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Posted by mintie | Sep 09, 2010 @ 01:40 AM | 5,771 Views
A good spell of sun shine allowed me to get the green sprayed on the airframe [once the power came back on]
Just need to get the airbrush out now and do all the dirtying on the plane
It has to look used and old.
Can still do some modelling as our home is not bad for damage,can still live in it . Others are far less fortunate than us,losing every thing they own,including house and employment.
Posted by mintie | Sep 06, 2010 @ 03:23 AM | 6,291 Views
Well this weekend no time for modelling after we where hit with a 7.1 scale quake in the early hrs of Saturday morning.A pretty scary experence when it is pitch black dark and your whole world is shaking so bad you can not stand up.
Very lucky that there was no deaths at all from the quake,but the city and out lying areas have a huge mess to clean up and at this stage a figure of $2 billion to start the rebuild.
In the city center of Christchurch [population of 450 .000] there are 120 buildings are to be demolished and 500 are in need of repairs now.
We ourselves got out very sweet with very little damage,but just around the street there are at least 12 or more homes that will be dozed down,as others over the other side of our town will be in the same situation.Our town [Kaiapoi population of 5000] center is closed as are the schools and most of the surrounding areas. Residents only allowed in.
An interesting site to follow the quakes This shows the fault line and all the shocks we have had since.
Another site for info updates Reading