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Posted by mintie | Oct 24, 2010 @ 11:38 PM | 5,824 Views
Like most of us here we tend to have a few models in various stages of build. I am no different and sometimes have trouble deciding which one should be done first even though I have others on the board.
My latest plane is the osprey 1x 28. I have had a dissire to build this for some time now and finally decided, get it done before time runs out.
Some time back I found a very small plan for a three channel indoor model ,took it to work and enlarged on the machine.Didnt come out very good but I really only wanted the out line as would build how I wanted.
Construction is with Blue foam,depron,fiberglass,balsa & carbon. It has been a design as I build and so far pretty happy with the out come.
AUW target is 600 gm and it looks like it might just finish at 420 gms..
Not bad for a 1100 mm w/s 4 channel with a 3s 1300 battery.
I am doing a build log and progress can be found here...