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Posted by SirPoonga | May 06, 2014 @ 01:48 PM | 4,961 Views
I am building my first aircraft. I have been flying planes for a long time, but never my own. I did buy a Hubsan Skyhawk a couple of years ago as I started getting interested in fpv. I then bought a Hubsan H107 to try out a quad. I liked it so I decided to build something.

Ultimately I ended up deciding on the Fortis Airframes Titan tricopter. Here's some early pics of the build. I am waiting on electrics to show up. I have a gopro hd hero 1 and 3. I would like to use the hero 1 as my fpv cam. As you see I also I bought a Taranis. Zach at Fortis Airframes was ling enough to send me his logo for my model art on the Taranis.