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Posted by hugo secondname | Feb 16, 2021 @ 05:28 AM | 9,623 Views
Hi everyone who is looking at this thread,
I'm building a race quad to replace the first one, which I crashed so badly the gyro in the flight controller, the ESCs and motors broke.
I want the quad to be light, to fly a decent amount of time (~20 min) and to be fast. I'm opting for the Druckbär ultralight 4 race quad frame with the adaptor for 30*30 electronics. I'm planning to fly it on my cc3d flight controller and BL Heli s LittleBee-spring 30A Dshot ESCs since I have them lying around and don't want to buy a 4-in one esc. I'm sure I can mount them to fit the frame.
This leaves one question: which motors to use. Since the motors used on my first quad are broken, I thought I might as well get different ones to see how the performance differs. I've spent a while searching for good motors but haven't found any good ones.

I'd appreciate if some people could share their ideas and experiences with different motor brands and types, so I can have an easier time chosing the right ones.

Thanks Hugo secondname

PS the drone is supposed to run 5'' gemfan hulkie props.