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Posted by HOBBYMATE | Sep 30, 2017 @ 09:07 PM | 9,968 Views
Here is the new F3 AIO flight controller from Hobbymate Hobby, do you think it is any good or not good?


Onboard osd in Betaflight
Integrated with 40 channels switchable power 25mw/200mw/500mw, with on/off switch
Led display the channels and transmitter power
Supports Audio and Video input (Audio input works only with cameras with mic)
Onboard 5V/3A BEC
Supports 4-in-1 esc, and standalone esc’s
Supports 2-6S (7.4-25.2v)power supply
Supports buzzer (not included)
Support SBUS/PPM/DSM2/DSMX receivers, supports OSD program by radio control.

F3 processor STM32F303CCT6
MPU: MPU6000 Gyro/ACC Sensor
AV transmitter: 25mw/200mw/500mw switchable, 40 channel (inc.Racing Band)
OSD firmware: Betaflight OSD
Video camera voltage: 5v
BEC: 5V/3A output
Led pad ready
Buzzer pad ready
PCB size: 36*36mm
Mounting holes: 30.5*30.5mm (M3)
Weight: 11 grams (0.39oz)

AV Transmitter:
5.8 G
input voltage: 7-24 v
Working current: [email protected]/500mw
Frequency: 5.8G 40CH 5645-5945mHz

Recommend Parts to Add (not included)
HOBBYMATE 4-IN-1 20A ESC, BLHeli_S Dshot (or 30A)
or you can use standalone ESC 4 pcs, and a HOBBYMATE PDB.
Switf fpv camera or Foxeer
FPV Goggles
13xx 14xx 18xx 22xx 23xx 24xx 26xx 27xx series motors
Posted by HOBBYMATE | Sep 15, 2017 @ 04:02 AM | 9,457 Views
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Posted by HOBBYMATE | Sep 15, 2017 @ 03:32 AM | 8,760 Views
Lipo Fires Are Real, you can see also lot of warnings about lipo charging and storage problem, when the lipo was over charged and caught on fire, people even suffer in huge property lose due to lipo fires, so the lipo safe bag is a good protection for charging lipos, and storage of lipos, to prevent the flame fire.

Recently HOBBYMATE bring to Amazon a new Lipo bag, using completely new fire-proof material that rarely used on the market, unlike those old material which may also cause the fire if the lipos are in real danger during charging or storage. After our bench test using a flaming lighter and try to burn both the inside prevent layer and the outside surface, it does not even change the surface, except the black smoke imprint

Finally, the bidirectional zipper and strong velcro make the lipos inside as a sealed space, which block the oxygen maximally, no matter if you are charging a lipo or more lipos or you store them inside, you are not worry about them anymore, very useful to keep the surroundings safe and sound either at home, or in the car or in the basement

it is available from amazon.com, prime eligible

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