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Posted by Waterbird | Mar 03, 2009 @ 07:50 PM | 3,327 Views
OK, ANOTHER update on my irrational hobby behavior: it's now been an amazing 8 years since my first "blog" here, in which I said "I'm now up to 4 RC airplanes." Today, in light of the way this addiction has taken hold, 4 RC models seems seriously deprived! I have nothing against gas & glow models -- actually love the sound -- but I do fly all electric -- some pretty good size birds (my largest is a 74" wingspan C-47).

It's very amazing to me how much the hobby has changed and improved since I started RC flying in about 2002. At that time, kits were more prevalent than ARFs, and electric-powered models were limited and lame, unless you had very expensive, heavy equipment. Today, of course, ARFs are giving way to RTFs -- and kits are becoming a small part of the market. Electric models are just as powerful as gas/glow -- at least in the sizes I prefer (mostly in the 45 to 60" span range.)

The changes are great for me -- I like building OK, but I don't kid myself: the quality of ARFs and RTFs is far better than I ever achieved in the few kits I built. AND, I found that I prefer flying -- and a bit of fixing -- models, rather than spending all my time at the bench.

I'm EXTREMELY lucky to have a "man cave" room in my home with a high, cathedral ceiling -- which allows me, literally, to hang my models. Otherwise, I could never fit so many into the place. Obviously, I'm also lucky to have a spouse who puts up with my craze.
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