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Posted by VicT | Apr 11, 2017 @ 11:14 PM | 5,708 Views
I really like my Flyzone Calypso as it is very light and thermals very well for a foamy. Nothing like my DHLG but a good entry level design that can be flown in ALES contest formats. Built with my preferred servos and recommended motor and ESC from Esprit Models she is very nice. I wanted a little more speed and so purchased the Rapide.

Rapide is a little faster on the climb and glide and is a step up from the Calypso and Radian foamy class of motorgliders.
A new AR8010T telemetry RX and satelite was used on the first 2 flights. On the first climb she was impressive but on subsequent climbs she did not have the performance and suspect it might be the battery pack. Stock prop is a 13.5x7 folder. It is a Venom 2200 3S 30C that weighs 180 grams. Back in the shop and fully recharged I measured 35 Amps x 10.4 volts=364 watts. I tried a TP 5000 4S 70 c and it measured at 55A x X volts=782 Watts. My power meter recorded a high of 16.29 V, 57.9 A and 835 Watts. The stock ESC and motor did not get warm as power was measured over 5-8 seconds only. A smaller prop say a 10x6 with 4S might keep amps below ESC 40 amp and provide for more speed in climbout. I wish she had the performance of my old 80" Mark Allen Electric Storm (Astro 40, 10x6 on 10 NIMH pack. 96 oz thermal warm liner. I call the Rapide a Luke Warmliner.

The first flights were intended to get DX9 trims set for the climb mode "speed" and for power off glide. Both required...Continue Reading
Posted by VicT | Apr 05, 2017 @ 06:29 AM | 5,857 Views
Flaps versus Flaperon on Sig Seniorita ARF
Most pilots will say that the Seniorita is so easy to fly that a Caveman or Monkey could land her on a sidewalk! That trailing edge wing stuff is for sailplane glider guiders. Well I agree but why not use modern technology to make the Seniorita a "SUPER SENIORITA"��. The Seniorita ARF can be set up with Ailerons, Flaperon, and Spoilerons using a 3 position switch on your TX. The secret is to limit the up deflection to about 10 degrees up for spoileron and about 10 degrees down for Flaperon. Reducing the total travel of up elevator will also reduce/eliminate power off stall and tip stall. I prefer separate flaps because If they are bottom hinged and 1/4 span then they can be a 80-90 degree air brake as well as a 20-45 degree conventional flap. However you have to re hinge the flap hinge and move the flap horn hole away from the hinge line on most ARFS to get that 90 degree throw. Add to this the added cost of flap servos and the time building the flap system and the end result is that most folks discount and deny the advantage of flaps.

I am using a fellow clubmember's Seniorita ARF (Rimfire 46/4S) to regain his confidence from not flying for some time. On the first maiden and elevator stall trim settings I noticed that even with power off and a windmilling prop the Seniorita just wants to float and not descend much. This would cause long touchdowns and frequent go arounds. After changing to one aileron to...Continue Reading