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Posted by flyandride | Sep 26, 2017 @ 11:59 PM | 14,176 Views
This is a recent successful build in grey and clear polycarbonate. 205 mm. Bottom plate is 3/16, top is ⅛ inch
DYS 1806 2300 kv motors, 4045 BN props, DYS F20A 4 in 1 ESC, BeeRotor F4 flight controller, X4RSB receiver, Airgain PCB antennas, TBS Unify Pro HV, Runcam Eagle 2 camera with HS35HD tilt servo, Far Vew Pagoda antenna. Betaflight 3.2.0 and Dshot 600.
I mounted the Unify Pro HV to a sheet metal heat sink with heat conductive silicone mat. A 1000 uF capacitor is between the rear center standoffs. It flies well and video is clear.
Taranis lua script for changing PID, rates and vtx settings.
Weight is 300 grams without battery.
Posted by flyandride | Jun 03, 2017 @ 09:11 PM | 15,000 Views
I finished this one, test flew and all is well. No oscillations as with the 265 mm frame. Matek PDB, receiver, camera and DYS ESCs salvaged from the 265. Flight controller is a Beerotor F4, Emax 2204 2300 kv motors pulled from a retired 3S quad, 5x4x3 props. I would have rather used 2205s but I had these around and they served the purpose, proof of concept, that a polycarbonate frame can work. 366 grams without 1550 4S battery.
Camera is a Runcam Swift mini with a tilt servo.
Posted by flyandride | Apr 29, 2017 @ 08:37 PM | 15,954 Views
This is my first polycarbonate frame. 265 mm. Bottom plate is 5.6 mm, the top is 3 mm.
SP Racing F3 Evo flight controller with Betaflight, Matek PDB, DYS XSD20A escs, Racerstar BR2205 2300 motors, Gemfan 6030 props, X4RSB receiver, Runcam Swift Mini with tilt servo as usual, TBS Unify Pro HV vtx, micro minim osd. PCB antennas mounted with zip ties and heat shrink.
Iíve made several other quads using HDPE cutting boards for the frame. This one came out 30 grams lighter than an almost identical quad made with the cutting boards.
Weight without battery 378 grams. I will be using 1550 or 1800 mAh 4S batteries.
The servo connection to the camera is not the way I would like to do it. I like to mount the servo directly to the back of the camera. The Swift Mini is a little smaller and the pivot point is closer to the middle than the HS1177s. So it had to go on the frame with a link. It works fine and I have more throw than on others Iíve built, with it able to go almost vertical up and steeply down.
The in house flight test worked fine....Continue Reading
Posted by flyandride | Mar 08, 2017 @ 11:24 PM | 16,782 Views
This is the 6th cutting board frame Iíve made. 281mm with 22mm standoffs. I added the small ďwingsĒ at the front for a place to mount the antenna. Had I not added this, the area where I mounted the antenna would be a bit thin.

SP Racing F3 Evo fc, Matek PDB, DTF UHF Hawkeye receiver, DYS XSD20A ESCs, RCTimer 2206-2000 kv motors, 6045 props. Runcam Eagle fpv camera with tilt servo, micro minimosd, RMRC mini 200 mW 1.3 gHz vtx, TrueRC Singularity antenna. I started out with some Makerfire ESCs but one was bad.

I de commissioned the 320 UHF quad for some of the parts. A little smaller and lighter than the 320 with the same motors and props, Iím hoping for 10 minutes run time. Not intended for racing, feels responsive, intended more for exploration.
Posted by flyandride | Jan 27, 2017 @ 03:49 PM | 17,844 Views
This is why you should always use a current limiter when flashing ESCs. This quad I built using some no brand ESCs with SimonK. I wanted to flash them with Blheli so I could change the timing and have damped light. Since they had no brand on them but I knew they used an Atmel chip, I looked for ESCs with an Atmel chip and found that these looked like a clone of a known brand.
I flashed with Blheli for that brand but what I forgot to do was use the smoke stopper. The flashing went OK but when I hit disconnect it went up in smoke and flames. The motors, ESCs, PDB and flight controller are destroyed.
I threw the flaming quad out the front door, not before it filled the house with smoke. And the look on the neighbors face was priceless.
Had I used the smoke stopper it would have limited the current flow to just a few amps and the quad probably just wouldn't have worked.
Posted by flyandride | Jan 15, 2017 @ 04:58 PM | 16,663 Views
This is a recent build and I have been flying it at several hills outside Salida. I had a Zagi before but this flies much better. X6R receiver and I am using a Naze32 rev6 flight controller running Cleanflight with 3 flight modes and 3 rates on a switch. The stability works well in Horizon mode allowing me to fly it in conditions that would otherwise be too strong. The elevon travel is way too small in angle mode, don't know what's wrong there.
I also tried Patrick Emilson's fork of Baseflight on a Naze32 rev5.
Posted by flyandride | Jan 15, 2017 @ 04:46 PM | 16,948 Views
This is a Bixler 1.1 I recently built to replace the one I shattered.
The whole plane is laminated with New Stuff 1.7 mil. The wings are glued in so are not removable. Inside the wings I added 2 additional fiberglass rods to stiffen it up. The left tip of the elevator fell victim to a hot soldering iron.
Power supplied by a Racerstar 2212 1800kv with a 7045 prop on 4S. The motor is mounted to an old quadcopter arm, taped for a tight fit.
Flip32 flight controller, L9R receiver.
Runcam Eagle on a 180 degree pan servo. Skyzone 500 mW vtx and microminim osd.
I had the old Bixler out 2 miles with this configuration.
Posted by flyandride | Jan 15, 2017 @ 04:15 PM | 16,653 Views
This one I just finished and has passed the indoor flight test. This should be an improvement over the other purple UHF quad. A little smaller at 312 mm but with larger 2208-1500 motors and 7045 props. I am hoping for longer run time.
SP Racing F3 Evo FC, Matek PDB, Runcam Eagle with tilt servo, micro minimosd, Open LRS DTF UHF receiver with home made dipole, Fatshark 250 mW 1.3 gHz vtx. Racerstar motors, DYS XSD20A escs, 4S.
Weight is 497 grams without battery.
Edit: The Racerstar motors I used on this quad vibrated like they hadn't been balanced although I see balancing glue between the magnets. I replaced them with Emax motors of the same size. It flies great and gets almost 9 minutes of run time. I've had it out a mile and a half with ease.
Posted by flyandride | Jan 15, 2017 @ 03:57 PM | 16,473 Views
This is the 4th cutting board frame and I think I got it right this time. 262 mm using many of the parts from the red 288 mm failure. Doesn’t look so blocky and it flies well although still needs some tuning. Finished in Dec. 2016 so it’s been too cold to fly much.
SP Racing F3 Evo FC, Matek PDB, de pinned L9R receiver, 30 amp Littlebee esc, 4S, Gemfan 6030, Racerstar 2205-2300 motors, HS1177 camera with tilt servo, Foxier 600 mw vtx, Triumph TBS antenna, micro minimosd. Fast enough for sick people.
I used dipole antennas instead of the pcb antennas that the L9R comes with. They are hard to mount. I haven’t had a chance to test the range yet but if it’s good for a mile that will be fine.

Edit: The Foxeer vtx turned out to be junk. I lost video in a short range and had to ditch. The quad spent a night in the brush and got snowed on before I found it the next day, about a 200 yds from where I thought it would be. Another save with the Loc8tor.

I changed the vtx to a TBS Unify Pro HV and now get the cleanest video I've seen yet.

I'm using Betaflight 3.1.6 and it flies like it's on rails. I've tried 5x4x3 props, still on the fence about that. Runtime about 6.5 minutes on an 1800 mah 4S battery, thrilled about that.

I also changed the receiver to an X4RSB. The non telemetry L9R did not help me find it when it was lost.
Posted by flyandride | Jan 15, 2017 @ 03:38 PM | 16,618 Views
This is the third cutting board frame. 320 mm with UHF control and 1.3 video. SP Racing F3, Matek PDB, 30 amp Littlebee esc, RCTimer 2206 2000kv motors, 4S, 6045 props, HS1177 camera and Fatshark 250 mW 1.3 gHz vtx. Micro minimosd. Servo on the camera as usual. Open LRS, DTF UHF 6 channel receiver with home made dipole.
This one flies really well and Iíve had it out 2 miles several times and was still getting 95% rssi and good clear video with an omni cp antenna on the Lawmate receiver.
Where I went wrong with this one was making it a little too small to use 7 inch props although the motors wouldnít have handled them on 4S. And bigger than it needs to be with 6 inch props. And the frame is too blocky looking. So a new, smaller frame is in the works.
Posted by flyandride | Jan 15, 2017 @ 03:17 PM | 16,473 Views
This was the second plastic frame quad I built and it was a failure. 288 mm made from red cutting boards. L9R receiver, SP Racing F3, Racerstar 2205 2300 motors, 4S, 30 amp Littlebee ESCs with GemFan 6030 props.
I never could get it flying well as it would fly for a while and then randomly go into a fit. 3 different FCs tried. Finally one day I was flying it LOS close and saw what happened.
I had tried to make the frame and arms as narrow as I could. The whole frame would go into a wild oscillation. So I gutted it and trashed the frame.
These are the only pictures I have of it when I took a picture of the vtx.
Posted by flyandride | Jan 15, 2017 @ 03:00 PM | 16,436 Views
This 200 mm quad was the first one that I built using a frame I made from Walmart plastic cutting boards. It was successful from day one, has flown well and never been a problem. The frame started out all white but I broke the bottom plate. After that I found that the white cutting boards are somewhat brittle and the colored ones are not.
Flight controller is an LS F3 + OSD, still running Betaflight 2.8.1. If it flies well, why mess with it? DYS 1306 motors, 4045 BN props,4S, X4RSB receiver, dipole antennas, HS1177 camera, Aomway 200 mW vtx, TBS Triumph antenna and a Matek PDB. The camera has a tilt servo as I do with all my quads. ESCs are some no brand 20 amp with unknown firmware, probably SimonK, as I canít access them. They were supposed to be Littlebee but the Chinese eBay vendor sent these.
I regularly fly this one out a mile. Built it in Feb 2016.