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Posted by biglombo | Today @ 06:11 PM | 38 Views
Condensed FPV day - multispot long range | FPV freestyle | Foxeer - Dalprop - Airbot -iFlight (2 min 39 sec)

Some days I can spend a whole day flying FPV, traveling outside Rome to look for the most beautiful spots where we can fly and we often stop in 3 or 4 different places during the the day. In this video I have condensed in a few minutes an entire day of flight with my fellow adventurers. In how many spot are you able you fly in one day?

In alcune giornate riesco a dedicare un'intera giornata all'FPV e ci ritroviamo a viaggare intorno a Roma per cercare gli spot pi belli in cui volare e spesso ci fermiamo in 3 o 4 punti diversi durante il corso della giornata. In questo video ho condensato in pochi minuti un'intera giornata di volo con i miei compagni di avventura. Voi in quanti spot riuscite a volare in un giorno solo?

Camera: Xiaomy Yi - with SuperView script

Check awesome products here:
FOXEER: http://www.foxeer.com/
DALPROP: http://dalprop.com/
AIRBOT: https://store.myairbot.com/
iFLIGHT: http://www.iflight-rc.com/

I hope you enjoy and if you like what you see, please subscribe my channel! http://bit.ly/2y4wZgh .....THANK YOU!!!

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Greetings!! Printing is going along just fine. 24:00 hours into the print and still 2 days to go.
Posted by rinoki71 | Today @ 04:59 PM | 100 Views
The new Syma X25W is a step in the right direction for Syma. It's not perfect but it's close. Overall a nice drone with a impressive 15 min flight time to go along with optical flow positioning.

SYMA X25W Review...Long Flying Drone w/optical flow positioning (20 min 40 sec)

Posted by capteasy | Today @ 03:33 PM | 136 Views
The Stinson Reliant produced by Phoenix Models and distributed by Tower Hobbies is another scale Golden Age Classic representation of form and function. The following will describe my experience during the build and as usual several modifications, mostly scale will be illustrated and described.

Maiden: [/B]MAY 4, 2016[/B]
Scale: 1: 7.4
Wingspan: 67in (1720mm) Clark-Y
Length: 52.6in (1338mm)
Wing Load: 90g/dm2
CG: 2.5-2.7in (65-70mm)
AUW: 9.7-10.6lbs (4400-4800 g) 9.88lbs Actual
Motor: TACAN BIG FOOT 60 400Kv
Battery: 5S LIPO
Prop: 15X10 - 16X8 APC E
Rx: LEMON 6Ch +Sat...Continue Reading
Posted by Antic bipe | Today @ 02:09 PM | 165 Views
I have done a lot of pattern flying in my life and also a lot of calling lately. I decided that seeing I'm at most of our local competitions calling I may just as well compete. Got a good deal on a Sebart MythoS 125e nib with hacker A60, all HV servos and a castle creations talon 90 ESC. I completed about 2 weeks ago and initial flights were OK but the castle ESC was not up to the job. Motor ran noisy and did not sound great. I've now fitted a Master spin 99 pro opto and it works perfectly. .
I get through the advanced schedule in 7 min with 20+% capacity left in the 6S 5000 mA hacker battery.
Sunday is the first competition that I'm competing in for many years.

I can't wait.
Posted by UpNup | Today @ 11:55 AM | 226 Views
The US Air Force Museum in Dayton Oh unveiled the fully-restored Memphis Belle B-17 Flying Fortress. The date was set on May 17, the 75th anniversary of her 25th bombing run in 1943. It was the first B-17 to complete the 25 runs. The plane was received by the museum for restoration in 2005, so this took awhile to complete.

The Memphis Belle was brought to the States from Europe to help with the War Bond drives around the country. Before scrapping it, the city of Memphis displayed it on Mud Island where it deteriorated from weather and vandalism.

The plane is impressive. You can walk under it. There were 160 WWII re-enactment actors who really set the stage and gladly posed for photos. I went with my brother and his son and grandson. Well worth the time.
Posted by Pierre_de Loop | Today @ 10:17 AM | 286 Views
Half A Control Line Flying with my son. His older sister took the picture. One flight was enough for her, but the little guy just wanted to keep flyingtank after tank after tank of glow fuel.
Posted by capteasy | Today @ 09:51 AM | 300 Views

Maiden: TBD *

The subject of this build is the Ryan STA. however it may be necessary to mention the STA in comparison to the Ryan ST3KR or PT-22 since misconceptions and confusion arise between the two aircraft.

The Ryan PT-22 evolved specifically designed and dedicated as a military primary trainer prior to Pearl Harbor. Ryan STA Sport Trainers of the mid 1930's shared a similar profile but were entirely different airframes with different power plants. The PT-22 was more rugged, while the original STA was lighter and built with civilian primary and sport training in mind.

Stock Ryan, civilian STA's powered by four cylinder, inline 150 hp Menasco engines were enlisted to provide US Army Air Corps primary training but couldn't stand up to military training demands. Subsequent STA airframe modifications eventually evolved into the PT-22, powered by a five cylinder, 160hp Kinner radial. Two totally different airplanes.

When Tower Hobbies came out with this plane there was not a second thought to ordering it. Despite Tower's factory cover based on a full scale Ryan, I never care for checkerboard graphics. Original Ryan factory STA's were polished aluminum fuselages, silver doped fabric wings and tail with dark blue trim and white accent. That had to be my choice so the Tower covering was replaced with Chrome and Silver Ultracote with Blue Monokote trim.

Photos are intended to document an initial comparison between the STA...Continue Reading
Posted by _AL_ | Today @ 09:07 AM | 305 Views
Not much flying lately but a bit of building.

After 15 years or more of sitting in a box waiting to be built, the Southern Sailplanes Tbird is ready to fly.
The Blur is repaired & has flown a couple of times.
The Mefisto I bought with a busted fuselage is repaired & ready to go

Tomboy built & flown several times. Now trimmed & ready to fly single channel
Pulstar almost ready to fly, also single channel....Continue Reading
Posted by RC Roundtable | Today @ 08:46 AM | 332 Views

Episode 56: "Freeze Frame" is now live!

In this episode, we are joined by RC photography guru David Hart!
We talk about:
-Horizon products now at Tower
-Updated E-flite UMX GeeBee R-2
-Terry likes SAFE!
-Meet David Hart
-David's camera tips
-David's favorite RC events
-David's best shot ever!
-Upcoming events

You can visit our website at RCRoundtable.com to listen over the web or download an MP3 of the show. Or, you can subscribe to RC Roundtable on iTunes.

We would love to read your comments and ideas. Please drop us a line here, our facebook page, or email: contact@rcroundtable.com.
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Hi Im on a yacht in Malaysia and the owner has a hex 20. Currently its uses a desire power, 30c 16000 (SD Series, 6S2P 22.2V 16000mAh 30C 355,2Wh).

Im looking for one more new battery and there are none like the one I have is it possible to use the same lipo battery but instead it is 6s1p and 15c because then I have found one online that I can buy?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Posted by GEMFAN ts | Today @ 01:57 AM | 521 Views
FLASH 5149-3

Lighter, Faster, more durable, POPO System compatible.
Designed for competition, applicable to any racing tracks.
Light weight with only 4.7g.
On the basis of 5152-3, enhance the reaction at low speed, faster acceleration with more timely braking and less moment of inertia.
On the basis of 5055-3, more flexible in operation and air control.

Colors: Clear, Clear Purple, Clear Blue, Clear Green, Clear Orange, Clear Red

Up to now, there have been many flying tests on facebook and youtube. The results are extraordinary amazing.
You can see some of them from the following links.
GEMFAN 5149-3 // Do it all prop (2 min 53 sec)


Many pilots are trying it with full of praise. If you want to enjoy the extreme speed feelings, why not try it? It will not disappoint you.
Posted by Maksimuzz | Today @ 01:09 AM | 505 Views
As mentioned earlier, it is easy to assume that a longitudinally placed gyroscope can be used to hold the roll. But I would like to check this before the plane is crashed. And I would also like to check the aircraft control algorithms. This feature is provided by the XPLANE flight simulator. Since I bought the version of XPLANE-6 in due time, I use it. Why XPLANE? It allows you to output data from the simulated aircraft sensors to other programs or computers by various means. I have chosen the UDP protocol for this. The picture shows a block diagram of the simulation complex.
Name: SimXplaneDia.png
Views: 0
Size: 198.2 KB
An example of one flight and an explanation of the simulator configuration and the autopilot program can be seen in the video. The video shows the various modes of flight of the aircraft and contains instructions for setting up the X-Plane simulator and the autopilot program.

4.1 PPJOY and VSPE.

To control the aircraft in the simulator usually a joystick is used. For training in the management of radio-controlled aircraft, the corresponding simulators are also used. To interface standard remote controllers with simulators, there is a PPJOY program that converts the input data stream of the RS232 interface, created according to certain rules, to virtual joystick control signals. The program also contains a driver, which is defined in the system as a joystick. Description of the program PPJOY can be found in free access on the Internet. Here you can find an application that can work with Win7....Continue Reading
Posted by ShropshireLad | Yesterday @ 10:39 PM | 854 Views
At the behest of RC Groups Royalty I am starting a new thread on the very recently announced Avios 1800mm C-130 Hercules, unveiled to the world by Stephen and Ian from Hobbyking at their PEMAC (Penrith Electric Model Aircraft Club) open day on Sunday 20th May. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the excellent event in person and despite the frantic arm waving of Action Ram during the Live and World Exclusive Hobbyking Facebook announcement the model survived to be demo'd over several flights off PEMAC's closely mown grass strip in very light wind conditions by Ian's steady thumbs. All the best people fly mode 1
I summarise here the information presented to us at the event and apologise if any of the facts I present are inaccurate or incomplete, please don't hate me. Save your ire for the (hopefully not too long ) impatient wait we have to endure before we can get our hot little hands on this (not so) little beauty.
Wingspan 1800mm, super smooth EPO foam construction.
Single 3S or 4S set up (was demo'd on 4S), 4 x 18A ESC's driving scale counter rotating props. Sorry didn't get the motor spec's, was too busy drooling.
Fat Albert (Blue Angels) and Military grey schemes will be available (military decals from several nations available, including but not limited to Australia, NZ, Canada, Netherlands). The Fat Albert livery will NOT come with jato rocket assisted takeoff (sorry to disappoint).
Detailed and functioning rear loading ramp for dropping cargo and large...Continue Reading
Posted by VicT | Yesterday @ 10:29 PM | 542 Views
If an Electronic Speed Control (ESC) fails in flight there may not be power to the receiver to operate your servos. The result will be a loss of control and possible crash damage to a person, place or thing. If the ESC fails on the ground before or after takeoff the risk of crash damage is still present but is minimized. The use of seperate receiver and servo battery power can be used or a back up pack but you will still be faced with a power off landing that might be cause damage. This is how I usually verify and validate new or suspect speed controls.

1. Measure the amp load (using a Wattmeter/ Current meter) and confirm it is below the rated amp load for the ESC. The amp load can be reduced by changing to a lower pitch prop or a smaller diameter. Reducing the cell count for example from 6 to 5 lipos will reduce the amp load.

2. Run the motor for at least 10 seconds with a prop and measure the heat of the ESC. Use an ingrared thermometer and ensure temps are less than 140 F. If you do not have one you should be able to keep your finger on the ESC for 3 seconds or more. If it hurts at 3 seconds the ESC is too hot and the resultant heat can affect or damage the internal electronic components. Increase ram air cooling and have more exhaust area than intake area. Keep the ESC from being insulated. Dont glue the ESC to the wood or foam fuselage. Keep the heat sink out in the cooling air flow.

3. For new speed controls or used...Continue Reading
Posted by 1Ironhorse | Yesterday @ 09:51 PM | 593 Views
I receied the Bowden Tube Fittings and installed one. I then printed out a Bowden Tube Fitting Clip that takes up the space between the fitting body and the release ring, it keeps the tube from shifting back and forth in the fitting. I attempeted to print out the rest of the Dayroom, but it failed twice, once by having Y-Axis shift, and the second time by pushing the support material away and also had Y-Axis shift. Y-Axis shift was first noted in my May 08, 2018 post when I noted it on the torpedo aft section print. I didn't know what it was at that point and I had not really seen it since. Long story short, I check with Thingieverse blog and discovered that the Tevo Tornado has a larger stepper motor on the Y-Axis (which makes sense since it is the motor that has to move the carrage). What was needed was to increase the reference voltage of the Y-Axis motor diver circuit from 0.8 volts to 1.25V. That seems to have fixed the Y-Axis Shift problem, but the next issue I ended up with was the Z-Axis "Home" switch got moved and drove the print nozzel into the build plate. So after a lot of adjusting the build plate, I think I have it properly placed. I had a lot of issues with prints using the White PLA, so I swithed to Green and have been getting good results since. Might just be my perception and before I got all the adjustments right. In any case, the prints are coming out much better now.

I've printed out the remainder of the Dayroom (in Green PLA)...Continue Reading