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Posted by betterrcbuilder | Sep 09, 2018 @ 07:54 AM | 7,098 Views
This Magellan XL
Was picked up as part of a trade and is in really nice condition .
I have not had ...well more like have not made time to see what's in it for servos and get it setup on my trusty Futaba SG14 but will be doing that in the next couple weeks .

For some reason I really like "V" tails . When set up properly they have competition proven performance & I fly were there is some Stubburn this 3"to 5" crabgrass and seagrass..V's in my experience are less likely to receive unnecessary damage , dent or dings as the tail is up and away from these obstacles.
Just 2 days ago I found a TOP models CZ 3.1M in a GRACIA V-tail.. was going to cost $545.00 for the kit , $25.00 to have nose cut and motor mount installed before shipping ..that was another $30.00
I found one here on RCG FOR 375.00 SHIPPED .
What a beautiful sailplane !
Posted by betterrcbuilder | May 19, 2017 @ 10:26 AM | 9,318 Views

I purchased a E flite Conscendo summer 2016 and really loved it ..then i started building a Airtronics Olympic II over the past winter .
The oly is ready for spoiler servos and covering now ! What a nice kit ..dated plans 1978 !

I picked up a few Sailplanes from Top Models through a fellow RCG member in Hudson Valley New York, and now own the Avia, Gracia, Gracia max & the now discontinued Indian ..I think this was renamed and or morphed into something very similar.. I would say that BEAUTIFUL would be one way describe these works of art .

An FMS 2200mm V tail has also joined the quiver and is an excellent performer for the price !
in between the other models is my Great planes HLG fling .. aprox 1m it comes with a basic high start for hours of fun,,and it is a lot of fun , also makes a great micro sloper !

Well i am off to cover the Olympic and will post pics when it is finished ..

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Posted by betterrcbuilder | Mar 28, 2016 @ 11:38 AM | 11,212 Views
The big brown truck left a big brown box from today
Foam box I sent keeps the plane very well protected . The admiral Lipo I ordered with the T28 was tucked inside a empty pocket inside the foam box insert . I was surprised that there was no Lipo Warning sticker on the shipping box ?
Looking over all the components and checking for any damage or defects , I was happy to find the plane in perfect condition.
The one thing I don't like about many EPO foam planes is the butt ugly tape used to cover servos and leads in the bottom of the wing looks like hell and always peeps off .
Not a deal breakerand you don't see it while plane is on the ground or in the air ...just such they could hide the servo leads and insert a strip of foam of trench to make it all look neat.
Overall this PLANE and the larger carbon Z T28 are both outstanding performers in all departments . flaps and retracts work perfectly
Landings are at a walking pace ..of that's what you like .
One of the best looking and best performing EPO Foam warbirds ever .
As you may well know ..many other brands make some very nice EPO PLANES and you don't have to pay for a big popular name brand ...but then again i buying Eflite planes has always given me excellent products for the most part and outstanding service and parts support .
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Posted by betterrcbuilder | Apr 20, 2014 @ 10:37 PM | 11,300 Views
So in about 1980-sumpin I traded a pair of speakers for a Tamiya hornet ready to go, I loved it and ran it every single day , then a buddy got interested, so I gave the hornet to him and built a Tamiya Supershot, before we knew it, there was 8 of us all hooked on tamiya and assoiated electric buggies
Years rolled on and I got married, worked for FedEx, had a family, and when I picked up rc again I started flying planes, a lot of planes, for years planes, planes and more planes, then helicopters mixed in,
Fast forward, I can't fly due to a medical condition, spool break out the rc cars again, now with 2.4 and failsafe modes I can run my Electric rc,cars without any worries.
I'm spending most of my R/C Time, helping some local kids get a chance to see what rc cars are all about, I provide all the cars, ready to run and it is free of charge, I won't take a penny, I just want to see kids learn about a hobby and do somthing besides watching tv, playing video games and texting
Posted by betterrcbuilder | Aug 14, 2013 @ 02:49 PM | 12,439 Views
I was looking through some old stuff that my dad gave to me , i found a book from a boat museum in upstate N.Y. In that book i found pictures of these cool little home built vintage racers of, the 40's and 50's as best i can tell , they were built from plans in magazines like popular mechanics They are built exactly like the full size boat , Motors are graupner lower unit and im not sure what they use for motor as most info I found is in german. I cant find a
graupner outboard motor.. but there are others.
Killer little boats look VERY, realistic .. I am having trouble (all me im shure) uploading pics but will keep workink on that, there are some pics in my "wanted" section. Keep you these cool little boats , out of the norm and look amazing on display or skipping across the water.
Posted by betterrcbuilder | Aug 12, 2013 @ 04:55 AM | 11,899 Views
This is my 16.5 foot 1989 Wahoo , fishing and pleasure boat , fun fast , super safe , super stable ..they were built to directly compete with Boston Whaler. Not to long after a Boston Whaler dealer had a falling out with Boston, he decided to build a boat to directly compete withh them , many will argue that the whaler is a better boat... they have never owned a wahoo!! Quite simply , a truly amazing boat
Comes in handy for running r/c boats and float planes ..and the occasional "water rescue"
Posted by betterrcbuilder | Aug 12, 2013 @ 04:44 AM | 12,681 Views
I just purchased this boat , will be doing some mi or repairs to the nose were it was damaged in shipping from wadehouse hobbiesmwhen new . I will then be adding some paimt and graphics , My uncle introduced me to building r/c planes and boats,, he owned this boat and when he passed my aunt could not deal with his "toys" in the house and gave a lot of them away. This boat is a tribute to him, and the driver / piolot will be super detailed to look like him and his name will also be on each side of cockpit.
I am collecting items and restoring them them for a Radio control museum I will open in about 4-5 years .Aircraft , cars , boats , kits , anything that shows the evolution , and all the history of this amazing hobby , this large 50" gas boat pictured will be one of several centerpieces as you enter and kept on a revolving turntable. Let me knowmwhat you think of it , and what vintage paintmand graphic scheme you think would look best.I dont know a whole lot about gas boats andmwould love any info on maintenance etc. Stay tuned for more pics