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Posted by Digital Don | Jan 07, 2016 @ 01:41 AM | 8,976 Views
How many times have we thrown away a half-full bottle of CA because it started turning to jelly? I recently discovered that a few seconds in the microwave will revive it, at least temporarily!

I have bottles of epoxy that are over 20 years old. They are still liquid, but very thick. I found that a few seconds in the microwave will thin them out enough to use. A few minutes in hot water works too.

My CA had just started getting thick and wouldn't come out of the bottle. I was ready to toss it but I wondered if the microwave treatment might work with it.

This worked for me but try it at your own risk!!!

Here's what I did. Remove the cap, and wrap the bottle in a paper towel. Put it into a microwave safe cup (so the bottle remains upright) and nuke it for 6-8 seconds. If the label is made of foil, remove it otherwise the microwave will arc. Be sure to wrap it, put it in a cup, and give only a few seconds or you may wind up having to replace your microwave oven! Check it and you should find that it's liquid again!

My CA became as free-flowing as when it was new! Some 'gel' remained in the bottle, but at least the glue was usable!. This appears to be a temporary fix however. After a few hours, the glue became thick again. So I re-zapped it and it thinned out again just to see if it would work again, which it did.

Save yourself a trip to the hobby shop. Nuke your CA!