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If after you have satisfied for your reserve{2}, the car rental supplier informs you that they are incapabl to contribute the booked service, Trip.com will do everything it can to explanation the question. If no car rental service is available after Trip.comís trial and coordination, Trip.com will refund you the amount paid for your booking and will cover any charge acquire by you as a unambiguous rise of the unavailability of the registered service, up to the appraise of your first age's rental fee.

2Booking GuaranteeIf you cannot use your entrance ticket due to a fault by Trip.com and the test cannot be clear up within 30 ) of being describe to Trip.com, you can purchase tickets at the attraction for the price intrust at the ingress. The cost of the ballot you primarily turn with Trip.com will be repay to you, and Trip.com will also indemnify you twice the amount of any distinction in price between the Trip.com book and the estimation arraign at the ingang.

You can downright make changes for all 3 passengers together. You can make shift once per passager, per flight Ė i.e., once for each traveller for the progressively and reply traverse. You can emend the flights for all passengers together, or only for one or two as requisite.flight rules

1. Please contact Trip.com after if you have any problems. If you constrain your own arrangements without contacting Trip.com, or desire not to take a disruption furnish by Trip.com, you penalty your suitable under Trip.comís...Continue Reading