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Posted by PeterVRC | Nov 20, 2017 @ 07:46 PM | 8,848 Views
I own a LOT of chargers. 13...
From the starting days of the 50W/5A "4 button" chargers, to the next levels of 150W/10A... 200W/7A... (still "4 button" type)... and then onto the LEMON Radiolink CP620 750W/30A (and has 6A balancing!!!) capable!!

50W chargers can't charge many battery capacities very fast at all....

Some Charger Info:
The Watts rating sets the MAXIMUM POWER the charger can pass. But it also has a Voltage maximum and a Current (Amps) maximum.
So they will most often list Voltage as "2S to 6S" etc (2S to 8S). So then you know how many cells it can charge at most.
And they will list the maximum Current it can pass. eg say 5 Amps.
"Up to 6S at 50W/5A"

Then for any given cell count, thus Voltage, you can derive what it could charge that battery at the most.
So let's use 6S to make it tough for the charger (because it is the highest Voltage it can do).... 6S peak voltage is 6 x 4.2v = 25.2v
To see what maximum Current is POSSIBLE at that Voltage, divide the POWER by the Voltage. 50W / 25.2v = 1.98 Amps
This is because no matter what, the POWER is the top limit of the charger.

There are the THREE limits - Voltage, Current and Power... and NONE can be exceeded. (eg not even just one). The charger itself will stop at its limits.
So the MOST you could feed into a 6S battery with a 50W charger is 1.98Amps....
If it was a 2200mAH battery then that 1.98A max is almost 1C (0.9C). If it was a 5000mAH battery then it is 0.4 C...Continue Reading
Posted by PeterVRC | Nov 18, 2017 @ 08:32 AM | 9,064 Views
I bought a new HSD Viperjet, but as a KIT. That ended up being quite a DUMB idea and way to do it! Buying the Kit was AUD$200 less, but when I found out what it DOES NOT come with it showed how that "$200" was actually worth AUD$400 in value! Plus it took 8 hrs or more to transfer over all the parts that it needed!! So it 'cost' money and TIME too! In the PNF I could have used the EDF, ESC and Retracts for another aircraft and those are most of that $400 value. And not have had to transfer anything!
Boo !!!

I set it up with the 8S Jetfan again, and did the all mods to fit that and its batteries. (extended battery tray etc).

I took it out today for its Maiden and flew just like the first one - of course.
One thing I did different was coat it in SATIN WBPU, instead of Matt. The Matt comes out a Semi-Gloss really.... and the Satin comes out a High Gloss! So shiny! It looks like it is a composite (fiberglass) aircraft!! And ready to RACE !!

On the maiden flight I flew it at a 'brisk cruise' Airspeed for the most, with a handful of WOT climbs, loops, 'race past' cases.
The Flight Time was 7 minutes and 30 Seconds!!!
That is pretty awesome for a 90mm EDF... and flying quite fast! Plus with that bunch of WOT sections in it.
The Turnigy graphenes came down ambient/cool... and 3.70v per cell. After pretty well dead on 4000mAH used.

The flight was mainly at 30Amps (900W) down to 20Amps (600W) for more of it. With the 2500W+ WOT runs here and there.

...Continue Reading
Posted by PeterVRC | Nov 09, 2017 @ 08:42 AM | 8,840 Views
I 'half forgot' that I also have the FlyFly 90mm Hawker Hunter to build up. I got it many months ago but just stored it away.
This jet I will build for 6S and as a bungee launcher.
I am changing the bungee launch FlyFly Mirage to a HSD 6S EDF setup taken from the HSD 6S Viperjet PNF and I will use the same EDF combo for the Hawker Hunter - just unbolt and easily move it from jet to jet. Not the ESC... just the 6S EDF.

I have the "Swiss Green" scheme, which looks quite nice - and will 'pop' a lot more when coated in WBPU.
1112mm Wingspan, but 1507mm long. As per most modern jets are longer than their Wingspan.

I am considering adding Landing Gear, just to use for landings. Though it will mean it could be flown off a hard runway also. I like the look of the LG RadarGuy used on his Swiss 30 Jahre (anniversary) version in the pics below!
I don't 'mind' seeing a jet take off from a bungee dolly, even though it is nowhere near as good as a ROG take-off, but it at least still takes the path that it would on LG anyway. But I don't like landing on the underside (when no LG) and wearing that out.
I still have some more things to think about the Hunter before I start it anyway.....
For one thing, I am considering adding flaps - split as per full scale. Which is another reason that LG would then be very useful too.

Posted by PeterVRC | Nov 08, 2017 @ 10:22 PM | 11,690 Views
Another jet.... a bit soon, but I will see what order it can sneak into amongst the others to do.

I had been aiming to get ALL FlyFly jets eventually, plus had my eye on the Hawk for a long time now. So today I decided to get it and see when I will build it.
After a lot of pondering over the color scheme to get, I ordered the all BLUE version. But within 20 minutes I changed my mind and altered it to the 2012 (?) Anniversary Scheme one (Black, Red, White, Blue). I decided that it is pretty unique and narrowly 'wins' over all the plainer schemes.

1365mm Wingspan and 1465mm in length - it is fairly big, so its Scale is relatively 'large' - and that means it has 'substance/volume' seeing it is closer to the full scale. (than a smaller scale - or some large real aircraft with this scale model dimensions).

I will make it 'full house', with Flaps, Retracts, nose gear doors and use 8S. Likely a HET/Jetfan 1500kv or 1600kv setup.
From all that I have read and see about it, this is a very nice jet and worthy of making it up as a 'quality' RC model. (certainly NOT just as FlyFly supply it!!!)

Posted by PeterVRC | Nov 06, 2017 @ 09:11 AM | 8,949 Views
Time for a new jet.... but why? So many to finish, and so many to fly already!

1) It is big
2) It is very cheap (on sale)

I always had liked my 70mm Panther and the T-33 is quite a similar aircraft, but this time at more of a 105/120mm EDF size! BIG.
Even though it also fits - and comes with - a 90mm EDF setup.

I was 'worried' about RC Lander.... as their stuff tends to be very OLD Generation and fairly poorly 'executed'. And once again, it was exactly that... oh well.

HobbyKing had it on sale for AUD$520 and it would cost a fair way towards that for the EDF and ESC it comes with.
Plus reviews on it were not that bad.
RC Lander stuff can end up LOOKING pretty good, but they are still very 'rough' made models. And seeing pics of it looked good, and flying reports were very good, I decided it would be a 'good idea'.

Once I got the jet I found it was the 'latest' iteration/version of it. Which had all the upgrades added over the years, plus a 12 Blade Dr Mad Thrust (RC Lander) 1000KV 10S 4500Watt EDF. And a ZTW Gecko 150A HV ESC. So those were great to get with it, and made it excellent value!
The retracts are BIG and robust too, so they are worth quite a lot of $.

One nuisance is that it uses Wire Pull-Pull steering. And it is a really bad setup! Not that ANY wire Pull-Pull setup is any good!
So that will need to be modded into a PUSHROD steering system!

The paintwork is very good! A bit dodgy in some areas, but overall very good. More so for all TOP/SIDE surfaces - which the foam finish is also excellent for all of those. But quite lacking on the UNDERSIDE of the wing!