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Posted by Lberry.88 | Jan 23, 2013 @ 02:28 AM | 7,005 Views
Mini 5.8GHz FPV System overview (10 min 17 sec)

Mini FPV Backpack and ground station I have been working on over the winter.
Posted by Lberry.88 | Oct 08, 2012 @ 06:24 AM | 7,732 Views
Just a short post today, had an electrical fire in the workshop yesterday and lost all of my planes - had 6 of them in total stacked up, fire took them all. Pretty cut up about it but will hope to get something back from insurance. For now the fire guys are investigating what it could be, looks like it may have been an old halogen bulb which blew and scattered hot glass over a suitably oily/spirit soaked rag...

The positive is that I didn't loose my transmitter and have a micro quad to play about with, hopefully insurance will provide me with a nice new fleet. Any one have any experience claiming this stuff back I'd appreciate any advice.
Posted by Lberry.88 | Aug 09, 2012 @ 08:48 AM | 7,981 Views
I have a friend who's little brother has just got into RC planes, his father had bought him a Cumulus 200 for his birthday... No, I had never heard of it either. His and I were talking at the pub the other day and he mentioned he had heard I was into RC stuff and would I be interested in helping teach his son to fly as he had no experience of anything and their solo attempts had been less than successful. Sure, I said before asking prudent questions about which plane they had bought.

Initially I had feared for the worst thinking they had bought an EDF F18 or something but they had been to the LHS and bought a 4 channel pusher glider, very sensible. We arranged a time to get his son flying, buddy boxing with me on an AXN so he can get a feel for flying before graduating up to his own plane (I prefer teaching people on the AXN it has some excellent characteristics) The dad mentioned that after their ast flight there had been some damage, the wing was wobbly etc so I said drop it round and I'll fix it up.

He dropped it round yesterday; one loose wing joiner and a missing elevator control horn. I did the necessary fixes, and replaced all the servos with HXT500s (2 were jittery anyway so it was just easier to replace them all). Finally I replaced the battery connector with XT60 - that way they could use the 2 other 1300mah 2S batteries I had laying about (the charger supplied charges through balance leads anyway). So all in all I was feeling pretty chuffed: fixed...Continue Reading
Posted by Lberry.88 | May 22, 2012 @ 03:16 PM | 14,643 Views

A few months ago I was browsing the HobbyKing Website and came across this video for the new Durafly 1100mm range of warbirds: the video showed a T-28 and an A-1 Skyraider. At the time I was teaching a friend to fly and though the T-28 would be a good step from high wing trainers (and it proved to be), so bought myself one. As soon as it arrived it was apparent that this was a higher quality product than one would normally expect. In fact, so impresses was I, that I hoped back on the computer to order the A-1. Except it was not out yet, the video had acted as a teaser, if you will. So I patiently waited, and waited until eventually it was released: I'm pretty sure I was one of the first to order the plane! Of course the waiting had to continue whilst the plane was held in UK customs for 2 weeks untill today when I got home there was a lovely cardboard box waiting for me... Let the fun begin.

First Impressions
Much like the T-28, the A-1 arrived in a foam lined card board box and all the components individually bagged and absolutely everything was taped down: it took me about 10 minutes to pry everything away from the foam box and get it all laid out. Down in the depths of the box you will find a manual: this contains some useful information about CG etc and on installing a UBEC (more on that later). but apart from the data, the manual describes how to build the RTF version: this is ARF - and to be honest if you have ever built a plane before it...Continue Reading
Posted by Lberry.88 | May 13, 2012 @ 05:35 AM | 8,385 Views
Though the rain has momentarily ceased, the wind is still up around 15mph and gusty, so still no flying... Never mind though, I have spent my weekend being productive and building myself a proper work area in my parents our buildings. They are having their utility room renovated which has meant there are some kitchen cabinets being removed, and some work surface too. As you can see from the pictures, before I was working on a table and a glass desk at the back of the garage, that has now changed

The whole thing only too me 5 hours, and now I have a great work area with fantastic natural light, loads of storage and electricity - oh and carpet! I am sitting here at the moment and it's a great place to work, and having this facility will obviously improve my flying.... that is how it works, right?

Comments welcome - anything I am missing?...Continue Reading
Posted by Lberry.88 | May 06, 2012 @ 12:54 PM | 7,824 Views
It's now May - I feel the need to remind myself of that because looking out the window you wouldn't know it; we have had 5 weeks of pretty much constant rain. After one of the driest March on record we had the wettest April ever recorded, the south east of the UK received 145% expected rainfall and as I sit here there are still flood warnings in place for much of the south of the country. All of this means that time is being spent sorting things out and preparing for when the weather finally breaks!

So what have I been doing with my time? Tinkering, of course - and spending lots of money on gear and planes. I have added a backlight to my DX6i, using the Turnigy 9X kit from HK, the mod is simple enough, just a few screws and a bit of soldering and the result is excellent - I can finally seethe screen in all light. The DX6i went under the knife again today as I modded a LiPo transmitter pack, I have so many LiPo packs sitting about and figured it would save me having to buy more AAs or rechargeables, again it was simple enough to do, a few screws and a bit of soldering

Continuing with the transmitter theme I am looking at finally upgrading the DX6 to a DX8, the DX6i is fine but I do need a couple more channels for some of the scale stuff I have coming; will think about selling the DX6i to partly fund a replacement DX8 - hopefully the mods will add value.

I have had a clear out of the workshop, got round to tidying up the rubbish that one accumulates over the...Continue Reading
Posted by Lberry.88 | Apr 22, 2012 @ 04:26 PM | 8,007 Views
I had promised myself that I would try to keep a blog going more frequently here on RCG, not for self congratulation or ego massaging just because the last one I wrote was a good way to reflect how 2011 had gone, but since my last blog was nearly 4 months ago I think we can safely assume I have failed to keep it going. Never mind, there is still next time.

This is just a review of what I have been up to in 2012 so far, as summer is nearly on us and we get some more stable weather then we should have more flying - though the outlook for the next week doesn't look great - see the attached screen shot.

The last few months I have been trying to focus on streamlining my fleet to make room for some more as the swathe of new must have planes continues to destroy my wallet! So my current hangar has been severely reduced, some intentionally, others not so much. My fleet is down to 6, with more arrivals planned which I'll come to in a minute:
  • My PZ Stinson met an untimely end in a tree, where the fuselage is still lodged;
  • My trusty UM Mosquito has finally died, an ESC problem I think;
  • The 35mm A10 from HK flew a few times before being donated to a friend as I was never truly happy flying her; too much weight, not enough power...
My PZ Spit is still going strong, though not in mint condition anymore after a run-in with the tree that claimed the Stinson (I know.... why was I still flying near it...)
Various Micros are still sitting in their boxes but for the last few months the...Continue Reading
Posted by Lberry.88 | Dec 26, 2011 @ 10:03 AM | 8,851 Views
So the festivities are almost over (for us Brits we have Boxing Day - a bank holiday after Christmas) with the Turkey still sitting in my stomach and even though I have a few new goodies sitting in boxes ready to be built, I have been told "Christmas is a family time, so my hobby will have to wait. Now would be an excellent time to take stock of 2011 and look forward to 2012, maybe even set myself some targets (how sensible is that).

How did 2011 go for me? Pretty well, The year started with Ultra Micros - I was at University, space was at a premium so the perfectly formed UMs proved to be invaluable to keeping me in the air. I interspersed these UMs with a few crappy Chinese foamies which did noting to disspel my mothers view: "Buy cheap, buy twice". These invariably lasted fewer than 5 flights - of well, it kept me in the air.

Then came exams, turns out studying for a degree in Physics is more difficult than i first thought. I went 3 months without picking up a transmitter before carefully selecting a new plane to ease me back into the hobby, after all, I was feeling a little rusty. So I went for a 60mm EDF A4 it all went well, until the RX aerial severed (should have been picked up in pre-flight, had I done a range check ) What followed was my summer holiday (I am a teacher, so after University I was not at work for 12 weeks) where I had an Airplane explosion - you can find details in a previous blog of mine.

We are now up to the present day: In the workshop I have A PZ Stinson and a 35mm twin EDF A10 ready to construct -> fly-> crash-> get angry-> Drink the pain away.

So what does 2012 have in store? Well I have never built a plane from a kit, or scratch built from foam - I would like to do that. Also, never flown a multi (apart from my UM Mosquito, which I don't count) and have been eyeing up the 1800mm B17 from HK.... We shall see

Happy New year to you all.
Posted by Lberry.88 | Nov 28, 2011 @ 05:34 AM | 8,908 Views
I had a rather odd realisation whilst working on a 50mm EDF in my workshop: I have bought a lot of planes in the last 12 months... Now I'm sure there are many out there who have bought more, but I was slightly alarmed by the number.

A lot of it is down to getting into the Ultra Micro world- they are relatively cheap and easy to store, so they sit in their boxes in the corner of my workshop out of the way.
So here goes... My name is Luke Berry and I have a problem :P
(Not sure why I have provided links to all the planes- most of you know what a P-51 will look like ah well, it looks more professional that way!)
Micro 35mm Mig 15 - flight ready.
HK EZ* rip-off Flew once, was an early production model and didn't fly well at all - later production saw the motor angle increased by 30 degrees, no wonder mine didnt fly well with 5 degrees of angle.
Crappy HK Cessna - Retired after impact with ground
Parkzone UM T-28 - Air ready
Parkzone UM P51 - retired and scrapped after motor and servo failure
Another UM P-51 used for camera platform,
Parkzone Brushless P-51 Gunfighter - Sold
Parkzone UM Mosquitto - awaiting repair on on of the engine nacelles
55mm EDF A-4 Skyhawk - destroyed after loss of signal; the RX aerial had snapped off, should have been picked up during pre-flight but didn't do a range check.
Parkzone Spitfire Mk IX - fully air ready
50mm F-35 - still on the workbench, awaiting parts to complete
Hobbyzone Champ - given to a friend
HK Micro Brushless Spitfire - Still awaiting construction
FMS 800mm Spitfire - awaiting new motor
As I have been writing this the postman has turned up with a Parkzone Sukhoi Su-26xp

That makes 15 - more than one a month I suppose I'm sure there are other I have forgotten, but I probably shouldn't think about that.
Posted by Lberry.88 | Nov 12, 2011 @ 01:09 PM | 8,943 Views
I have had a pretty busy few months out side of the hobby and have only recently eased myself back in to the hobby with RCG Now I know that 3 months out of the hobby is nothing compared to what some people manage, but now I am back flying and building it seems like a loooong time!
I started my teaching job in September and I love it I get a similar buzz flying as I do standing infront of a class so I feel very lucky indeed.

Anyway, this was all very exciting and did a lot to distract me from flying!

My nan sadly passed away a few months ago too but she was kind enough to leave some money to me of which some went on a few new toys

First thing was the new PZ Spitfire Mk IX with the E-flite retracts, the plane flies wonderfully and the retracts work perfectly! Happy with my new purchase I meandered over to HobbyKing (always a good move). So winding it's way to me I have:
50mm F35 which will house the electronics from a slightly dented A-4 (dented after I failed to do a proper range check - had I done that I would have spotted that the RXs aerial was detached)
I also took a punt on this micro spitfire which looks pretty poor but I found it in the Sale/Liquidation bin and for $15 I thought it was worth a punt - If anyone has any knowledge of what this plane is I'll gratefully receive it.
To make up the extra shipping I grabbed a prop balancer - I have never owned one but always felt I should, now I do! Threw in a couple more batteries, and some more HXT900s, a few more Orange RXs - can't have too many of those!

I assume I am not alone in this Hobby King problem?!
Posted by Lberry.88 | Feb 10, 2011 @ 06:46 PM | 9,053 Views
Managed to get a break in the weather, and a break in lectures on Tuesday this week. Tom and I were able to get 3 1/2 hours in, just running through the micros. Tom had his camera so he was able to get some shots of the P-51 and the (now very battered) T-28. We also had Toms Champ and an Easysky brushless Cessna with us, both managed to get some video which I'll upload when I can.

About an hour into our session we were joined by an Apache Helicopter. Not a model one, a real one, flying about 200ft off the deck. No idea why, or where it was going but it was one hell of a sight!


[Before anyone asks/berates us, there is no airforce base, there is no landing strip, no heli pad, no nothing near us! I have no idea why the Apache was so low, it's never happened before and I can't imagine it will happen again!]...Continue Reading
Posted by Lberry.88 | Jan 30, 2011 @ 02:57 PM | 9,421 Views
Thought I should finally add another blog entry; it's been long enough now, I may even have something interesting to write about!

I just spent 3 1/2 hours today trying to get a plane down from a tree. I have so far avoided those trees during my time in this hobby (preferring instead to damage my planes with the ground) but today saw and end to that achievement. My flying buddy (and housemate) Tom went out this morning with a few ultra micros and a new Cessna 182. The Cessna only had a brief maiden the day before, when the strong winds forced me to abort, but today was calmer. And today we tried a new flying field; normally we fly at a local playing field, using the long jump runways as our runways, but today we went to a very empty farm track leading to an industrial estate.. Basically all of the ultra micros survived (some nice inverted flying from Tom on the Champ) but the Cessna had a more interesting day:

Things started badly for her when the screwlock on the control horns for the rudder had slipped slightly meaning that the rudder was on full right. More annoyingly I had left the screwdriver at home I managed to centre the rudder by adding ALL the subtrim I could and all the trim i could - i rarely use the rudder, and this made sure of it! So off we went for the first flight.
Hand launched her, and she slammed straight into the ground - turns out that during my control surfaces test the elevator screwlock had slipped on its control rod, leaving the...Continue Reading
Posted by Lberry.88 | Sep 10, 2010 @ 11:44 AM | 9,571 Views
So this is my first blog post, ever, on any website!

Thought I would just write this to let you all know what I'm about, you cant fit much in the bio section of the profile.

So, Im a 22 year old from Stansted, Essex, UK. I'm currently studying Rocket Science (well Physics with space science and systems engineering) and hope to be teaching at a local secondary school when I finish my degree.

I have been into RC stuff for longer than i can remember- i got my first Car when i was 7 and by 11 had built my own Kyosho Ford Focus Nitro RC car. I got into planes via a firebird XL that i got given for my 11th birthday. I havent gone back since. I read earlier today, under a thread 'Whats the stupidest thing you ever did with an R/C Plane?' and Xpress had written "Flew one. Stupidest mistake ever, now i'm sunken DEEP into this money pit" which is exactly true for me.

I am self taught, moving from Firebirds, through various foamies before i got my first Balsa Cub when i was 14. Since then I have moved between fun fly foamies and proper balsa RC planes. Not that I am 'dissing' foamies. I love them and find them the most fun to fly! But its always great to have something in the air that you have spent a few months building.

I am also into model rocketry, i have a number of times tried to combine the two- with the loss of my Cub in one instance but i think thats part of the fun of RC. Some times you just have to break stuff, normally something can always be salvaged of CA'd back together.

Being a student I get a loan every term (semester) I try not to drink it all away, and use some for RC but that varies each term, i always start by thinking 'this time ill save some and get that {insert plane here}'.

So there you go, my first blog, hopefully first of many, i hope to log my successes with various planes and projects on this blog, so check back occasionally to see whats going on.