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Key features:
Support 0.01mW Parameter-adjusting Mode
25mW, 50mW, 100mW and 200mW power switchable
One button frequency and power setup
OSD configuration using FC Uart (F3/F4/F7 with OSD)
5V to camera @ under 300mA

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My sports aerobatic plane, Wedgetail, suffered malicious damage as it hung on the wall minding its own business.
During the restoration I gave it a massive new motor and made provision for it to carry a 2200 LiPo. Although I shortened the nose I still had to add ballast to the tail.
I flew it this morning
The wind conditions were very light but with variable direction, and the sky was bright gray.
The new motor gives abundant power. In the hand-held vertical test it's pulling strongly at 1/2 throttle.
So it had no trouble leaping off the grass and into the sky.
Alas the thing proved to be loop-happy and I didn't have enough down trim on the radio to tame it.
It only requires 1/4 throttle to fly quite fast and it has a phenomenal rate if climb when the throttle stick is moved forward.
But it was not nice to fly in this badly trimmed state so I landed it.
I started to taxi back but was not delicate enough with the throttle and the thing leaped into the air again. It certainly has power to spare.
So, seeing that it was so eager to fly I poked it around and about in a rather inelegant manner for a while and then landed. But it was not a nice landing. The up-trim got me and I stalled about a foot high.
So I'll do the necessary things to it and I'll have another go. I'm interested to see what it does on WOT.
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Got my new mini switch, enjoyed so far! Looking to upgrade a few things and not easy to find a lot of reviews on any mods. But as previous post I had the landing gear problem that seems to be mandatory on purchase! Also took wheels pants off and moved tires to outside of landing gear support, I’m trying to make it track wider so it won’t dart on the ground as quick. A few total minutes of flight time and crashed into a field of brush, tweaked motor compartment a lil and bent landing gear, after repair which was slight bend in gear and checked for any motor vibration or distortion in foam, found slight distortion at the canopy slot in fuselage, not sure if will hurt flight due to being minor! Hope to fly more this weekend before turns cold! Anyone with any new mods please keep me posted
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I've only been using these fatshark goggles for a few months but from day one I hated having the battery hanging on my face. It's constantly popping out of the strap and the extra weight on my face is uncomfortable. I thought that finding an extension cable to get that thing off of my face and into my pocket would be easy. I was wrong. The only cables I could find were either too short to reach your pants pocket if you were fairly tall, or were garbage. The other thing I noticed is that most of them either didn't have a balance plug, or if they did it was run as a separate full-length wire from the balance plug on the battery to the goggle, which is unnecessary.

So I ended up making my own cable for about $5 in parts. The finished cable is about 38.5" from plug to plug. I am 6' 1" tall and that is long enough to put the battery in my pants pocket with a little slack remaining in the cord. The balance plug is just spliced into the power lead near the goggles so there's only one cable running to your battery that connects to the power plug, leaving the balance plug on the battery free. Since I only needed the outer two wires on the balance lead, I removed the center wire from the connector.

I plan to use the battery balance plug to power the eachine EV100 DVR that I ordered. This way I'm hoping to either keep the DVR in my pocket with the battery or attached to the power cable so it's easy to reach to turn on/off etc. instead of having to take off the goggles...Continue Reading
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Big Screen Whooping (5 min 15 sec)

Your House Your Run (2 min 48 sec)
...Continue Reading
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hello , how are you ? my RC friend

Nice to meet you here!

I am lindy liang from china, nice to meet you here ! hope we can be friend here and can play the UAV together and discusse together

this is me as below pic!

hope we know each other here!

lindy liang
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Elevators coming along for my Ford Flivver build.

Had to run to Hobby Lobby for the 3/16” square sticks and 3/16” sheeting that the plans called for. The collection of balsa was there but it was an organizational mess.

The laminations on the curved parts went well, except the left elevator. It was warped about 1/8”. Even though the wood glue had set, I wetted it thoroughly with Windex and pinned it down.

The wings were built using CA, but I went with Gorilla Wood Glue (non-foaming) on all of the elevators.

I’ve got an internal control horn that is to be added later.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m building on the exercise matt my wife uses just siting on top of glass.
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Here's a picture of that buck
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Did you know that Corsairs had six .50 machine guns or four 20mm guns? Want to sit back in your comfy bed, eat popcorn, and learn about the PBY Catalina? Do you like F4F Wildcats or giant flying boats? Jets? Have you heard about the NASA X-Planes?

You gotta check out this playlist on YouTube. It's great! A lot of the video is older... but you will learn about some crazy awesome stuff. Totally worth it

The playlist is a bit difficult to find, so remember what it's called if you decide to type it in the YouTube search bar. It is the playlist with 98 videos**

Remember, it is a playlist and these videos are actually from several YouTube channels all collected into one list. However, you may simply press play for hours of entertainment

**(It does look like some of the videos are being deleted, likely by YouTube copyright or Channel deletions... so watch them while you can)

Grab a drink & take a load off...
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Just a small inside look of WannaDuino`s MADCAVE ChopQuadModShop.................

Here I will be posting al my new mods and also some older ones that are maybe interesting in some kind to you all.
I m an Electronics Engineer by trade and have also some other skills, I love Arduino and Modding RC`s to the way we LIKE it. FPV, better performance, better antenna setups, FIRMWARE modding, Batterys you name it I do it.
And this is the place to learn and help others too.
Join us, here and also on the Youtube Channel for video`s and DIY or how to`s..

www.wannaduino.com...Continue Reading
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Mini Pixhawks compared
Daya H4 680 Alien folding quadcopter
A cheap adroid tablet for APM/Pixhawk and Droidplanner 3 - Tower
Pixraptor Pixhawk clone with sensor suspension, a better pixhawk?
Pixhawk LITE, a replacement for the now obsolete APM boards?
Marek Rokowski Simple FPV Goggle Kit
Marek's 4.3" Goggle kit
Sony QX10

The 3DR Solo is raised from the Dead by the Open Solo Project
Mounting a Gimbal
New Status display for Pixhawk replaces beeps and flashing lights.
InfraRed NIR Cameras and NDVI imaging for agriculture and research
Tarot weights and measures
The Ardupliot Project Developers: The people that make it possible
Linux based Flight Controllers
Evolution of an RC Enthusiast - in search of reliability - ZMR 250 Coaxial
Mini quad motor comparision RCX H1806 RCX1804 RCTimer 1806 DYS BE1806
Ultimate LRS - APM with long range control and telemetry
Tarot 680Pro Extended arms with ESC mounted in the ends
Broken Tarot Landing Legs
Tarot Quick Detach Propeller adapters TL68B35 TL68B36
Tarot TL68B33 Anti-vibration motor mounts
Troubleshooting APM flipping on new build
My Perfect Tarot Travel Case for 650 Sport 680 680PRO 690
Canon FPV Video AV cable for S100 G10 ELPH Powershot
Boscam TS321 RC302 Channel dip switch settings mystery
What's wrong with cheap props?

FrankenSolo: Converting a 3DR Solo to UAVCAN
A new Tarot 680Pro hybrid with Daya H4 680 metal arm clamps
Blackout mini H as a training tool
My Take on a Ground Station
ZMR 250 X8 Octocopter! Coaxial Quads
Posted by Norm Furutani | Yesterday @ 03:22 PM | 584 Views
It’s coming! The Isaacson Winter Classic / “Kiwi” World Cup and the 2018 edition of Fabulous February! A week of Free Flight at Lost Hills, CA. It begins with the Ike, February 10 and ends with the MaxMen International. Registration for the FAI events will actually be Friday, February 9th.

Three NEW events for the Isaacson: See the flier for specific times/details.

The E36 World Challenge will be held on MONDAY! Thanks to Bill Vanderbeek, we will have $1000 in prize money. Special T-shirts will be available. Monday to maximize international competition.

Sunday - Don DeLoach’s Rocky Mountain 5X5 Hand Launch Glider event. 5 rounds, 5 minute window, 15 minute chase period. Max time 90 seconds. All flights count. $100 cash prize for 1st place! A special prize for the best 3 man team.

Hulan Mathis’ Old-Time Sport Glow - RPM limited, glow powered, Old Timers! Ex. Strato Streak powered by an OS Max15. Special, hand crafted awards. See: sanvaleers.com for rules

We’re going to again do Tahn Stowe’s Aussie Scramble, so dust off that Dakota/Ebeneezer etc. and join the fun. Tahn’s bringing more Flying Carpets and a beautiful little diesel for a prize! After the awards ceremony.

See the attached Ike flier for a list of all the events.

Norm and Roger, CD’s
Posted by fransk | Yesterday @ 02:38 PM | 530 Views
Here's a quick mod I have done on the FlySky FS-I6. Due to limited space inside the case you cannot use a LiPo pack, so you are restricted to using a 4xAA or 4xAA Rechargable NiMh battery pack.

I figured that an old phone battery can provide quite some mah and are compact enough to fit inside the battery bay.

  • old li-on 3.7v phone battery

Wire everything together. Basically it's in this order

Battery --> Charge+Protection Board --> DC-DC Stepup Converter --> FlySky

When you wired everything up, and tested if the unit powers on, use some sticky tape and tape the 2 pcb's to the inside of the transmitter case. Pop the lead for the battery thru the hole at the black wire so you can have access thru the battery bay.

And a small bonus: if you line-up the Protect & Charge board and drill a small hole, you can also power & charge your battery using a micro-usb adapter.

Note: Use the screw on the trimpot on the DC Stepup Converter to dail the voltage to 6.0 volts before connecting it !
Posted by basslord1124 | Yesterday @ 12:50 PM | 588 Views
That's right...since the absence of Zipper my Super Bee and seeing as how the temps are getting colder and flying will be minimal...I suppose it's time to do some more building. It's something I'm enjoying as much as flying! Here's my latest FT build that I am working on...the FT Simple Cub. Easier to fly but also easy to build.

FT Simple Cub build and other FT updates... (4 min 26 sec)

Posted by biglombo | Yesterday @ 12:16 PM | 615 Views
FPV FREESTYLE | You...inside or outside? | ROME IT (4 min 2 sec)

Do you prefer flying outside or inside? In the same night I tried both...even if inside is funny too, I prefer open spaces!

I hope you enjoy and please subscribe my channel! http://bit.ly/2y4wZgh

Find me on facebook:
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The Furibee version of the lizard has come to market. How does it compare? Well the quality control has some issues. Mine camera burned out before the first flight, the out of box antenna mounting is flawed and the fpv camera was not wired to the OSD....which the flight controller has. Outside of these issues the vehicle flies very well, its has good puchouts/thrust but not the best I have seen, fpv camera angle change be changed and with the right battery the legs provide landing protection.

Furibee Q95 (9 min 35 sec)

GNB battery I flew with: http://bit.ly/2m3G4Rj

Try RC18OFF as a coupon code for 18% off! (3x?)
4s Tattu batteries: http://bit.ly/2gRsRFF
Brushless "Racer" sale: http://bit.ly/2iQpqDw
Brushed "Racer" sale: http://bit.ly/2iQ2ofR
Furibee coupons and sales: http://bit.ly/2yi590v

Win Stuff: http://bit.ly/2xGUND6
US Warehouse sales: http://bit.ly/2iOP9fA
GearBest 11.11 Sale: http://bit.ly/2gQcBEQ
New customer to GB: http://bit.ly/2A1W7BQ
Posted by nickburns | Yesterday @ 11:39 AM | 641 Views
One of the firs sub micros to offer a micro ccd camera under $170. Although the specs indicate 2s and 3s compatible, I am not certain 3s is going to viable long term. My machine after approximately 15 flights started to suffer from shorter and shorter flight times. At this time after more than 30 flights, the flight time is less than one minute before low voltage is indicated. I did test to ensure the voltage sensor is reporting accurately.

QAV105 - A 2S! (10 min 9 sec)

QAV105 http://bit.ly/2hgbcuW

Other items of note:
Try RC18OFF as a coupon code for 18% off!
4s Tattu batteries: http://bit.ly/2gRsRFF
Brushless "Racer" sale: http://bit.ly/2iQpqDw
Brushed "Racer" sale: http://bit.ly/2iQ2ofR

Furibee coupons and sales: http://bit.ly/2yi590v
Win Stuff: http://bit.ly/2xGUND6
US Warehouse sales: http://bit.ly/2iOP9fA
GearBest 11.11 Sale: http://bit.ly/2gQcBEQ
New customer to GB: http://bit.ly/2A1W7BQ