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Posted by PittSpecial | Jul 19, 2021 @ 09:41 PM | 12,509 Views

I could not believe my eyes when I visited an old friend who was leaving out of the state after living here in Orlando, Florida for 30+ years.

I came to his house at Waterford Lakes because he was selling a few models and I did purchase them. After placing all of them in my car he tells me that I had forgot one and I looked puzzled and said what, when, how?

He brought me back to his garage and handed me a familiar box and one that he said I gave him about 19 years ago and just could not believe it.
The model is one GWS FORMOSA (original) that I indeed gave him long ago and I opened the box and finally recognized the pre-assembly work (my work)!

Well, I now have it again after being stored for 19 years!

I am getting her done! Soon!


I may bring back my Snow Cone! 🙂
Posted by PittSpecial | Jul 18, 2021 @ 11:45 AM | 13,696 Views
Flight Summary Report - Durafly Ugly Stick V2:

Holy Cow!

By switching to the inexpensive Park Zone 15 motor (950Kv) transformed this model into a more capable and spirited Sport Model like an Ugly Stick Should.
The up-lines were just amazing and with much more power and airspeed and pretty much all other maneuvers were an improvement like Night to Day!

The model was flown nothing over 1/2 throttle using the APC 10 X 10-E propeller and GEN ACES 3-Cell, 2200mAH, 35C, Lithium Polymer packs.
The best of all is the Park Zone 15 and extended forward motor mount provides an additional Nose weight component and provided the Center-Of-Gravity Spot ON!
Brought a grand total of six (6) RC Airplane Models to the RC Club and wow! It was the best weather conditions one could dream of.🙂
Posted by PittSpecial | Jul 18, 2021 @ 01:57 AM | 13,878 Views
I was lucky that a former RC Club member sold me his Durafly Ugly Stick V2 on Friday afternoon.

On Saturday I flew it completely STOCK and was not impressed on several aspects of it's flight. I didn't have any issues with the battery compartment nor the Center-Of-Gravity as I am using the GEN ACES 3-Cell, 2200mAH, 35C, Lithium Polymer packs with a ESC cable converter since I have all my batteries with the T-Connector (Ultra Deans) and even so, it is still doable in carefully situating the battery in that compartment with no issues.

The up lines were not as fast or powerful as I wanted for such a light model. The STOCK power system is adequate but, didn't have that gusto that I was expecting from an Ugly Stick of this size and weight. It performed all the Hammer Heads, Cuban-8's, inverted flight, etc.. however, just something was missing with the Airspeed. The stock propeller is a wooden (no name brand) 10 X 6 and it is my thoughts that it should be at least a 7-pitch.

I found a brand new Park Zone 15 (Black metal case) that you find in many Park Zone and of course E-Flite foam models and went to work a few minutes ago and was successful in drilling new holes on the White Plastic motor (Park Zone) mount to match the firewall of the model. I selected the APC 10 X 10-E propeller and the Watt Meter showed (Static Test) of 22.4 AMPS wide open throttle on a fresh fully changed battery pack. Okay the observed under load Voltage was 11.8 Volts and 22.4 AMPs thereby, 264 Watts!

Therefore, no need to change out the STOCK ESC from Hobby King as the STOCK ESC allows up to 4-Cells. For now, I am keeping it 3-Cells and my thoughts are that it will ZOOM with ZEST appeal at 1/2 Throttle now that I have lots of Pitch Speed and current draw is way below the maximum limits of the STOCK ESC.

My goals here is to WAKE-UP this model with a little more ZIP and ZAZ so, I can really enjoy it like an UGLY STICK should.

More to come in the morning!
Posted by PittSpecial | Feb 03, 2021 @ 05:35 AM | 18,217 Views
Greetings good people!

I normally don't post any issues here with Shipping of items from RC Vendors but, this one I need to share and make sure you all have an acknowledgement of what is going on with FREE or very inexpensive shipping via USPS and those RC Vendors who use Priority Mail from USPS.

EDIT: I am not in the least blaming Garret from Altitude Hobbies for this as he and I are not in control over the rather bizarre COVID-19 situations and USPS places a RED bar on top of any Tracking Page explaining this. The even more strange thing was today I received another package all the way from ROWLETT, TEXAS and it originated there (Shipped) on Feb 1st and arrived today Feb 3rd and it was USPS Parcel Select Ground! It does NOT make any sense!

My package from Altitude Hobbies has arrived in my Seminole-Orlando Distribution (Priority Mail) and departed this Distribution Center on 21st of January. Of which it still has not arrived at my "Local" Post Office Hub since today, February 3rd. The Distribution Center is less than 20 miles away and I can't get anyone at USPS to give me a reason for this delay.

It just SUCKS!

Worse is the vendor who I purchased these items saying that this is NORMAL based on Priority Mail!

Check out my latest e-mail to this vendor!

RE: Tracking:...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Feb 02, 2021 @ 12:07 PM | 18,432 Views
Now, please realize that my GWS pico Tiger Moth is pushing over 15 years old. The model experienced a Left Top section wing departure in Mid-Flight this pass Sunday at my alternate flying site.

The model was just commanded to a routine and 1/2 throttle loop and it is when the wing section departed from the model. The Tiger Moth continued to fly without any issues and landed with a kiss-the-ground manner.

Repairs have been completed and re-enforcement of the Wing -to- Strut attach points completed as well. (Additional pictures can be seen if you select the Blog!)

Flying wires were re-adjusted to keep the top wings from flexing and yes, a reduction of dihedral was the result, however, the under camber wing will keep the model with stable flight using just Elevator & Rudder....Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 31, 2021 @ 07:50 AM | 19,786 Views

The mishap report starts here:

Took a careful look and the old Original Gorilla Glue (Brownish Residue) was carefully cut out from the underside of the wing where it attaches to the outward wing strut and now using the newer Gorilla "CLEAR" glue that does NOT leave any residue nor expands, it will be a much better repair.

I have been using the Gorilla "CLEAR" glue for a little over a year now and it has the best results in many repairs, especially for foam airframe models and even my larger Balsa & Light Plywood models.

I am now cutting some Depron Foam strips to later re-enforce the attachment points underneath the wing where the outward wing strut attaches to the foam wing to provide more additional surface area and strengthen the attachment point.

More pictures!
Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 31, 2021 @ 05:33 AM | 19,606 Views
My Moth is the Original kit form with the thin wings and my bubby (a few pages back) is the 2nd generation pico Moth with the thicker wings. My pico Moth had a wing departure yesterday (01-30-2021) morning with its top Left Wing and it was about 85 feet high and this occurred right after I commanded a loop at 1/2 Throttle. The wind was picking up and I should have know better.

This break is not new on my model as many many years ago it fell off my car due to windy conditions and this same wing piece broke off and I had though I repaired it well. It seems like (if you examine the pictures carefully) that this is a structure failure due to gusty winds and going beyond the airframe capabilities, not withstanding my Himax HC2212-1180 power system on 2-cells, 800mAH, Lithium Polymers.

Why? Because the Himax HC2212-1180 is exactly the same weight as the STOCK IPS Brushed - Geared power system.

My buddies pico Moth being the 2nd generation would have withstood this loop as it has the thicker wings and landing wires as that of mine.

Okay the pictures after "landing" like a baby doll. This pico Moth is a TIGER! It just maintained it's flight after the Loop maneuver like nothing happened!...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 30, 2021 @ 07:02 AM | 15,130 Views
Much better Video with BLUE skys late afternoon Friday, January 29th, 2021!

Also, like the Title indicates, this model does NOT have any SAFE nor AS3X. It is not only that I don't need these fantastic programmable software assists but, the complexity it adds to someone new and as one of five (5) instructors in my RC Club, I don't train anyone with those receivers that employ SAFE, AS3X. Instead, I give them traditional instructions on how to familiarize themselves with their Radio Gear and setting up their model without any Receiver that employs SAFE or AS3X. I have seen many that get trained with these software programmable receivers only to crash their shinny new Warbird (ARF) later because it didn't have a Receiver that employs these assist devices.

My specific Apprentice in these Videos that I shared is being commanded by a standard Spektrum DMS-X Receiver and it's the AR400 Receiver with the amplified in-line antenna.

My thoughts "is" that if you are training to fly there is really no substitute for person-to-person instruction with the basics and note that this model is Tricycle gear and many do not learn the effectiveness of the Rudder another reason they crash their first Tail Dragger such as a heavier Warbird.

Okay, in this new Video (01-29-2021) the model performed excellent Sport maneuvers such as Cuban-8, Knife Edge, Hammer Heads and continuous axial rolls.

Amazing model, never thought it could.....

E-Flite Apprentice with wild Sport Maneuvers (Stock) 01-29-2021 (6 min 52 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 23, 2021 @ 04:32 PM | 15,429 Views
Hello good people!

Now I am not recommending anyone to do this with any of your models, especially if they are Electric Power. My situation is a little different because this Trojan model has crashed now several times and I had the opportunity to provide good protection to the ESC against moisture since I live in a very humid and swampy environment.

This weekend, most of Central Florida is Socked in with low Drizzle rain Clouds with DEAD CALM conditions that makes it all so tempting!

Okay, here's my Video of my 10+ year old Park Zone (now E-Flite) T-28 NAVY Trojan 1.1m (44-Inch wing span) with STOCK Power System and swinging the XOAR wood 2-Blade Glow 10 X 7 Propeller and 3-Cells, 2200mAH, 35C Lithium Polymer battery packs. This model has custom retracts.

It zooms with zest appeal.

Park Zone T 28 NAVY Trajan 1 1m 44 inch wing span in the rain 01 23 2021 (5 min 33 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 19, 2021 @ 10:05 PM | 18,153 Views
Hello good people,

I just Love this hobby.

January 12th, I picked up one of these for a Cool $80 US Cash but, I had to drive almost to Tampa, Florida which is just under one and a half hour drive each way. I saw it over at Face-book Market.

Well, it was worth it, both the Cash and fuel cost.

The model was owned by someone who purchased it from the original owner and he decided not undergo an Electric Conversion which is exactly what I will be doing. The model was maintained at the garage floor and it was certainly flown using GLOW power and it smelled and the covering had this dull look because it was full of Fuel residue.

Came home and using the DAWN Power Wash Ultra it did the trick and the covering looks like new again.

The Right Wing assembly had some damage internally and initially before the purchase it looked like a simple rip but, looking into the Right wing at that location the rib is fractured which really is no big deal. However, just recently, someone posted a Right Wing assembly for this exact model and I jumped on it so, will soon have a nice Great Planes RV-4 (1.4 Size) with the eye candy effects and minimal repairs to be done.

Found an article here on RCG's:

A few pictures....Continue Reading
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My original "Park Zone" T-28 Trojan (NAVY) survived almost one solid week (December 1st, through December 6, 2020) day and night exposure to a Brackish water Lake adjacent to our RC Club field. This model came from someone here in Orlando, Florida who modified it with Servo-less Retracts and has now endured two (2) crashes. One to solid Mother Earth Ground (Nose In) and now to a Man Made lake with all kinds of creatures lurking and nibbling at it.

The Tail feathers did NOT delaminate nor decals after all this exposure from the Sun and Water.

Perhaps the Original "Park Zone" NAVY Trojan was made better?

Oh, the servos are still original! (Less of course the Power System).

Here's my Video and pay attention to the pictures after post re-maiden flight and repairs! (Eye Candy)

Park Zone T 28 NAVY 44 inch wing span Trojan retracts post crash repairs 01 16 2021 (2 min 26 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 10, 2021 @ 07:22 PM | 16,493 Views
Hello good people,

I got myself a brand new GARMIN Geko 201 GPS device and wedged it within the Canopy and to my amazement the Canopy closed! This GPS device registered and recorded Top Speed and Average Speed for the model's 10th Flight.

This discontinued HANGAR9 P-51D Mustang PTS flew like a Mustang Should! Most of the Flight was right at 2-Clicks above half Throttle and it showed super airspeed and ease of control. Performed super hammer heads and some 1/2 Cuban-8.

The Electric Power System setup is within the Video Credits.

10th Flight of HANGAR9 P 51D Mustang PTS Glow to Eectric Conversion 01 10 2021 (6 min 49 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 06, 2021 @ 09:37 PM | 43,134 Views
Wednesday morning (January 6th, 2021)

Electric Setup can be found at:

Got to the RC Club field exactly at 8:43am and no one around. Call Bill M. and he told me that there were 10 cars but, apparently they left pretty early. (Too Cold for these guys! LOL!)

I flew my now favorite RC airplane model known as the Hangar9 P-51D Mustang RED TAIL PTS and it flew for almost seven (7) minutes right at 1/2 throttle and the 4-cell still registered 15.63 Volts from a fully charge state of 16.78 Volts! Which means that after flying the model, each cell still had 3.9 Volts and duration could have been longer!

Earlier yesterday, I had an opportunity to finally install the wheel strut covers and had to adjust the right strut some with shim material (prop spacer) to make the right strut perfectly 90 degree to the wing surface when main gear is Down. This allowed the wheel and strut to tuck in the same amount to the Left wheel and strut.

The wheel - strut covers were left ample space at the bottom (without any attachment) in case the model landed hard and strut spring would depress on landing as all will happen is the bottom end of the wheel - strut cover will move outward without damage as soon as it makes contact to rubber tire.

Well, the landing was a kiss the ground and no issues!

I Love this model and can’t understand why it was discontinued.��

A few pictures before flight and post flight.
Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 02, 2021 @ 06:10 PM | 19,476 Views
To see an actual Video of my Hangar9 P-51D Mustang 40-Size PTS, Glow -to- Electric Conversion and modified with the new E-Flite Electric Servo-less Retracts then please visit:



My Glow -to- Electric Conversion Hangar9 P-51D Mustang RED TAIL PTS has reached it's 7th flight from today. Early this morning it logged it's 6th & 7th Flight for 7 minute duration each flight using the 4-Cells, 4,000mAH, 35C , Lithium Polymers.

Please believe me when I tell you that it is not because I now own this model and have worked my ASHE on it to modify it to Electric Servoless Retracts, however, this is by far the best RC Airplane model that I presently own in this category. It's flight manners are just majestic, super responsive and the best for last which is it's Landings, just pure majestic slow down with partial flaps and it kisses the ground and stops right at mid-runway so, everyone can see it.

Today's comments from those that have not seen it fly before have been that the model whistles past thereby, sounds & looks very realistic plus the very good airspeed I have it with the 2-Blade APC 12 X 10-E propeller. Someone else that have seen it fly, another Instructor like myself caution me during a fast low pass that he heard something coming off and it was just the high speed and wing pressure getting into the wheel wells and the Rear Exit FUSE hole (Cooling) flapping the covering at that location due...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Dec 30, 2020 @ 09:02 PM | 21,137 Views
Hello good people!

Believe it or not, the results provided good amount of forward rake. The model tracked very well on the ground and even on the rather bumpy Taxiway heading to the main Textile Runway. Of course I didn't ride on the Right Rudder like I needed to, however, this model has a large amount of wing area (exactly 626 sq.-in.) and the take off was the width of the Runway as it veered to the Left and it was airborne in less than 50 feet which is the width of the runway.

My satisfaction is beyond my expectations as the retracts securing was ROCK SOLID in my efforts with patiently cutting and custom fitting all the HARDWOOD within the wing assemblies to make a very good and solid installation of these retracts. The Du-Bro 2.75-inch diameter low bounce tires did their job as the model NEVER bounced at all and in the following Video you will see a picture perfect Touch & Go (aborted landing) and the landing itself which was a tight turn correction and resulted in a ONE WHEEL landing and again, NO BOUNCE.

I am thrilled and super happy with the results!

Here's the Video: (Make sure you select 1080P HD and FULL Screen!)

Hangar9 P 51D Mustang PTS Glow to Electric Conversion Retract Flight Successful 12 30 2020 (6 min 1 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Dec 17, 2020 @ 02:55 AM | 27,370 Views
This is where it started:

I have recently converted a long discontinued HANGAR9 P-51D Mustang (PTS) of 58 - 1/4 inch wing span (Balsa & Light Plywood) to Electric Power. This HANGAR9 model is the (PTS) = Progressive Trainer Series. It is very light for it's size and in my opinion the construction is very similar to many of 3D airplane models with wing tube securing and the FUSE with lots of covering instead of solid sheeting all around allowing it to be super light.

My goals were to continue to keep it as light as possible all the while keeping the Center-Of-Gravity target in mind and I settled with the SUPPO 3520/6 Motor (840Kv), HobbyWing 80-AMP ESC, Castle Creations BEC PRO and swinging the APC 12 X 10-E and using nothing larger than 4-Cells, 4,000mAH, 35C, Lithium Polymers. ( Both the ESC & BEC PRO sitting in the Chin Scoop for maximum Air Flow). Additionally, it was fitted with the E-Flite 2-Blade ALL ALUMINUM Spinner (2.5 inch diameter). It zooms with zest appeal and even with the heavy fix gear and heavy HANGAR9 Rubber Tires.

For some reason the previous owner decided to install high Speed Digital (Tower Pro) servos for Flap function and during my maiden flight one of these high speed digital servos on Right Wing Flap Function decided to blow (miniature shot gun blast) and it burned a hole through the side servo casing. This was before my External BEC was wired in the model and I lost the...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Dec 03, 2020 @ 01:21 PM | 43,132 Views
Gals & Guys,

This basic concept of EDF power and especially attempting to fly this model reminded me WHY-O-WHY I have never got into the Grove on these EDF's!

The STOCK 5-Blade fan unit and coupled with a capable 4-Cell, 4,000mAH, 35C discharge Lithium Polymer battery pack is what I found to make this model take-off from Ground.

This is by far, not my first EDF powered foam model! I still have the STARMAX SWISS TIGER F5-E that I purchased from Hobby Express (Formerly Hobby Lobby). The Swiss Tiger has mechanical Retracts and almost 51-inch long FUSE, much larger than this HABU-2 and flys with 4-Cells, 2200mAH packs! It is not fast by any stretch but, provides a very scale flight manners as it is perhaps one solid pound less!

In my First Take-Off attempt, I used an older 4-Cell, 3,300mAH, 35C, Lithium Polymer (Fully Charged to 16.8 Volts) and the model was just not coming UP to speed (on step) for a reliable and confident Rotation for Take-Off so, the following Video at the few minutes will show my three (3) failed attempts.

On the same Video you will see the successful Take-Off using the newer 4-Cell, 4,000mAH, 35C, Lithium Polymer pack as it gave the model enough Speed for a good rotation and the model took-off with enough authority. Yes, once the model was airborne it does fly very nicely and pretty forgiving considering the 3 1/2 pounds fully flight ready!


Before the flight, I observed that the Rudder Servo was not moving at...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 29, 2020 @ 04:43 PM | 50,123 Views
Hello Good People!

My goodness, what have I been missing all these years!

Float Flying and this model has hooked me like something terrible!

Introducing my newly acquired (several Months Ago) at our RC Club FUN FLY raffle (I won the Raffle)!

Yes indeed, this Electrifly G-44 Widgeon is just an amazing model and very aerobatic if you like. The best, it comes in for a water landing like a Baby Doll.

Enjoy my Maiden Flight Video:
Electrifly G 44 Widgeon 51 inch wing span 3 Cells 2600mAH 35C Lipoly 11 29 2020 (5 min 33 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 27, 2020 @ 10:30 PM | 54,383 Views
UPDATE: RE: Carl Goldberg Tiger-2 (Glow-To-Electric Conversion)

Earlier Post on same subject at:

Well, I finally got it right!

As some that have posted warned me, this heavy model just could not fly "or" in other words, I have to thank a higher power for giving me the common sense of NOT horsing this great looking model UP in the air with the weak AXi 2826/10 power system and just 3-Cells! That maiden attempt resulted in some slow speed taxi runs!

Replaced the Electric Power System to the SUPPO 3520/6 (840Kv) and swinging the APC 12 X 8 E propeller while using the 4-Cells, 4,000mAH, 35C, Lithium Polymer Batteries.

I must declare that I was very pleasantly surprised in the manner this model handles itself up in the air. That Long FUSE Boom really allows this model to perform some wicked aerobatics should you decide at the controls. This made it worth while after struggling in trying to get the model's Center-Of-Gravity close to where it needed to be. Again, this model in it's early life flew with the Thunder Tiger .46 Glow Engine and it tipped the digital scale at over 16 ounces. This made things pretty challenging as there was really not enough selections of a Motor with this weight and having respectable (KV) parameters (Revaluations per Volt) to keep the Cell count low.

I decided NOT to remove the Impact Socket underneath the bottom end of the FUSE (Frontal) as it allowed a very good mid-point Center of Gravity with the new power system at 11+ ounces (Including ESC). It is amazing how much weight was required up front to balance this model out. I would say this Carl Goldberg Tiger-2 is very well constructed to say the least.

Okay, here's the Video and if you like to see a LOW Fast Pass then, FAST FORWARD to 6:25 Time Hack! Make sure you select High Resolution !
Carl Goldberg Tiger2 Maiden Flight 11 27 2020 (8 min 30 sec)