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Posted by Mk9 | Oct 18, 2020 @ 12:10 AM | 7,806 Views
Hi Folks,
My Durafly Mk1a is getting somewhat the worse for wear, and I thought it would be interesting to convert it to a Mk2a to make it more distinguishable from the other Mk1a in our small club. We have quite a Spitfire collection and a Mk2a would increase the spread. The main external difference is the spinner, and Caillie Graphics sorts the rest, so it's not going to be very hard!

I picked RN-N since it's one of the few reliable colour subjects available. This is the classic shot:

I'm aware of 2 other possible photos, but they seem a little more dubious in authenticity, so I decided to hit Google Earth and see if I could find the backdrop. I've had a win for 2 of the 3, but the 3rd eludes me. The 3rd is also suss as a) it has open gun ports, the other two are taped, as you'd expect for a photo shoot, and b) it has a weird black smear on the side fuse. Still, the background does look like a photo so I'm a bit perplexed.

Photo2:[email protected]/49509639521