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Posted by bladefan | Mar 30, 2015 @ 01:12 AM | 6,027 Views
Blog is for my own use but hopefully it might help others.

Impressions- unboxing
Nicely packaged. Double boxed.
Fuse, wings, tail feathers bagged and taped down. 2 sections of the box. Hardware in box integrated with packaging. Labeled nicely. Secured so it doesnt float around the box. Wheels/landing gear. Prop and spinner and carbon rods bagged and taped down. Stickers lifting off at some of the edges. The tail emblem sticker got stuck on the bag but was reomved with no hassle. Plane feels substantial and solid to me.

problems during build.
Aileron/Flap screws for control horns were too short. Probably could have mashed down the foam and forced it to work but I replaced the screws instead.
Also as mentioned in the thread, the screws for the control surfaces are too short also. In mine they just barely reach at least 2 of the 4 holes in each control horn (only 2 screws per control horn are provided anyway). As mentioned in the thread, Dubro kit#175 3-48x3 work but I didnt bother since mine just BARELY fit and my hobby shop didn thave the dubro screws mentioned. ALSO mentioned in the thread is the elevator control rod is too long. I flipped my control horn on the elevator to force it to work but I am sure it wont work quite right. Probably cause some sort of up vs down differential. I bought some DUbro EZ links to fix this but havent installed it. The flight went fine without the elevator horn flipped in the proper direction.
Flaps have plastic hinges. I...Continue Reading
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replace pushrod connectors
I already have my Dubro #845 Micro EZ Connectors and Dubro #849 Micro EZ Links on the bench ready to install.



Spoilers (vs Flaps)
VerticalSpark- post 925
AEAJR post 934 (spoiler dimension examples)
AEAJR post 936 (flaps, tip stalls)
AEAJR post 16629

tower motor mount
post 5409

Wing Magnet Mod
Wing Bolts (post 17629)
Wing CF tube (post 17633)
Wing Velcro (post 958)
Posted by bladefan | May 17, 2014 @ 11:30 PM | 19,072 Views
I am getting ready for FPV. Not 100% ready to buy equipment yet. Have been slow about it along with other things. Bought this last October or so, but never put it together until now. Just want to fly it. Decided to tape it together rather than glue. Other than tape, the only thing I did was bolt the wood motor mount to the fuse a la Mac50L technique.

I got the ARF model (comes with servos and motor).
OrangeRX R400
HK 40AMP esc.

No need for Solid CF tube for wing since it came with one!
6x4E APC prop.
Extreme tape mod. Fuselage, tail feathers and wings put together with tape only! Idea is to be able to access the innards of the plane as needed.
Taped the wings on, no screws (was going to use screws but I couldn't get them to go in and am wanting a little "give" for imperfect landings.
Cheesy Clevis- I was going to purchase some- forgot last time I was out and I didn't think they were that bad. Upon actual use I became concerned that the clevis might pop off the control surface so I dabbed some hot glue into the clevis hole and then snapped together. Result seems very secure. Will get around to replacing these one of these days....Continue Reading
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I don't get it. Some of my blog aritcles have had over 3000 views. My blog is STUPID! There is one article in it that I created with useful info. Everything else is drivel. Anyways, just wondering.... It's hard for me to believe there's anybody else out there visiting my blog.

Anyways, I just wanted to write about my favorite RC things. I guess for me, the old adage of don't knock something before you try it holds for me in this department. Boats, Cars, Sailplanes.... I thought they were stupid until I tried them.

Even so.... my favorite "rc thing" is-
Twisted Hobbies Crack Yak mini. I have flown it over a year. Still playing at learning 3d and i've beaten the crap out of it. For repairs, I used only welders glue. The nose was so beat up I thought I'd need to buy another plane. Also started looking into alternatives such as the TechOne LEADER. Then I discovered tape really helps out! I'm now resorting to Welder's glue AND tape. It no longer flies "right" for powered moves, but slow BASIC stuff still teaches me things (inverted flight, knife edge, knife edge figure eights, slow and low harrier, inverted harrier). I don't really mind my slow pace of learning because I'm having a blast doing it. Crashes are generally minimally painful. Still fun to sport fly. Since I am in money hoarding mode, I will continue to fly it rather than buy another or its alternative. Also great in high winds, devil winds. It has the power to get out of trouble, even at low altitude. And when landings dont have to be perfect, it takes the stress out. Its so great to kite the winds.

Not far behind is the Radian. Love it. It doesn't look interesting (to me anyway) when observing. But doing yourself? Its just so fun AND relaxing. Good weather, don't need twitch reflexes most of the time. It's so fun and rewarding to hunt and find thermals.

Alula. Discus Launch glider. Before this, I thought it was crazy to try to fly something with out a motor. (engines suck- so messy and loud -lol).
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I never thought I would like 3d flying. always thought it was for advanced pilots, certainly ones far above my grade. I also didn't like profile planes. Didn't seem like a real airplane to me.

Well after getting frustrated with my 130x after putting in tons of time and money chasing down vibes, crashing my blade 400, mcpxs waiting for parts (im not big into fixing stuff until the weather turns crappy), i just wanted something different.

I like micros because I can fly them in my yard or street. I love the planes (UMX Beast, Mini-stryker, t-28, p-51). Unfortunately, they don't tolerate wind and are fragile, as are the helis.

Given my experience with the UMs, I figured a UM profile plane was just too small for my skills. I wouldn't be able to fly inside due to skills plus they are fragile. I hear about EPP on the boars and decided to give it a shot. I decided to go with the twisted hobbies mini crack yak as it was the small (but large for me) and popular which meant I would probably like it if I was at all interested in that kind of flying.

WOW! I'm hooked!!!!! I love it! I can fly in a small space. Do some minor hovering. Do some wind surfing! This thing tolerates the wind the best of all my models as long as I am willing to fly what the conditions are handed to me. No wind? great! fly any way I want to. Lots of wind? I windsurf it, like a glider. So relaxing! The only time wind is not fun is if it is swirly from obstructions. Devil wind like that is no...Continue Reading
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"Proper Lipo Mgmt"

EDF's Battery Vault Graphs and summary of stuff

Nano-techs for UMX, mcpX look pretty good.
(tested by EDF, data in vault)
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2nd attempt. Pretty funny.

F35 take 2. Could use a (0 min 42 sec)

Going for ROG, downhill

Only damage seems to be breaking off the right landing gear.
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This blog is intended to be a quick reference for the jets for myself. I hope others find it useful.
Source of my intel-
This thread is gargantuan. It is difficult to find info. Hence this blog. I'm no authority on this bird. I just gathered info for my own Mig 15 and I hope this helps! There are some Saber bits on here that might be applicable to several of these awesome little jets. I've gone through (so far), about 50-60 pages of this thread. I have probably read some great things that I didn't log or remember but wish I had. This thread is now 202 pages. Its a lot if you are just starting out, IMHO.

Tip #1 Gurus- guys IMHO who have a lot of good posts in this thread. (from memory. Im sure there are many more "gurus" on the threads but these guys stick out in my mind currently). Doing a search on their posts will probably yield a lot of useful info. No intent to make anyone mad. If you are a "guru" i'd be happy to add you and I apologizing for missing most people.
Nirtocharged, miketre, RNAF, megatesla

tip #2 try clicking on thread tools above the aforementioned thread, and then show attatchments. Mostly pictures, which can be very helpful.

Where to buy.
hobbyking-I bought mine at HK usa warehouse

Buyer Beware! Hobbyking and Banana Hobby have virtually no customer service. I have had about 5 transactions, total between them and have had fine experiences....Continue Reading