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Posted by ISDT | Nov 19, 2020 @ 07:13 AM | 12,433 Views
Dear All,

This is Belia at ISDT. Here I represent our company and looking for our direct distributors in UK, Italy, Poland and Czech Republic.

What We Have:

We owns popular reputation products with few after sales problem which is so attractive . We achieve 1.7% defective rates for our 2nd generation products and it will be much better for the 3nd generation which starts with items we developed since end of last year. That's why we can keep on cooperating with our distributors very well in past five years.

What You Will Have:
While, you can find reasonable space in distributing our AC chargers and advanced DC chargers , industrial modulate .And we will think it over for future items also. We usually have one distributor in one country for RC range, No more than two. And will forward all inquiry to our direct distributor in the same country.

Why Choose Us:
ISDT located at the most innovative technology gathering area in Shenzhen of China. With professional and experienced development team to achieve
the most compact but powerful chargers and fastest development speed of new products in RC range.

Know more about our company and our products please see here:
Any inquiry of dealership with us please contact me: [email protected]

Thank you all for your attention on this issue.

Best Regards,
Posted by ISDT | Nov 06, 2020 @ 05:01 AM | 13,232 Views
Dear ISDT Fans,

Today we would like to list some common problems you might meet when upgrade our chargers, and here we will tell you how to solve.

a. 'Waiting for device' , It happens when the USB cable you using for upgrade is without data transmission function, and you need to change with another good quality one.
b. ISDGO APP as virus, Our manager for website is handling with this problem to obtain trust certification for our software, please make our software safe to use.
c. Recognition failed. This happens when abnormal internet connection or the unsteady server behavior, please connect the internet and try to update again.
d. Device information does not match , if you come across this problem when upgrade, it might be caused by wrong information obtained by charger, you could click the UPDATE again, and problem will disappear.

Hope this post will help you, please no hesitate to forward your suggestion and feedback to us if any.

Best Regards,