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Posted by HF_ATL | Sep 30, 2014 @ 03:55 AM | 6,914 Views
Here is a picture of my latest addition to my Ground Station.
It is a LCD 15.4" removed from a used laptop I had laying down in my home plus a used nokia md-8 speakers bought second hand for $8.
Speakers need 3 AAA batteries but I have soldered them to a LM7805 which is feed by the GS 12V. LCD controller was $8 shipped to my door.
LCD screen is connected via LVDS interface (30-pin) to the LCD controller and AV video + audio is used with the speakers connected directly to the audio out of the controller.

LCD controller has a remote control so anything can be adjusted.
Also blue screen can be turned on or off.

All is assembled in a wood frame with screws attaching the frame to the LCD support holes. A piece of wood is used on the upper part to minimize the sun reflections on the screen. If necessary I'll use some kind of sunshade to my LCD.
All in all, a very lightweight and easy transportable LCD with sound to enjoy my fpv flights...