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Posted by Mk9 | Jul 26, 2020 @ 09:03 AM | 77,896 Views
The Avro Vulcan is a cold war era British delta wing design, much loved by most who ever saw one fly.

It’s a special design for me because my Dad flew them, and some of my earliest memories as a child are the howl of the four Olympus motors - derivatives of which went onto power Concorde. A Vulcan full power take-off, climb out and bank at an air-display truly was a sight and sound to behold.

Living in Australia, seeing a flying Vulcan has not been possible for decades, but on a visit to the UK relies a few years ago (remember international air travel?!) I dragged my young son to one of the last displays that XH558 ever did. On our last visit we also visited the IWM and saw theirs up close. I think it worked, because now he likes the Vulcan too

There have been lots of RC variants over the years, but true scale versions seem to be either:
• Huge turbine beasts which are super impressive, but super expensive and not very practical at a small field – or even in the average family home come to that!
• PSS Gliders – which are great, but need a decent slope.
• Pusher models, which can be done at any scale, are supremely practical, but involve a certain amount of scale sacrifice I can’t ever quite ignore.

I've been rambling about trying to design a foam parkflyer version for ages. My son, who is only 13, decided that he would design a 3D printable EDF one. I did my best to tell him that would be ‘quite hard’, but he...Continue Reading