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Posted by Xptical | Jul 17, 2011 @ 02:12 PM | 3,603 Views
At SEFF 2011, I picked up a TopSky kit from a friend. After some research, I discovered it is the Super TopSky; the latest version.

I'm going to attempt to cover the build here.

I will try to use a top-drive flaperon setup. I will also try to use CR123A batteries with some sort of battery voltage check.

On to the build:

For starters, I like to add a bit of color to the wings. I grabbed some silver Apple Barrel paint, my airbrush, and some Windex as a thinner. I used painters' tape and an old phone book for masking. Remember, lots of light coats are better than one thick coat. If you pull the tape before the paint is fully cured, you have less chance of peeling the paint.