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Posted by rcstringfellow | Apr 20, 2021 @ 02:07 PM | 5,063 Views
Maximum kudos to AlkaM and voodoobrew and learningarduino!
Much thanks!

These are my two cents.

If you want to flash AM32 (firmware open source made bij Alka Motors) on to a wraith32 35A esc v2 for use in a crawler.

My goal: silent outrunner Holmes Hobbies revolver 1800kv in my 4,1kg weighing ZIL-130 rc truck

Voodoobrew has an excellent thread on rccrawler.com with a superb tutorial.

I used an ST link and cube programmer softwwre on an windows 64 laptop.
Remove the alu casing from the st link and check the pin labels.

Power from 3S lipo battery to the ESC while trying to flash the ESC causes an error. At least in my case.
Use the 5V supply from the ST link to the batt terminal.

I found a wraith 1800 kv full bin file on voodoobrew’s page.

When I get my revolver I’ll test it 😀
Posted by rcstringfellow | Jan 05, 2021 @ 01:11 PM | 4,598 Views
Place holder:

My 9x is an old one (mode 2: throttle stick on the left) with an Atmega 68 chip.

On my mac mini (on macOS Catalina 10.15.7) I got it to work using the following tools:

Install homebrew (it's a package installer that can install AVRdude)

(I was lucky that in terminal I did not get the message: "do not install from root" I would not know how to fix that )

Then run the command: brew install avrdude

After that I connected my 9x to the usbASP
- this site helped: https://octopuslabs.io/blog/how-to-u...nother-usbasp/
- and this one too: https://www.fischl.de/usbasp/

Installed eepe from here: http://www.er9x.com/

When I flashed the latest er9x (primairily for the function that long press menu brings up the model select page ) I got the prompt: " can't connect sck" thing. At first I thought I had bricked my Tx. Turns out that when you press any key on the Tx it boots up straight away!

Then I fiddled around endlessly with the mixer and offset and late offset (amongs others using the vid's by pilot140467). I almost got CH3, throttle, working perfectly in only positive direction. However when I programmed the THR switch to invert using my setting with -50% weight and 50% late offset, every time I toggled the THR switch --> the motor would give a 50% throttle burst first. Not something you would want .

Finally I got it to work by using the car eepm by gohsthb on openrcforums

@gohsthb: thanks!!

Immense amount of respect for Mike Blandford and Erazz and Joao, and countless others

basic settings:

Tx: Turnigy 9x with er9x (2016 standard version)
Rx: Turnigy 9x8cv2

Ch 1: -
Ch 2: -
Ch 3: Throttle +50% Thr Offset (100%)
* -100%Full Switch (Thr)
Ch 4: Steering
Ch 5: sAIL (Diff lock)
Ch 6: sIDx (Lo - N - Hi) gear
Ch 7: -
Ch 8:sTRN (lights)

Means I have 3 channels to spare

Tweaks to come later
Posted by rcstringfellow | Jan 05, 2021 @ 01:07 PM | 4,806 Views
I spent the past week looking through my old heli kit.
Again a smile from ear to ear )

My trusty 9x with the atmega68 chip and with the er9x firmware.
The solo pro’s and the V911 with MIA canopy
The mcpx.

All still there.

And then, after watching countless rcsparks vid’s I came across a crawler thread which mentioned capo.

Never heard of it.

Imma build me one

jan 2021

The electronics.

(Thanks to RCsparks! excellent youtube vid)

The arrow to the red wire from the ESC to the capo hub is the one that is folded back onto itself. Reason is that the UBEC provides all the power to the servo's.

Total weight electronics:

Front: 424 gr
Back: 398,4 gr
Posted by rcstringfellow | Mar 20, 2014 @ 12:25 PM | 7,745 Views
My word! It's been more than a year since my last post. Time flies .

RC never really leaves my mind but alas there are only so many hours in a day.

The last couple of days I got around to a long cherished wish: to haptic the shizzle out of my 9x (v2 er9X)! I had a broken iphone 3gs lying around and I figured that the motor could be used for the haptic mod. The speaker as well probably but not yet. For the moment I wired a piezo beeper but it sounds quite soft. I checked the forums for the cause but it seems it could be the quality of the beeper. I'll try and wire the iphone 3gs speaker this weekend as well as the backlight with transistor mod as shown here: http://openrcforums.com/forum/viewto...ight&start=150
post by greepo (page 6).



Posted by rcstringfellow | Jan 31, 2013 @ 10:44 AM | 6,827 Views
I did the rcmodelreviews battery mod a while back and have been very happy with it. I tweaked it a bit because I did not want de desolder the cables each time I wanted to recharge the Li-ion trustfire 2400mAh 3,7V batteries.
Pictures for details.

I now have a home made 2s Li-Ion pack 2400mAh with a deans connector and a balancing lead!

Posted by rcstringfellow | Jan 06, 2013 @ 11:05 AM | 11,698 Views
It has been done by several.

I used it to bind to my MCPX. Succesfully.

Before you start read the excellent Wiki9x here:

If you want to do it I strongly suggest you read the Hacksmods page about it here: http://www.hacksmods.com/2012/07/hp6dsm-module-wired-up

And also Pat Mackenzie's schematic:

My 9x is running on er9x and uses a LiFe 2400mAh trustfire battery mod to supply 2x3.7V as described here, but without the resistor (because you can program er9x to accept a lower threshold for the voltage alarm):

To simplify the bind proces do this (thanks RPerkins):
1. Enter the menu setting by pressing the + button a few seconds
2. 13th option is "flash screen". Turn that to OFF.
After that I had no more binding issues with my MCPX.

Stuff you need:
A DX4e for:
1. the DX5e module,
2. the Voltage regulator which is a AZ1117 Series 3.3V 1A Low Dropout Linear Regulator in a SOT-223 package. Thanks to Mbanzi.
(this is the datasheet http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datashe...MI/AZ1117.html) on page 2 it shows the types of pins, and on page 6 it mentions the recomended Vin max: 15V and absolute max 20V, and an optimum of <10V.
and/or a UBEC (I used a hobbywing 3A switchable 5-6Vout UBEC)
3. the wires
4. and one mini toggle switch (...Continue Reading
Posted by rcstringfellow | Jul 23, 2012 @ 01:24 AM | 7,933 Views
The V911 thread is massive! And as it should. In my opinion it is a very good value for money little Corter.
(Also I kind of like the Chinglish: "..to fly in the wind wheather...", do not fly on persons head, etc.)


When you have flown the 270 by nine eagles some little things about the V911 started to bug me. This is not meant to be a tribute to nine eagles in any way but more of a general consideration kind of thing. And as it is my blog I can say what I want to say.
Yesterday I flew 6 packs outside in the park. It was a beautiful evening. No wind and a cloudless sky. A lot of mozzies as well though .
My V911 is the following: stock expect for MSR style plugs soldered to the board, solo 210a skids, 160mAh mini aviation batteries (4,8gr).
Weight w/o battery: 29,2 gr

My KLM SP270/V911: SP270 frame and head setup, solopro 260a skids, MSR style plugs soldered to the board, V911 Rx board, miniaviation 160 mAh battery (4,8gr), KLM colors painted on the canopy.
weight w/o battery: 29,4 gr

My Easyjet copter SP270/260a: SP270 frame and head setup, solopro 260a skids, MSR style plugs soldered to the board, solo pro 260a Rx board, easy jet spray painted canopy and white sprayed main blades.
weight w/o battery: 26,6 gr

The V911 is way more wobbly and it behaves like a pendulum whenever you let go of forward elevator. The climbout is much better than the KLM 270.

(to be continued)
Posted by rcstringfellow | Jun 25, 2012 @ 04:37 AM | 8,837 Views
To whom it may concern,

Let's start with some pictures.

The goal is:
Flying my Nine eagles 210a Free spirit green chili MIA style soon to be upgraded to draco main frame and motors heli with the Turnigy 9x

Flying my Nine eagles solo pro 270/V911 rx hybrids with the same turnigy 9x (already happenin')

Flying my Nine eagles soon to be purchased Solo pro 270 BNF stock with the Turnigy 9x.

(currently I am using a Turnigy 9x Tx v2 using basic unmodded firmware)