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Posted by Dave_K | Jul 19, 2018 @ 08:44 PM | 3,747 Views
The first plane I bought was the AXN Clouds Fly motor-glider.

This wiki has a ton of information on this plane and if you have this plane, I highly recommend checking it out!

My first experience flying this plane was very scary. Me and a buddy went out to the field and asked an experienced gentleman for some advice. He was very helpful and even maidened and trimmed the plane.

I took the controls from him full of confidence and very soon got disoriented. I managed to put the plane down safely and carried it home in one piece. My subsequent visits to the field didn't end this well. I crashed my plane the next two times I went and had to carry home the parts ):

The previous time I went to the field was the first time I went home with my plane in tact, that felt great

Before this first time having flown I haven't flown with a simulator before and I feel that was a big mistake. I only recently got a simulator, Aerofly RC, and I very much regret not starting out with the sim. I've flown now for a few hours and already feel MUCH more in control when flying the plane on the sim, I haven't yet flown the real plane after the sim, and will give an update here once I have done so.

Here is a weight breakdown of my AXN:

Airframe (inc. stock servos and motor) 356.6 g
ESC 30.6 g
Receiver 8.2 g
Turningy 2200 mAh Battery 178.25...Continue Reading
Posted by Dave_K | Jul 19, 2018 @ 07:33 PM | 2,938 Views
Howdy world.

I am new to the RC world and here I will take whoever is interested along on my journey and learning.

Stay tuned.