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Radiomaster Tx16 and the Turbo Timber (10 min 8 sec)

A) Smooth as margarine !
B) TX16S - Am I loosing some control deflection ? Flying inverted , it really felt like I did not have enough elevator to hold inverted flight . Maybe it was cos I was trying to fly slower ? But it really felt like I had given up some throw , even in rolls .
C) I love the battery Voltage readout . ( Flight battery ) Makes flying so much safer . ( Knowing the flight battery voltage )
D) Being able to customize the main screen , nice !
E) No frequency fine tune . Oh dear ! ( more later )
F) I may try placing the battery a little further back next time ( CG ) , make holding inverted easier ? , one hopes .

Ok so , I am missing the frequency fine tune . Though the Tx16 is really smooth and precise . That roller / clicker is a PITA . I was getting more Signal warnings with the Tx16 than with the Qx7 + Multi protocol module . A lot more . ( Need that freq fine tune ) .

Aside from some things being (?) what they are . Scroll wheel / Switch crowding / Freq fine tune / some loss of control throw (?) I will have to check that .
Maybe it's just how the Tx feels ? Maybe it's too smooth and precise ? Flying a model , the Tx feels great on the gimbals and the model just flies smooth .
Too much of a good thing ?
Maybe I need to back off on the Expo ?
Either way . Id say over all that the Tx16 is a fine radio .. lets not forget that warranty thing if you...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Jun 11, 2021 @ 07:52 AM | 14,496 Views
UMX Turbo Timber is bound to the Tx16 .

What I like is that you can output telemetry to the screen , and the feature I wanted at a glance was the battery voltage of the 2s in the TT .

I have for now left rates at 100% and set my Expo to 50% on all flight surfaces .
We have another huge weather front to deal with again , but I did fly the TT in the street just to see how it felt .
I liked it , .... But not sure how many days this weather is going to hang around for ..

Last weather front lasted 3 days , actually more like a week . It was 3 days of massive rain and wind .
So really wanting to get out with the TT . This time I have left the TT with full flap . When it was bound to the Qx7 , I had set flaps to 25% and 50% .. This time I will have 50% and 100% flaps ...

100% flaps , oh man ! It flew so slow , I thought it was going to fall out of the sky when I did a turn . It was like watching a replay in slow motion . After my first slow motion turn I was so flabbergasted I flew the TT into a tree .. It spun around like a frisbee and nose dived into the ground . I was flying so slow and so low , I could not even find a scratch on the TT ( That was lucky ) .
With 100% flap , it's just freaky slow . So if you have seen previous video , my full flap was actually 50% flap . There is no video this time , cos it was a spur of the moment thing just after I range checked the TT . Really looking forward to playing with the TT bound to the Tx16 .
Posted by old4570 | Jun 10, 2021 @ 11:19 PM | 17,372 Views
Went out today for a fly with the Tx16 and Volantex Sports Cub 500

Way , and I mean - way too stable ..

It was Uber Smooth .
But not enough control input .
Ailerons were almost non existent ..
Needed all the rudder there was to turn the model .
The modes all worked , but I just lacked control authority . Could be the model .
Also the factory Tx might give more servo travel ? ( Cub 500 )

Hmmm , next model ? Maybe bind the UMX TT .
Anyways , Tx feels just fine .
Walking to the Football Field that handle is super comfortable and I can fit all my fingers inside the grip . ( Tx16 )
I like that a lot .

So no complaints so far for actual use .
To really shake it down , I will need a more responsive model like the TT .
The TT flew out of the box with no trimming required , so this will have to be next .
Posted by old4570 | Jun 09, 2021 @ 12:55 AM | 16,484 Views
Radiomaster TX16 create new model and select model (1 min 51 sec)

Create a new model / select a new model ..

Sorry , left out a click .. But everyone gets it right ..

Create a model

A) Turn on the Tx
B) Click and hold the scroll wheel
C) Click model select
D) Highlight a plane (?) Icon , Click and hold
E) Click Create Model
F) Select glider or plane and Click
G) Now you can exit by clicking the Return button ( top left black button )
H) And you have a new model ..

Change models
A) Click and hold the scroll wheel
B) Click model select
C) Highlight the model you want , Click and hold
D) Click select model
E) ANd you have selected a new model .

Wow , so to adjust your gimbals , you are voiding your warranty !
Well done RADIOMASTER , way to be a bunch of tools !
Posted by old4570 | Jun 08, 2021 @ 09:05 PM | 17,406 Views
So at long last I got me a TX16s Hall Sensor bla bla Transmitter .

What don't I like ( First impressions ) Yeah there us stuff not to like !

That scroll wheel - I am really learning to hate that ! Yes , hate is a strong word .. BUTT ! Im really / really / learning to hate it !

Almost every time I want to press enter ( Scroll Wheel ) , that stupid wheel rolls and I end up entering the wrong function = massive PITA !

My kingdom for two ( That's two ) Two position switches .

Speaking of the switches , it really gets crowded up there with all those switches . And it's terribly easy to accidently activate / move the wrong one .

I guess that takes care of what I am learning to not like about this Tx .

Every Tx has a learning curve , the Tx16 is no different .
Been using OpenTx for a while now , and the menu lay out is way different .

First thing you should probably do is calibrate the joysticks N stuff .
Once that's done you can set up your first model .

For the model Menu - it's the silver button on the right side of the transmitter . Press and hold for the menu .

Now you can name your model N stuff .

The very first model to be bound is my Volantex Sports Cub 500 .

Scroll down till you get to protocols ..

For the Sports Cub it's V761 ( V761 ) & be sure to select 4ch .....
Now scroll down to bind ..

First power up your model ..
Then activate the bind function .
The model...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Jun 06, 2021 @ 08:45 PM | 24,420 Views
Marbles Sowbelly D2 (8 min 43 sec)

I have wanted this for quite some time . Really wanted to see if Marbles could make a decent knife ( edge holding ) .
Certainly from even the early days of Chinese manufacture the Marbles knives were bolted together well .
Butt !! , in my world the knife is only as good as the steel the blade is made off .

The knife feels great , you could spend $100 or $200 and not get a better feeling knife . The walk & Talk is all that and more . How ever !
When it came time to slice rope the performance was painfully ordinary . The knife failed at 100 slices of rope with the factory edge , and failed at 100 slices of rope with the guided knife sharpener edge . Two times failed at 100 slices , at least it's consistent . Unfortunately the blade steel is struggling to compete with 420SS , and one has to wonder about the D2 claim . Certainly the blade steel comes no where near D2 performance levels , and cant even compete with budget steel like 420 440 or half decent CrMov .

So ? Looks great , feels great , is bolted together great , but performs very ordinary . If the blade is D2 then it's kind of a rubbish D2 . Putting the knife to the leather strop , it took about 10 passes in total to bring back a paper slicing edge . I think they call that easy edge maintenance ! But ill trade that for edge holding every day of the week .
100 Slice fail , thats right up there with Remington / Case / Camillus knives .
But not there with decent modern D2 knives which should give you 400+ slices on the rope .
Posted by old4570 | May 31, 2021 @ 10:41 PM | 24,527 Views
I depron'ed the tips ..

Hmmm , now about the LE and TE . ?

Do I maybe put a little Depron on the LE and laminate some balsa to the TE ?
Kind of leaning in that direction .

Posted by old4570 | May 31, 2021 @ 05:13 AM | 25,646 Views

Depron ? The inside bays where the wings join , I filled with 3mm depron .
Yes the servos go in there , but I can cut slots for that .
I really need material for contact surface for the iron on film .

So the plan - Is to use depron filler at the wing tips for stiffening and strength .
What I do about the Leading Edge ( LE ) and Trailing Edge ( TE ) , Im not sure yet .
Posted by old4570 | May 29, 2021 @ 07:52 PM | 31,096 Views
or or

Take your pick !

Even for a tissue covered wing , I see problems . Lots of problems .

A) Carbon rod LE - This is going to be a PITA to work with . No seriously . Im not tissue covering , so we are talking about light pole sized PITA .
B) Using the sheet for the back of the wing is another light pole sized PITA . It really has little structural strength .
C) Following the video build ( on youtube ) laying the rear sheet over the balsa spar is a ( ? ) mistake . As it raises the surface of the rear wing above the the exposed wing ribs . So I will need to lay some balsa over the wing ribs to raise them flush with the rear sheet .

In fact , I can see myself doing a lot of wing mods to strengthen the wing , so it can handle heat shrink film and not be crushed .
The wing is finished , except for the sanding - Is what I would like to say .
The wing is far from done .
The wing is sort of trick , but not in a good way .

I like the way the spar and ribs work - really I do .
The LE neds to be re designed to be balsa - 0.5mm carbon re enforcement ? ( Why not )
Also the TE needs to be re designed .. More 0.5mm carbon re enforcement ? ( Hell yeah )
Make the wing strong enough to handle heat shrink film .

The wing tips - Flimsy . Is this supposed to be DLG ? Im not done there either .
As is , if I put that laminating film on this wing . It would be crushed / and warped so badly .
Even tissue covered - I would be worried .

It looks good on video and all - watching it being thrown about .
But I would rate it seriously Mickey Mouse ! My wing will need strengthening and corrections .

Not done !
Posted by old4570 | May 28, 2021 @ 12:28 AM | 27,007 Views
A) How I am building the wing .

I took the inboard rib and taped it to the plan as well the outermost rib . Then I glued them to the spar .
After that I glued the remaining ribs one by one to the carbon spar keeping them straight . Once that was done I glued in the balsa spar .
The LE carbon rod was then glued in place .
I used rubber bands for this to pull it into the ribs .
I started inboard , gluing about 3 ribs . Then slowly outboard to the tip .
I used medium cyno as I wanted slow cure , this would give me time to keep things straight .

Straight is a concept - The parts supplied are not super straight . This can be challenging I guess .
So building a straight wing ? Well as straight as the supplied components will allow .

B) Sheeting the wing - Yeah , the back of the wing uses sheet balsa . And this balsa was warped all over the place .

So I am just straightening those sheets at the moment .

A) Moisten the balsa sheets . ( Old trick )
B) Then lay them on the floor with a world atlas lying on top of them till they dry .
C) I took out about 90% of the warping
D) right now those sheets are being pressed inside the atlas between the pages
E) Hopefully the atlas will draw out any remaining moisture ( is that a bad thing to do to a world atlas ? ) and straighten the sheets even more
F) I hope .....

Tomorrow I will sheet the wing as per plan ( That's the plan )
Posted by old4570 | May 26, 2021 @ 06:48 PM | 30,936 Views
That Bee Hive Covid is back .. Looks like another period of forced Detention .
Well , I guess Australia is a Convict Colony after all . ( So lock M up ) .

My Mum is putting in Overtime on the new computer , I guess she like it .

Those sheets , so warped !

Can only build the wing as straight as the components allow .

Such is life ...

I will have to try and straighten those sheets .. ( I must try )
Posted by old4570 | May 26, 2021 @ 02:10 AM | 25,343 Views
Build begins !
Yes , have to start with the wings .
All the ribs were good except for one small one that was not laser cut well , so broke ..
( I glued it back on printer paper so that the printer paper would act as backing and hold it together )

Other than that , I am moving slowly .

I taped both ends of the wing down onto the plan and then glued the ribs one at a time ( keep things straight ) .

The wood is not that straight !
Those sheets are warped every which way ..
I may have to stack some books on the sheets and see if they will straighten .

Busy busy busy ! Just got Mum a new computer , so I need to tweak it a little so as to make it easier to use !
Stuffs a happening .
EDF Wing is ready , for something . I might have to test current draw ..
Posted by old4570 | May 24, 2021 @ 11:08 PM | 12,243 Views
Taken long enough right !

Phenix 60 , my 600mm EDF wing project has to date failed and failed again .

First fail was when the 30mm EDF motor up and died !
2nd Fail was the lack of thrust from the 2nd 30mm EDF unit .

The Phenix 60 is in dry dock having a 40mm alloy EDF transplant .

Yes , thats a BBQ skewer sticking out the Bee Hive ! It's there to keep an eye on the thrust angle ..
While the EDF gets glued in .
Hopefully , bye the time these big winds have had their fun , I can maybe have a 3rd maiden ( one with thrust ) .

XK A430 on a cold morning (5 min 42 sec)

I did half a loop from inverted ( half a outside loop ) ..
Next time , I will see about a full outside loop starting from inverted flight .
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Macchi M5 @ BG

Wow ! This is different ! I saw this on Banggood and thought , yeah , thats different . ( It really is different )

Different good , or different bad ? Looks great though . ( https://www.banggood.com/custlink/3GKYolNiIc )

Building the MinimumRC Macchi M5 Flying Boat (22 min 35 sec)

Maiden Flight MinimumRC Macchi M5 Flying Boat (5 min 5 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | May 13, 2021 @ 09:44 PM | 25,883 Views
I had a look in my box of goodies ..
I found a pair of 1.5g servos with JR connectors ..
And I still have a few FS2A Rx ( They be small ) that run fine on 1s .
So looks like I dont need to buy any stuffing for the Feather .

I will go with the laminating film for the wing covering .. Reading the instructions , apparently the tissue soaks in a lot of moisture .. And its very moist around here .
Interesting that the servos go in the wing .. That pod is small after all ( really small )

Ok . something to do when the weather is bad !
Posted by old4570 | May 11, 2021 @ 09:41 PM | 7,978 Views
Feathers DLG , a look in the box (4 min 7 sec)

Came in the mail today .
Finally got one at a price I was prepared to pay .
Projected weight is high !
Also the Feathers needs building and covering !

I dare say that the UMX Whipit might be a far better option for 99% of the people .
It's lighter , it's built - add a battery / do a bind , set it up per instructions and go have fun .
And it's very close on the money , except that with the feathers you still need the stuffing ( Rx / servos ) , oh and to build the feathers .
Hmmmmm ,

Now that I have seen the feathers in the flesh ( well the kit ) , I would's highly recommend the whip .
Unless like me , you just gota have it .
Better bring your kit building A game for this one !
The better it's built - the better it will fly .
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ELF DLG , been a long time (14 min 4 sec)

I really like the ELF , amazing technology built into a 2ch glider .
Lift ? Where is the lift ?
I got teased by some rising air , just a tease . We just dont have much lift around here , lot's of sink , but that lift .
Next time I will try a lighter / smaller battery and have a more rearward CG .

Rusty flying on my part . Quite a few times I pushed the nose over too quickly , I might have got another 10 meters if I did not pull the trigger so early .
Posted by old4570 | May 06, 2021 @ 07:10 PM | 7,348 Views
EZIO 800 (6 min 25 sec)

A) Love how it looks - that's where the love ends !
B) The nose should have been longer , so that folks could have a battery choice
C) As designed , almost impossible to make CG without lead in the nose .
D) I had to make a custom battery that barely makes it into the battery compartment . And my CG is still rearward .
E) Still needs more nose weight , brass prop nut ? . steel maybe ? ( ill have to check that ) CG needs to be further forward .

The EZIO hunts up and down because of the CG , is super sensitive on the elevator . The build quality on mine was So So and I needed to do fixes .
Still . looks damned good in the air ! Been over a year since I last flew it . Just could have been better .
Posted by old4570 | May 06, 2021 @ 07:04 AM | 7,400 Views
A nice DLG day - Raven 990 (11 min 10 sec)

Been a long time since I flew the Raven 990 ..
I did something to it over a year ago to slow it down , just flew too fast .
So needed to be re trimmed .
Now that it flies slower , that CG looks to be a bit of an issue .

Came home and pulled some lead out of the nose . Move the CG further back to the recommended ( manual ) spot .
I have two batteries , on that will hit the recommended CG and a slightly larger heavier battery that will move the CG a little further forward .
Will see how that goes in the future ..

There was a little bit of lift when I started trimming , but by the time I fired up the cam the air was pretty much dead .
Also the wind was in the Sun , that was a pain . Trim is close .. Just need to deal with the CG
Posted by old4570 | May 04, 2021 @ 09:10 PM | 7,727 Views
Micro Mini Stick 2nd flight on 2s (10 min 6 sec)

That Zippy 350 really hangs in there in this combo . Battery voltage again was 3.83v when I put it on the charger .
Just needed a little aileron trim .
When you cut power the nose drops a little . ( I dont mind )
Flies reasonably straight for a balsa / ply plane , especially a micro size .
Dancing wings R03 Still available , $25 in the USA

I dare say , it could be built even lighter with smaller servos / motor / esc and battery .
A sweet little park flyer . Mine makes hardly any noise at all , from any distance it may as well be a glider it's that quiet .

Mine comes in at 126 grams with a zippy 350 2s ( Flying weight ) ..
I think with some careful building , 100 grams may not be out of the question . ( component choices )

The way I built my wing , I got a little more chord , but my CG is right on 45mm from the LE