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Posted by wrightbrothers | Feb 01, 2017 @ 07:46 AM | 2,269 Views
This project is intended to create a stable '25g mobius-type' camera platform which can hold position for at least an hour at a time. A quick 1 minute battery change should be ok at that kind of interval.
And complete at least 6 hours continuous total flying time in a single day.
It must not attract undue attention from the ground. It should resemble a bird at casual glance from below.
It must take off and land within a very small agreed area.
Must be easily transportable.

Within a one-off project without a commercial budget, there are not many other options than a VTOL.
Helium blimp.
Hydrogen blimp.
Hot air balloon.
Ultrastable ram kite with invisible strings.

I have no idea if the physics are correct or not - that a wing-based multirotor can reduce the battery drain.
I seemed to have stirred up some debate on this and other forum. There is no tether vector, like a kite has a string.
I found and lost the link to a really detailed study of the Albatross aerodynamics. Which looked at many other birds and the lift vectors involved when they appear to be 'stationary'. There must be an airflow to create lift. If the airflow is truly horizontal, the bird will descend at the same vertical rate as it would if gliding at maximum L/D.
However, it is not possible to determine if a bird is generating lift while adjusting wing tip feathers/angles. Think of a hovering Kestrel and what you see with binoculars. A Kestrel also has a relatively high...Continue Reading