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Posted by DeadlyPope | Jun 21, 2018 @ 04:45 PM | 1,404 Views
Cluster gauge with 3 volt meters. A real speaker in dash to play from a mini ipod, and an odometer trip reset button
Posted by DeadlyPope | Jun 13, 2018 @ 03:39 PM | 1,633 Views
The Tonka Summit Arizona Needs more!!!

So..... I can't stand the area where the tail lights are supposed to be on the Tonka body, Paint = FAIL , Reflector Tape = FAIL.

Lets make real ones...

cheapo reflectors with sticky back tape from ACE Hardware,
a Dremel, a caliper(for measuring shape and dimensions) , and a Benzomatic gas soldering iron without the tip to heat up the reflector to bend into shape.

After Fitting , holes will need to be drilled for LED's behind the tail light lens.

NOTE: I have noticed that the putting light through the back of the reflector is not optimum.
So i will grind down the triangular shaped reflections to let more light through instead of bouncing on to much of an angle....Continue Reading
Posted by DeadlyPope | Jun 11, 2018 @ 10:21 PM | 1,246 Views
arduino lights for the Tonka Arizona (1 min 8 sec)

What you need,
Arduino uno or the like..
6 red LEDs
6 blueLEDs
2 to 4 white.
10 330ohm resistors.

soldering iron
some wire

Recommend a circuit board ( but not necessary - you can just drill holes in a plastic housing and glue the LEDs in.

What I used was the cheap way ( i know again)...
I found a broken flashlight from Walgreens in the closet.. I think you can still buy these all over... pretty cheap.

I then disassembled it. And removed 2 rows of lights with a soldering iron and some pliers.
I then cut those rows in to strips and added 6 red LEDs on one row and 6 blue LEDs on the other.

The flash light has a side light i used for the center.. normally i would only require 2 lights for the center of the bar, but lets make
3 for giggles.

After the strips were cut from the board, I then cut the copper on the positive side of the board to separate the LEDs for the Arduino set up.

So its separated like this.. 1LED ---2 and 3 on the same circuit----- 4and 5 on the same circuit ----#6LED
I made 2 of these rows.. One in red and one in blue LEDs.
For the center I just pulled the 3 LEDs out of the flash lights side ( they are white LEDs so no reason not the use them) . then made a cut on the + side of the copper circuit between 1 and 2 . Then for each Circuit, a 330 ohm resistor was added on the positive sides of the LEDs

For the wires I used an old PC...Continue Reading
Posted by DeadlyPope | May 31, 2018 @ 02:06 PM | 1,332 Views
Creating a gopro mount with servo operation the cheap way..
since I have to make crap instead of buying it, I need a gopro mount for a servo to follow my headtracking along with my FPV setup in the tonka so i can have HD with out having to replace my cool FPV head and have the option to reposition the Gopro with servo any where i need it.

take an old powersupply and match it up to your gopro.. there are so many dead powersupply's (cases) that will fit pretty much every gopro out there
Posted by DeadlyPope | May 24, 2018 @ 12:19 PM | 1,657 Views
Here are some pictures of my Tonka Summit and the slow build of it .


Using a Dragon link(433mhz) RX and TX on a Spektum Dx8
channel 1 is throttle
channel 3 is steering
channel 2/4 is pan/tilt for head movement
channel 5 is hi/low gear
channel 6/7 is for front and rear diff lock... however i am going to put them both on one channel as i see no reason to have seperate locking front or rear diffs. and will free up a channel.
channel 8 is for the arm raise.
channel 9 will be for lights and or horn( yet to come)

for video i have head tracking as well as manual on the TX...
using 1.5W 1.3 TX with a TrueRC puck antenna .
ground station is a relay of 1.3 to 5.8 set up.. but can plug straight in to the 1.3 if need be to free up 5.8 for other drivers/flyers.