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Posted by mechengineer03 | Oct 04, 2011 @ 06:00 PM | 20,136 Views
Receipt for Hutton Oddy for HET 2W20 motor posted to Australia
Posted by mechengineer03 | Jun 26, 2008 @ 08:38 AM | 24,789 Views
Well today is Friday May 15th 2009 and my little F-16 here met it's DEMISE, I was doing a diving low pass at full throttle and MAN she was cooking and as I was pulling out it fluttered and bit the dirt at about 150MPH, so she long gone now, OH well another on it way to replace her

This Is My F-16, It Has A Cc Phoenix 60amp Esc, Mega 16/15/2 (which I Am About To Install An Arc 28-47-1.5 From Dave At Lightflight) Het 6904 Fan. She Flies At About 110ish. I Kind Of Hate To Write This Because You Hear It So Much But When It's Truth You Have To Speak It, So Here Goes; It Truly Does Fly Like It Is On Rails, I Mean This Thing Is About As Smooth Of A Plane As I Have Ever Flown. The Gentlemen That Was With Me When I Did The Maiden Has Been Flying For 30 Years And He Stated That He Also Never Saw Such A Smooth Plane. Anyway Just A Little Bragging Since I Am The One That Built It, Lol