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Posted by jamichx | Jun 18, 2015 @ 01:15 AM | 4,437 Views
had spare motor that was not performing good anymore so I decided to rewire it as suggested by ej189 with 30AWG enameled wire with 7 turns delta wiring. The stock is 9 turns delta wiring. He actually suggested 29AWG but I could only get 30AWG. The difference is only 0.03 mm.

I can say that it all went well and today I tested the motor hovering for 1 minute indoors. After that I tried the motor and it was quite hot. If I flew it for another 4 minutes or so it would be probably too hot.Hopefully it will be ok for outside. I still have to test that. At the moment I am using stock 10T pinion. Maybe 9T pinion would be better ?

The motor has got bit more power then stock.

I have attached some pictures and video


I flew 3 packs of older batteries and the motor held very well even I abused it a lot . More power and flight time the same.

The truth is that motor runs hotter then stock but its was acceptable. It was not very hot outside though so will see later how the motor copes with hotter weather.

Overall I am satisfied with it and this option is much cheaper then buying new motor.

One little warning before you try this your self. It is quite difficult to get that motor apart and once I have done that another surprise was waiting from me. The wire is glued to the coils so it is quite a work to get it off.

This project was definitely fun and nice challenge. If I get some video of heli in action I will post it here .

V120D02S Stock
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Posted by jamichx | May 17, 2014 @ 12:52 PM | 23,428 Views
This transplant has been successfully done by dbennettya and working ok

Anyone who wants to try this should have good experience with soldering.

Ok so after I thought I was gonna give up on this project, as the cables are so tiny to solder and kept getting of, I managed to figure it out.

Here is the right cable set up :

P1 = Z
P2 = Y
P3 = X

Cables from motor just connect red to red and blue to blue

See the pictures attached.

Tested and servo appears working as it should but has bad wag when tried to lift look at the videos.

Ok wag sorted with shorter arm (stock arm) and the gain had to go down to 66.

V120D02S servo transplant (0 min 41 sec)

V120D02S servo transplant , Tail Wag (0 min 16 sec)
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