintie | Jul 02, 2012 @ 02:09 AM | 5,493 Views
Construction all done on the PA8 Skycycle and had it running around the back grass area at home. Goes really fine and plenty of power.
While on the PA8 have also been working again on the Edge 540 T.that I started in April last year.
Fuse and fin all glassed and the cowl plug is now ready for a lay up.
Pilot and seat are done and need mounts made, but need to be removeable so as to get to the rear servos.
Still a bit of work to go on this model...

Have started getting ready to build a 30% Slingsby Cadet mk 3.Have all the patterns for the fuse layed out.This will be a big project,but looking forward to the build.
Always wanted a larger glider as my other ones are only 6ft and 8 ft w/s.Also love vintage gliders.