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Posted by kiwi_craig | Nov 22, 2016 @ 02:34 AM | 7,878 Views
Feiyue FY 03 upgrade part 4. Steering geometry

Fitting up the billet steering arms etc on the brushless car i noticed an improvement to the geometry - less toe in than stock. Transpires the billet arms have an offset sperical bearing, the extra height improved the geometry relative to the bottom arm which sets the steering geometry basically.

Most of you have noticed that the steering toes in as it compresses. Looking at the reason is pretty simple and the cure equally easy. Basically the steering arm needs to be parrellel to the bottom arm over the majority of the suspension arc, if you look front on the steering arm is steeper and as the suspension compresses it pushes the steering arm at the wheel end outwards and creates toe in.

The fix is dead simple, space the steering arm end point upwards at the wheel end and downwards on the steering rack.

The magic number, 2.35mm......... Which was the width of some prop spacers i had ! I think going to 2.5mm sure wouldnt hurt longer cap head bolts needed.