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Posted by JimHSoars | May 08, 2019 @ 06:28 AM | 3,583 Views
I'm watching the news show Amanpour and Company on US public broadcasting and reading the E-Flite Valiantô 1.3m BnF Basic thread. The subject on Amanpour is Chinese detention camps in West China for the local Uyghur (pronounced weeger) people. The Uyghur people are Muslim. Apparently they are being persecuted by the majority Han Chinese who have recently migrated in large numbers to the Uyghur home land in Western China. This made me realize how small my RC hobby is compared to how much time I put into it.
Posted by JimHSoars | May 05, 2019 @ 02:10 PM | 3,658 Views
My LiPo battery needs have been modest. I fly fixed wing and only high wing planes at that. Iím not very good at it you see. Iíve realized that after reading parts of the Battery Load Test Comparisons thread by MCSGUY, JetMan Joe Giamona. Those EDF jet flyers put huge current draws on their batteries. Now I know why Tim, our clubís main jet man, uses such big 6S battery packs and always limits his flights to 4 minutes. I think thereís something wrong with his jets because they are usually upside down when he is flying them. Check out the Battery Load Test Comparisons thread, itís well worth digging through some of those 6,740+ posts, but itíll be easiest to read post #1. #1 has the up to date summary and links to interesting posts in the thread.

Glacier LiPo's have been what I've been using mostly. They are small, 2S and 3S 1000 and 1300 mAh respectively. I also fly 3S 3300 mAh LiPoís. I have 2 Willowy Power 3S 3300's which I like. (Willowy no longer exist you know.) A typical blue E-flite 3S 3200 mAh and 2 Revolectricx 3S 3300 mAh Black Label batteries, which Iíve never used. I wonder what kind of C rating they have. Itís not on the battery since it didnít matter much from a marketing standpoint then. Theyíve been in the fridge so they are hopefully still good. I bought the Black Labelís when I ordered my Revolectricx Cellpro PowerLab 6 charger a few years ago. I love that charger.

The standard blue E-flite batteries have only been fair, not as...Continue Reading