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Posted by deanoatc | Jul 06, 2015 @ 06:29 PM | 1,699 Views


DELIVERY TIMES - I will ship next business day after funds are sent. If it is a weekend, obviously the next business day is Monday. I cannot and do not control how fast something ships. That is up to the shipping company. I have no control over natural disasters or service disruptions.

SHIPPING METHODS - I will only ship USPS Priority. I will not do Greyhound, UPS, or Fed-ex, or any other Idea's you come up with. Depending on the item, the cost may or may not be included. NO international purchases. lower 48 states only.

I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SELL TO WHOM I CHOOSE - I usually work on a first come first serve basis, but if a better offer comes my way, it will be sold to that individual, unless we have made an agreement, I will honor my word.

QUESTIONS or HAGGLING - Offers and questions are encouraged. If you start treating me like a used car salesman, I will discontinue contact. The item could sell during your questions, or offers. If you really want the item, buy it, don't waste time and get upset if it ends up being sold before you make a decision.

TRADER RATING - I expect feedback, and a rating of +1. If you feel something is not right, give me a chance to fix it. I am a man of my word.

RETURNS - There are NO returns. I am not a store. I am a fellow hobbyist selling what I am bored of to fund new projects. Make sure you read what you are buying, and ask questions if need be.

PAYMENT- Payment must be made within 24 hours via Paypal. (Cash if local purchase).

I will pay as soon as you give me a paypal link or email. Goods and Services only. I will not send any other way unless I know you personally. I also expect a tracking number, and will provide a trader rating upon receipt of goods.

These are my rules. If you agree, lets make a deal. We are all in this to fly.