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Posted by Akura2 | Apr 13, 2011 @ 07:17 PM | 8,882 Views
Wow... it's been a really long time since I wrote anything on here, but I'll try yo update you on what's been going on... Guidoracer (Lito Reyes from RC Car Action ) and I have successfully put together a series of podcasts for those interested in the world of RC Motorcycles... its called the 2wheelRCpodcast, and it's available in iTunes as well as directly from our site at www.2wheelRCpodcast.com... we have about 7 episodes up, so take a listen and give us your feedback... As far as the racing is concerned, the last "real" race I attended was at the RCX and it got rained out on the second day. I've been running an Einibike from Germany, and the bike is incredible... I just need to figure out a decent crashbar system to keep the bike off its sides.. the new Einibike3 has a great setup, but I can't afford to get a second bike from Germany... I AM, however, trying to scrounge up money to purchase a Thunder Tiger SB5... That bike seems to be the next end-all-be-all in RC motorcycles... Sick lean angles, great chassis balance, ease of assembly, and a decent price. The Venom VMX450 is an awesome-looking RC dirtbike, and I've been having a BALL with it.. on-road with the SMR tired and off-road with the knobbies... I got the front brake kit and it wrkd decently wel, but the pads need more bite. The material used for the pads is good for the GPV-1 since that little bike has so little mass to slow down, but on the big brute VMX, you need more grad to make the bike say Whoa!.
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Posted by Akura2 | May 04, 2006 @ 03:54 PM | 12,924 Views
May 4 is a special occasion for "scruffy-looking nerfherders" and closet fans of Aunt Beru. You see, today is "Star Wars Day." To the best of my knowledge there's no official party or convention, but there is a kind of secret handshake, albeit a verbal one. Instead of saying "may the force be with you," (as we all do hundreds of times every day) those in the know say "may the fourth be with you." Get it? May the fourth?

Honestly, I'm a little embarrassed to be writing about this. But, rather than judge from atop Mt. Cool, let's instead imagine May 4 as a day of togetherness for a galaxy far, far away. It's a day when Chewbacca and C-3PO put their bickering behind them. It's a day when Obi-Wan and the walrus guy from the cantina can kick back with a tall glass of blue milk. It's a day when Darth Vader is a little less angry, Jar-Jar is a little less annoying, and Luke and Leia are a little less, ahem, chummy. Go ahead and hug your nearest Jawa. It's Star Wars Day.


Posted by Akura2 | Apr 27, 2006 @ 07:44 PM | 12,911 Views
Well here's another day at Design theory (www.design-theory.com) I got third place at the NATC race this past weekend eventhough my RC Bike crapped out on me...crash bars kept coming out... Thanks to slausenB of www.2wheelhobbies.com I got my bike up an running again... thanks for the carbon chassis and crash bar mounts (I could have sworn I got a set of those from HOTRODLOCAL)... I guess showing up to a race is better than not racing at all... now I'm Number 2 in the national points... funny how that works out..

In the meantime I designed a couple more webshops with some more original desgns... I've been feeling prolific lately..

I'll probably have some RC related shirts soon though for all of you who aren't into the more trendy stuff

thanks for listening


Posted by Akura2 | Apr 21, 2006 @ 09:25 PM | 12,948 Views
I was bored today at work... no time to fly my TREX 450SE, no time to tinker with my RC Bike... but nothing else better to do... so I opened three web shops to sell neat logo items...fun huh?

Check them out when you ge the chance...LOL

I also discovered my new pimp name.... it's Professor Truth Jimmy Ice

and anyone inside or outside the Los Angeles area going to RCX... hope to see you all there!...

Posted by Akura2 | Feb 15, 2006 @ 04:07 PM | 14,000 Views
... A BLog is what's left after you cut down the BTree.....

Sitting at work here, bored as all get-out... I brought my RC Bike in but I can't find time to do the work on it that I need to do...

On the list:
1. Remove components from the experimental frame I was working on and put them back on my CrazyNutRacing frame that I KNOW works....
2. Send my Novak ESC back to Novak for repair...
3. Eat lunch (Rather work on my bike)

I also brought in my HPI R40 Nitro... needs a new throttle servo... the wires got chewed up.... Oh well.. another day's racing down the tubes thanks to Gremlins...

The NATC race is quickly approaching so I must get my equipment smelling like roses in a hurry.. (or at least as close to roses as nitro can smell)

Working on some new parts with Dave from CrazyNutRacing... but if you are on the RC Motorcycle forums and you don't look at my blog... you'll never fnd out...as I may or may not post secret info hidden on here.......MWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!