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Posted by kopterheld | Nov 28, 2018 @ 10:42 AM | 6,144 Views
The new Diatone GT-R239 is the new R90 2 inch FPV racing drone from Diatone. It have a plastic frame that is flexible and therefore durable.

A perfect drone for a beginner! The electronic componets are the same as in the 2.5 inch Diatone GT-R249
Both drones have the new Cobra 5500KV motors that works good with 3S on a 2 inch and very good with 4S on a 2.5 inch frame.
The F4 flight controller is very stable and the Runcam Micro Swift camera get with the VTX a very good video picture. Ok, ok, now you did not have the TBS Unify Pro VTX with 25-800mW and now you get only the Runcam VTX with 25-200mW but the drone cost only $99 That's good price for a prefecte 2 inch FPV racind drone.

Now, I thing you have the big question as a beginner FPV pilot. Witch is better 2 or 2.5 inch drone. And, yes the 2.5 inch is better for flying.
But the Diatone GT-R249 2.5 Inch have thin arms and if you have a crash the you destroy the arms after the first flight.
So my recommendation is take the 2 inches drone and later if you can fly, then you can transfer all components to a 2.5 inch frame.
My opnion is the Diatone 2018 2.5 inch frame better, durable and you can put on top a mini HD camera like the Firefly mini HD camera or the new Quelima SQ20 Mini HD Camera.
But currect you can not get the old Diatone 2018 frame because it is sold out and you can get only the GT-M2.506 bottom carbon spare part and get the aluminium canopy from the available Diatone GT-M2.5 Normal Plus...Continue Reading
Posted by kopterheld | Nov 28, 2018 @ 09:09 AM | 5,799 Views
Frsky Taranis X-Lite 2.4G 16CH Transmitter with Hall Sensor Gimbals Mode 2 + R9M Lite + R9 Mini Receiver
Cool the long range version.
130€ Flash Deal

Package Contents:
- X-Lite Transmitter
- R9 Mini Receiver
- R9M Lite Module

The X-Lite is the new version with two more screws at bottom.
With the bundle you get the R9 Lite long range module with the standard elastic antenna. Better you get the FrSky Super 8 antenna for the module for better range.
The very small R9 MINI receiver have only a non inverted output for telemetry. If you have a F3 or F4 flight controller then it is better to get the newer FrSky R9 MM receiver.
The new R9 MM receiver looks the same as the old version R9 MINI but the new have a non-inverted telemetry output tu connect to a free TX port on your FC. For more better range you can use the new FrSky Dipole T Antenna on your 4-6 inch FPV racer drone.

Link - Taranis X-Lite with R9M from Gearbest

My video (EN subtitle) - Taranis X Lite german EU Firmware with R9M Lite 900MHz Module
Taranis X Lite deutsche EU Firmware mit R9M Lite 900MHz Modul (4 min 8 sec)

Link - FrSky R9 MiNI receiver from Hobbyking for only $9.50

Link - FrSky R9 MiNI receiver from Gearbest Coupon: SWwOx6Jg:

FrSky R9 MM receiver from Banggood Coupon: TTxBG10

Link - FrSky 900MHz Super 8 Antenna for R9M / R9M Lite Module from Banggood Coupon: TTxBG10
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Posted by kopterheld | Nov 23, 2018 @ 11:25 AM | 6,786 Views
Wow a symbioses from Beta75X and Mobula7 with a better FPV camera the Caddx EOS2.

Eachine TRASHCAN 75mm Crazybee F4 PRO OSD 2S Whoop FPV Racing Drone Caddx Eos2 Adjustable Camera
$99 - 87 PNP


Eachine TRASHCAN have a 75mm wheelbase and the new Crazybee F4 PRO flight controller with OSD for 2S LiPo battery. The Motors are smaller as the from Beta75X with 0803 16000KV . The Caddx EOS2 camera is adjustable with a 25-200mW VTX that support Betaflight OSD (BFOSD)
Only 33g without batteries. 4x 300mAh 40C 1S HV batteries are included.

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Posted by kopterheld | Nov 16, 2018 @ 06:35 AM | 6,298 Views

This is the Happymodel Mobula7 that is a Tiny Whoop drone with 1S and 2S Lipo power.
M7 is light, very fast and flies over 4 minutes. I just can not find any negative points on the Whoop. The Snapper7 1S Whoop was good, but M7 is much faster, more aggressive and weighs no more than the Snapper7. And if someone needs slow flying, he can fly the Mobula7 with a 1S Lipo. The changeable angle of the camera is practical. Outside you fly fast and need a steep angle of the FPV camera. Inside with slow flies one places camera completely flat. Inside, the FPV camera is sufficient. Outside, I would like a better FPV camera like the Caddx Turbo EOS2.

Get the Happymodel Mobula7 from Banggood

Link to Banggood with 12% CoupoN: 12TS130 or TTxBG10

Video 1 Mobula7 2S Whoop review
Happymodel Mobula7 perfekter 2S Whoop - Review DE (4 min 23 sec)

Video 2 Mobula7 2S Outdoor Flying
Happymodel Mobula7 2S Whoop Outdoor Flugtest (4 min 51 sec)
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Posted by kopterheld | Nov 09, 2018 @ 08:20 AM | 5,732 Views

This is the Eachine Wizard TS130 that is a 3 inch drone with big motors and support 3S and 4S.
Wizard TS130 is flying very well with 3S and have many speed with my Tattu Lipo R-Line 850mAh 95C 4S. The CCD Foxeer camera is very good.
Please update the Omnibus F4 to the latest Betaflight firmware for better performance with 4S LiPo.

Get the Eachine Wizard TS130 on Banggood

Link to Banggood with 12% CoupoN: 12TS130 or TTxBG10

Here my review video
Eachine Wizard TS130 3 Zoll FPV Racer (4 min 1 sec)

Used the
Tattu R-line LiPo 850mAh 95C 4S XT60 - Amazon...Continue Reading