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I'm on OpenTX 2.3.7

This X10S is new with no programmed models. If I had one programmed, I might have stumbled across the correct option to see the Spectrum Analyzer.

To see the Spectrum Analyzer do the following :

Select a Model
Goto Model Setup
Scroll down to Internal RF
Change Mode to ISRM and Select Access or D16

Now click the SYSTEM button on the left side
Select TOOLS and look for Spectrum (INT) . If it's not there, then I have no idea
Click on Spectrum (INT)

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How I fixed MY sensitive roller bar on the DX9.


All screws are accessible from the back of the DX9
This project is not for the squeamish.

See the attached pictures.

1 - The charging adapter and speaker wires are fragile. Note the polarity before starting, just in case they break and you have to solder.
2 - Be very careful removing the wire harness's from their connectors.
3 - Be very careful disconnecting the 2 antennae wires.
4 - The tie wrap holding the left antennae wire does not have to be cut. Just pull out the slack till it get to the tie wrap. You should have enough room to prop up the back of the DX9.
5 - Taking out the main board after the screws are removed requires gentle movement. I had to walk away 2 times in frustration.
6 - Once you get at the card holding the rotary switch, inspect the 4 tabs holding the rotary switch together. They should be flush with plastic housing. I used a small hemostat to apply that pressure. My tabs are now flush with the plastic housing.
7 - Put it all together and Good luck

When I got my DX9 put together it was like a new unit. There still is the odd skip but nothing like before. I am now satisfied with the DX9 and I have started learning how to programme it.
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Cut plywood 3 to 4.125"x 1.375"
Dry fit to plane and mark the dowel location making sure the marks are just above the rubber band knob.
Drill two .125" holes.

Cut plywood 1 to 5.5"x 2.625" and shape as shown.DONT DRILL HOLES YET.
Draw a line 1"x 5.5" from the bottom. This part fits in the wing.
Cut plywood 2 to 4.125"x 1".

Dry fit plywood 3 to plane.
Place plywood 1 in front of plywood 3.
The drawn line on plywood 1 should align with the top of plywood 3.
Remove both pieces making sure they dont move. If they move start over.
Drill plywood 1 using the existing holes in plywood 3. When done re-drill the holes to the proper dowel diameter.
Epoxy plywood 3 inplace and wait till cured.
Stick an AWL thru the predrilled holes making sure they go below the rod that holds the rubber band knobs.
You can use a drill bit to enlarge the holes to the correct size.
Cut dowels to length and dryfit thru plywood 3.
Place plywood 1 over dowels making sure the pencil line aligns with the top of plywood 3.
If all is ok, epoxy the dowels inplace using 30 min epoxy, then place plywood 1 on the dowels making sure that the drawn line on plywood 1 aligns with the top of plywood 3. Make sure these 2 DO NOTt stick together.

When cured, CA plywood 2 to plywood 1.
Cut an opening in wing to accept plywood 1 and plywood 2 making sure the opposite side of the wing is not cut through.
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