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Posted by mp- | Mar 06, 2006 @ 09:13 PM | 6,350 Views
I'm buried at work, and I'm buried at work at home. I just haven't had time to type another installment of my usually witty and insightful blog. So, how about a picture? The motor adapter allows use of the smaller diameter sl/bl motors.
Posted by mp- | Feb 11, 2006 @ 10:05 AM | 7,072 Views
Finished front and rear hubs last weekend, and made more frame brackets. At this point I've made enough parts to actually need a new organizer for the v3 parts. Only about a dozen different parts in it at the moment, but I'm on a roll with the design, and I'm cranking out the parts just about as fast as I can complete the drawings. I made up some skidbar mounts sized for large diameter strimmer line, with a cross drilled holes for QR pin retention. If these work out I'll offer them for sale on the upcoming website. I'm planning to fab a handful of front brake rotors and rear sprockets this weekend. We're supposed to get a whopper of a snowstorm (12-18 inches), so I may have to spend some time running the snowblower rather than the machines. I've been increasing my caffiene uptake to in an effort to keep up with new part manufacturing. I think I'll put a "Powered by Starbucks" sticker on the side of the v3 cowling.
Posted by mp- | Feb 03, 2006 @ 08:49 PM | 10,500 Views
Had a mini panic attack when I measured the model (computer model) and thought I'd made scrap parts last night when I did a run of rear hubs on the lathe. Turns out that the computer model was wrong, and my parts are fine. I ought not to get "wrapped around the axle" about little things like this, but it's hard not to want it perfect. Sometimes you just gotta step back and say to yourself that a couple thous off here and there is OK. Got all the necessary tools setup in the toolchanger, so I might as well do front hubs tomorrow. Would be good to get the front and rear hubs completed this weekend.