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Posted by old4570 | Oct 21, 2018 @ 10:46 PM | 778 Views

Some times you just got to laugh about it ...
Came today - an even more BENT blue bird !
Me thinks the universe is challenging my fixing skills !

Remember how I told the universe it owed me a lottery win ?
Yeah , I won ! $11.45 .. Next time I will have to be more specific ! ( The top prize - First division )

It be a howling windy day today ... So no going to the park .
Still waiting for stuff ...
More stuff needed to start playing with Micro DLG's , hmmmmm .
Posted by old4570 | Oct 20, 2018 @ 07:47 PM | 718 Views
Got OOO' ogled something bad this morning .
I think people were perving at my goodies ..

Goodies being the FX707 and the UMX Whipit .

These people should keep their eyes on the road , not the goodies on the sidewalk !

Anyhow ! FX707 Chuck test ..

I put the FX707 and it's wings in a bag as I was walking to my Chuck test range
Seriously , it flew off the building board ..
@ 222grams it was almost flying in slow motion .
My first chuck and I did not touch the Tx until it just about landed .
The glide , I just don't know how I could make it better ?
I am absolutely amazed and genuinely pleased .
Never imagined it would turn out this well ! Not off the board so to speak .
I may need to replace the servo control arms , just to give the rudder and elevator more throw .
The FX707 is so slow that the rudder and elevator are a little soft , might wait till it has been on a slope . (?)

UMX Whipit Chuck test

Almost flew exactly as expected ..
Pushed thru the breeze so easily ..
BUTT ! -- The fibreglass and peg on one tip did pull the Whip in that direction time and time again ( Left tip ) .
Otherwise the whip behaved very well ..

There will be some minor trimming needed ..
But the big thing I think is to balance the wing .. Just got to do something about the Whip going left all the time .

FX707 = Fantastic
Whip = A little more work

Whip Update :

Did some tweaks , and went back out in the afternoon .
The breeze is up .
But I was able to get the whip to glide straight ..
Next outing to the park I set up / re-tune my launch settings ..
And hopefully the whip cruises
Posted by old4570 | Oct 19, 2018 @ 05:25 PM | 782 Views

I was on youtube and saw a very interesting video on Laminating Film ..
A gentleman was showing some one how to repair a damaged EPP Foam plane ..
And I thought , wow .

What I found local ( Australia ) was some 0.04mm laminating film . ( Sold by Renz - Australia ) For all you Ozzies ..
Now I have only done a little research and a little testing with this stuff , so maybe get on youtube and search Laminating Film .
It will apparently do open structures .
And it will bond to Foam at reasonable temperatures .
I was using just a ordinary clothing Iron at around 50% temp range .

The stuff I got is 440mm wide and some 200 meters in length ( 600 feet ) and as mentioned 0.04mm thick . ( 10 thou )
There is a bright shinny side and a dull side , the dull side has the glue .
The first thing I did when the roll arrived was to take a soft pliable piece of foam and laminate it on all sides . ( Just a 5mm or so thick bit of foam sheet )
After laminating it it was much stiffer and felt a lot stronger ( as it should )

Using the laminating film for repairs ....
This is where it gets interesting , when you damage foam it can lose its integral strength / stiffness and become very soft and pliable .
This happened to a little chucky I got , the elevators had lost all their strength and stiffness .
Using the laminating film to cover both sides , the elevators are nice and stiff , holding their shape really well .

With things like foam safe glue , we can now glue a smashed...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Oct 18, 2018 @ 10:15 PM | 1,720 Views
Still windy ( Gale force ) = Oh dear !

The blue bomb ( hand throw plane ) = Bent bird .

So been trying to find the CG ...

To this effect I used a fair amount of Hot glue and the plane still flew like a spear !
Though ! .. The more weight added to the back , the further it went .

So I gave up on the hot glue and moved to LEAD .. ( Lead shot to be precise - No4 shot ? I don't know )
If you look at the pictures , I made two holes as far back as possible and then pushed lead shot into the holes ..
First two then four , and each time the plane glided better ...
Bottom line , it took 14 pieces of shot + a bit of foam safe cyno .. ( Glue the shot )
So in one of the pictures you will see the mould line where my CG currently sits just a little behind ..
I would suggest @ the mould line or just ahead if you plan to RC ( As a starting point )

Thats it for this one , I might Chuck it some , but I will not RC it , just too many funky bends ...

I did mention in the previous thread that I fixed the elevators with some laminating film ..
Me thinks olds likes the laminating film ...
Posted by old4570 | Oct 17, 2018 @ 09:18 PM | 1,435 Views
I had a dream !

I saw this jet looking hand throw air-plane and thought !
Hmmm , dont they have these small EDF units ..
That foam job looks like it would take a 30mm EDF , a 4ch Rx and some small servos with little trouble .

Well the other day my hopes and dreams were shattered when the foam job arrived .
It was seriously twisted out of shape . I don't know .
Looked like every toady between my home and China sat on it ..

Pictured is about as straight as I can get it .. Not going to try and RC this one ..
Do I try again ? Dont want to buy another bent bird ....

Anyhow , 2 more 35cm gliders arrived ..
These two glide sweet , sweet enough that I may give it a go ( RC them ) ..
Hmmm , elevator / rudder or pitcheron ... Or , one of each !

FX 707 Update :
I did mention that the sleeved control rods bit the big one ..
Ordered some 0.8mm music wire from HK ............ and it was binding as well .
Thankfully I had some 0.6mm from a previous order and when tried was as smooth as silk ..
So swapped out the control rods from 1mm to 0.6mm .. ( no choice really )
The FX 707 is fully ready for testing now ..
And it be the 3rd day of rain today .. It has hardly rained this year , and when I have two gliders ready for chuck testing - it rains .

( Just let me win the lottery and we will call it even )
Posted by old4570 | Oct 13, 2018 @ 10:37 PM | 1,326 Views

FX707 is ready !

Yes I had a busy Saturday ..

9g servos are glued in , control surfaces working .
Orange Rx is giving issue ( might be the short antenna )
Battery used to get CG close is a 700mAh
Pictures included ..

Windy as all outdoors today ( howling wind )
But ready for chuck testing .

What would I do different ..
The control rods - I used some sleeved rods and they blow chunks ..
And you find these things out after they are glued in .. So yeah , I would definitely do the control rods differently .
Other than that , the build was surprisingly easy ..
Orange Rx , going to solder a extension to it . Taranis is throwing up low signal warnings about 1 meter from the FX707 ..
So pretty much ready for some Chuck Tests .
Weight = 222 grams as is ready for chuck testing ( with battery ) .
Oh that short nose ...

UMX Whipit

Also done .. Peg is glued in .
I have done some pull testing on the peg and looks to be good .
Also got low to the ground and did a very short glide test and looks promising .

Today is too windy , but both gliders are ready for some glide tests .
Posted by old4570 | Oct 12, 2018 @ 11:49 PM | 1,575 Views

I butchered the whip wing

Yes , it be true !
A) I removed the plastic hardware from the wing .
B) I fiber-glassed the top and bottom of the center of the wing
C) Recall that laminating film - I covered the wing .

Wing factory stock = 15.6 grams (?) I had glassed the tip already , so ? on exact grams
Wing without plastic hardware = 12.1 grams
Finished wing / Glassed center - covered with 0.04mm laminating film = 17.7 grams

Why ?
Wing did not feel that strong in the middle ...
When I removed the plastic cover , the carbon rods were lose under the cover ( hence the soft feeling around the middle of the wing )
The wing feels super tight around the middle now . ( Little flex )
The covering has stiffened up the wing , feels much tighter now .

Few things left to do ,
A) launch peg
B) mounting the wing


Wing is mounted and picture shared ..
Posted by old4570 | Oct 11, 2018 @ 05:07 PM | 1,002 Views

UMX Whipit update : 9.12pm

Wing tip has been glassed , should be well and truly cured / dry by now ..
Might be time to peg it .
Hopefully wont have to Frisbee it any more in the future .. Not planning to launch it hard enough to rip the wings apart ..

Hmmmmm !!!!
Saw a video on youtube , laminating film !
Got my self a roll ( came today ) , ordered the thinnest film I could find ( 0.04mm )
Did a test on some really soft flexi foam I have ( same foam I tested the fiberglass on ) ...
Impressive stuff .. Wonder if I should cover the Whipit's wings ? ( Looks like the top of the wing is getting surface stress fractures )

Free Flight Report

...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Oct 09, 2018 @ 06:54 AM | 1,441 Views

For review :

The cheapest dial calipers on Fasttech.com

And the cheapest dial calipers from Ebay

Fasttech.com sent me some Fujisan Dial Calipers for test/review and I only thought it fair that I should perhaps compare them to another dial caliper that was also along the lines of budget . So what we have is the cheapest steel dial calipers off Ebay VS the cheapest steel dial calipers off Fasttech.com . In this case we are talking $22 ozzi bananas (Ebay ) VS $21 greenbacks ( Fasttech ) .

I don't know about other people , but I really dislike reaching for digital calipers and finding they don't work because the battery is flat ! Yes analog calipers are a little slower to read and a little more difficult , but the batteries don't go flat ( There are no batteries ) . So if you reach for precision measuring instruments a few times a year , analog calipers just might be the way to go . ( Unless you have other issues like maybe eyesight - in which case those digital calipers might be a God send and just be sure to have a bag full of spare batteries )

Ok , I did a whole bunch of random measurements N stuff and there really was nothing to separate them . So I pulled out a 25mm gauge from my 50mm micrometer ( its pretty much spot on for 25mm ) and used it for some more precise measurements to see if I could separate the two calipers I had . Sorry no is the sort answer . Both calipers were spot on ( don't worry about the picture , that was on me ) . Both calipers were...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Oct 05, 2018 @ 08:39 PM | 1,137 Views

FB2204 1430KV Brushless Motor $5.14 Oz Banana

Don't you just love a mystery ?

2s / 3s ? ( my guess is it's 2s only - guessing )
They do say 10A , so I have ordered a 12A esc .. ( 2s / 3s )
Hmmmm , interesting enough to by at the price .
Be a pretty small motor me thinks , 1430kv .. 2s , RPM around 8000 to 10,000 depending on the prop .
Hmmmmm , wonder if it would pull a 1.2 meter foam job ?

They dont even give the shaft size , so a bit of a lottery on what I get .
Still waiting for stuff ,
I should turn on the TV for some Bathurst ...
Posted by old4570 | Oct 04, 2018 @ 10:22 PM | 1,616 Views
I got one of the capacitor gliders I ordered and thought it time to post something .
Have not launched it in anger as yet as it has been windy and these are small enough to not like a strong breeze .

Assembly .
Simple as just put the elevator and wing in the correct slot in the fuse , or so you would think !
Elevator went on ok , but the wing .
The wing was a real tight fit and in the end I gave up as the force needed to locate it was approaching the point I thought I may rip the wing in half ..
So the back of the slot ( TE ) , I used a knife to cut it a little ( 1 or 2 mm ) and then used the flat of the blade to crush the foam to increase the size of the wing slot ..
Now the wing went in with a lot less than wing tearing effort ..

So in theory its as simple to assemble as slotting in the elevator and wing , but I would suggest caution and possibly adult supervision if the glider is purchased for a younger person .

Trim ..
I would strongly suggest trim flights before power is applied ..
Nice calm conditions , and you trim to your satisfaction ..
Once you are happy with your FF glide , then you can apply power ..

Power ...
This is where things get very interesting ...
1 second of applied power ---
This gives about 10 to 15 seconds of decent power , after this initial power the motor continues to run ( diminishing power ) for over a minute ..
2 seconds applied power ---
This gives up to 20 seconds of decent power , and after this the motor continues to...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Oct 03, 2018 @ 09:12 PM | 1,888 Views
This be the largest of the EPP foam gliders I could find on Ebay .
1.2 Meter Span
166.7 grams ( RTF )
The steel BB weigh in at 44 grams together ( 22g each )
So I guess that gives us about 44 grams of RC stuff to put in the glider .. ( ? )

The fit of the wing and elevator are excellent .
There are carbon rods in the wing - but I did feel a little bit of movement - so maybe glued in a little ? Maybe add some foam safe cyno ...
The 707 was reasonably straight , hopefully RC just fine .

Plan = 9g or 6g servos ? , will depend on how much weight is needed for CG
At the moment CG looks to be at 50% of the chord .
I dont have space at home to test 1.2 meters . + the wind is up today .
This will be a rudder elevator job ..
And I will try and move everything as far forward as possible to avoid adding weight .
This may have to be 2s to get the weight from the battery for CG .

The big foam bird is here . And it is rather nice I have to say ....Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Sep 30, 2018 @ 11:18 PM | 1,407 Views
I ordered a bunch of stuff to play with and now it's a waiting game .
So a couple of things came today ..

1) Falcon Electric Glider .. Charge for 10 seconds , fly for one minute !
I think the falcon might be too small to RC ( looked bigger in the pictures ) . But is a capacitor FF glider ...
Not really sure I want a 60 second engine run though .

2) EPP Foam glider , 48cm wing span . This definitely will RC . Just ho-humin about what components to use and RC configuration .
I guess the easiest would be wing control ( pitcheron ) , or as some call wingeron ..
At the moment the weight is 49.5 grams and some 33.5 grams less the canopy and dual BB .
Needed some work to straighten it out , but when I RC it , I am not going to bother with carbon re enforcing .
Still waiting on more EPP gliders ...
Starting at $2 and up to $5 , these things are just crazy cheap . So I will try and RC it crazy cheap as well .
Posted by old4570 | Sep 29, 2018 @ 10:46 PM | 981 Views
It's a really nice day ..
Almost a Whipit Day ...

Anyhow - a Whipit update !

A) Cleaned up the mold lines in the wing ..
1. Whipit penetrates better now
2. Flies faster now

B) I put some wing tape on the rudder as the last time I flew the rudder was way soft .
1) Rudder was much better now , turns much tighter , more authority
2) My rudder is bent like a banana , so the wing tape now has given the bend more authority
3) In turns the nose wants to drop even harder due to increased rudder authority

C) I put some wing tape on the elevator as now the elevator ( after flying today ) felt a little soft . So closing some of the gap .

D) Did always mean to take a photo and check alignment of the elevator and wing compared to the boom ...
Might be some room to play with the wing alignment .. The angle of attack on the wing , might be a little high ?
Have to check on that ...

Flying today ( 30 - Sep - 2018 )
Was a little breezy for the Whipit ..
It does penetrate better now , but it also flies faster and can lose altitude faster , especially flying down wind .

All my tuning was for naught as the mods I made turned the Whipit into another animal .

I had this one brilliant flight where the breeze dropped off to a cotton puff .. I launched , got a good transition .. I turned to the right and glided cross breeze like you would on a slope .. Turned into the breeze and flew across the breeze the other way .. Then I turned right into the breeze and flew across the breeze and amazingly I would have been lucky to have lost 1 meter of altitude during those 3 turns and cross breeze flights ...
On my 4th turn the wind picked up and in the stronger breeze the Whipit lost altitude , especially in the turns where the nose would pitch down rather hard ..
Closing the gaps in the elevator might help (?)
Posted by old4570 | Sep 29, 2018 @ 05:56 PM | 1,016 Views

Time to see what sort of power servos are pulling , especially If I am going to try and run a 1s solution at the rx end .
Looking into my servo collection I have some 8 various 9g servos to play with and one good HXT500 ( the other HXT500 is faulty = good to know )

The test is relatively simple , not overly scientific .
I have a USB power supply feeding power through a power meter to a servo tester and then to the servo .
So the servo tester has a simple function that makes the servo work from one extreme to the other . ( Servo goes left all the way then right all the way constantly till you stop it ) To add load I am simply taking hold of the output shaft and gripping it as tightly as I can .. ( not scientific )

HK928BB - 0.06A to 0.08A Less load , grabbing and holding the output shaft with my fingers as tightly as I can = 0.12A
HK15178 - 0.07A to 0.08A - 0.17A
TG9e - 0.06A to 0.09A - 0.12A
TowerPro - 0.08A to 0.09A - 0.18A ( Blue TowerPro )
Unbranded - 0.08A to 0.10A - 0.15A
OSOYOU - 0.08A to 0.10A - 0.18A ( SG90 )
GSUN 9g - 0.09A to 0.12A - 0.17A
TowerPro - 0.13A to 0.15A - 0.24A ( Orange TowerPro ) This is the servo used in Rx testing
HXT500 - 0.00A to 0.00A - 0.08A ( Did not register a current without a load )

The test was by no means scientific or research valid because of the pinch test ( load ) , but never the less a bit of an eye opener and some what interesting .
The servos I used in my Rx tests...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Sep 27, 2018 @ 05:47 PM | 1,629 Views

My next receiver test is this 4 channel flysky AFHDS 2A ( apparently now called FS2A ) . A word of warning , these receivers need to have the pins soldered in place by the purchaser . If you look at the pictures you will see that 3 of my solder joints were questionable . Good thing about Macro Photography , great way to check really small work . Anyhow , I went back and corrected the 3 questionable solder jobs .
Once again this is more a test to see how useful this receiver might be for DLG use , as I would be very interested in running a 1s battery without a voltage booster . Some time in the future I will have to so some servo tests , to see how much current they pull . Might be nice to have lower current servos in a DLG running a 1s solution less voltage boost . ( But that's down the track )
 Variable Power Supply : 
 Putting the small FS2A receiver on the power supply with 2x9g servos attached , I first tried 5v @ 0.5A - There was no browning out .
 Next I tried 4v , but I increased the available amps to 1 ( 1A ) . 4v @ 1A - There was no browning out .
 From here I went to 3.5v @ 1A - There was no browning out .
 Then I went to 3.2v @ 1A - There was no browning out .
 To push my luck I dropped the voltage to 3v @ 1A - There was no browning out .
 Ooooh come on , brownout already ! So I lowered the available current to 0.5A , 3v @ 0.5A , yes the Rx is browning out .
 At 3.2v the 9g servos are really feeling the low voltage , becoming sluggish . ( Perhaps a...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Sep 26, 2018 @ 08:12 PM | 1,545 Views
More Voltage / Range Test and Conclusion . ( Part 3 )

I put the Rx on my Variable output power supply , I also made up a special servo plug so I could monitor voltage from the servo pins directly to my MM
Was doing this to see if the voltage to the servo was in any way regulated ..
Short answer is no .. I set the input voltage to 7v and the output to the servos was 6.96 volts .. So no direct use of 2s battery packs ...

Next I wanted to test RANGE ( kind of important for RC )
Setting my Jumper T8SG Plus to range test mode ( 100uW ) ...
The iRangeX Rm610 was powered by a 1s Lipo .. ( Not fully charged ) ( Bind was in DSMx )
I was easily able to get to my maximum test distance of 50 meters , even when I put my body between the Rx and Tx there was no signal loss .
After the range test I measured the voltage on the battery .. ( 3.85v )

In conclusion all I can say is that I was impressed enough to right after range testing buy another iRangeX RM610 ...
Yeah , I bought another for no other reason than the Rx rocks my world hard !

1) Yes the Rx can brown out - because it does not get enough current .. ( Not a voltage issue )
2) Looks to run 1s brilliantly
3) Cheap
4) small and light
5) Range tested well
6) So far has only impressed

So I have hesitated to buy the RM610 for about a year now ..
One of the reasons was reading that some people were suffering brownouts ( might have been on quads )
Funny how negative stuff sticks .
So hopefully the information provided helps to balance out the picture and give people a more realistic idea of the RM601 receiver .

Next I will be testing a 4ch Rx from BG and literally putting it through the same tests ..
See if it will run 1s ......
Posted by old4570 | Sep 25, 2018 @ 09:01 PM | 1,468 Views
iRangeX RM601 receiver test Part 2 1s battery (7 min 21 sec)

Ok , so many hate video ...

This test is with a 1s Lipo ( 1000mAh ) , there is only one 9g servo attached but I am loading it with 201.8 grams ..
RM601 is bound to my Jumper T8SG Plus in DSMx mode ..

Battery off the charger , no brownouts ! , takes the 201.8 grams ok . Lets not forget these 9g servos are not low voltage .

Then I discharged the battery with my hobby charger to a static voltage of 3.99 volts
3.99v , again no brownouts , not even with the servo under load .

Battery discharged to 3.8v , no brownouts .

Battery discharged to 3.71 volts , no brownouts .

Battery discharged to 3.56 volts , @ 3.56v the battery is very close to depleted .. I gave the Rx / servo a rather good work out and no brownouts .

Static voltage : This is the voltage of the battery at rest ( doing nothing - not connected to anything )

Wow , I saw little point going bellow 3.56v as this is pretty much where batteries ( lipo ) are very close to depleted . ( If not depleted ) ..
So I am very impressed ..

Next I jam in more voltage to see if there is any voltage regulation to the servos ( 2s capability )

That will be Part 3
More voltage , a range test , and a conclusion ..
Posted by old4570 | Sep 24, 2018 @ 11:08 PM | 2,183 Views

To play with I have the iRangeX RM601 7ch Receiver .
Ch1 - Throttle
Ch2 - Aileron
Ch3 - Elevator
Ch4 - Rudder

+ You have pins for PPM and Bind as well Ch5 and Ch6

Now my main goal here was to see how little voltage this receiver would work on and I think I learned a few things along the way ...

A) Current is more important than Voltage ...

I have a variable voltage power supply being used to feed power to the receiver ..
To start testing I fed some 5v @ 0.5Amp to the receiver ..

Receiver was initially set to DSMx and bound to my Jumper T8SG Plus ..
Two 9g servos were attached to the receiver ..

I got so many brown outs it was not funny ...
Tried DSM2 and the brown outs were literally twice as bad ..
I jacked the voltage to 6v and left the current to the Rx @ 0.5A
Yeah , you may have guessed , more brown outs ..

I then pushed the current to 0.9Amp and no more brown outs ... ( Bound back to DSMx )
I dropped the voltage to 5v and no brown outs ..
I dropped the voltage to 4.8v and no brown outs
I dropped the voltage to 4.6v and no brown outs
I dropped the voltage to 4.2v and no brown outs
I dropped the voltage to 4v and no brown outs
I dropped the voltage to 3.9v and no brown outs ( Sorry - did brown out @ 3.9v - 0.9A )
I dropped the voltage to 3.8v and got brown outs ( DSMx )

a) 3.8v and the 9g servos were still working ...

So I thought , hmmmmmm , maybe if I crank the current to 1.5A ...

...Continue Reading