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Posted by GryphonRCU | Jun 29, 2014 @ 05:58 PM | 20,595 Views
Hi all,

I thought it would be good to start a thread to show some of the Custom or unusual/none standard configuration options for MEGA motors.

This thread can also help people who need to see or order a unique motor.
It'll help reduce some possible confusions.

Feel free to post some pictures of your unique/custom MEGA motors along with some data here.

Some of the my posts may be edited over and over (updating info), some may be deleted.


Posted by GryphonRCU | Apr 12, 2013 @ 05:34 AM | 36,579 Views
MEGA 16/50 project:

Around Oct 2010 I approached MEGA to add 16/50 to the regular line up (16/40 was the longest motor in company’s 28mm offerings).
Answer was a quick, clear, and firm NO!!!!
After exploring all options that I could think of, including 1 time custom order, the answer did not change.

One of the main reasons given was that it could create problems with other customers who would want one since no more would be built.
While discussing it with some of the close friends, they suggested that they would have no problems “NOT” mentioning the existence of 16/50.

Approached owner of MEGA again and this time he agreed to do a1 time Custom build run for us.
Had a few 16/50 and 16/45 windings built, along with some Regular Rotors and E Rotors to be swapped between the windings to get actual KV and resistances. This was a back burner project and took many months.

As more time went by, I explored other possibilities such as New high flow shields, adding color options, reversed shield arrangement or dual front shields, wire exiting side of case as option, pins, and even laser etching some words on the motor cases.

Since we were getting one shot with this, I rejected some of the ideas presented by MEGA for high flow shields and instead drew up a sketch for extreme shields…..left final dimensions to comfort of MEGA.
After there was agreement on shape and size the air passages, I asked for roughly 1.7mm to be added to thickness of each shield in...Continue Reading