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Posted by RWData | Oct 22, 2009 @ 07:59 AM | 6,887 Views
Hey, just built my new depron mini-delta.
I have 'modified' the front-end twice already, but it is just so rapid !
Did anyone feel the ground shake near Bath last Sunday, while my plane was trying to knock the world off it's axis !!!
Easy to repair, so a new style nose installed after the first 'blunder' also saw the introduction of a different motor and prop combination. Then I found out the thing is ferrocious with unlimited vertical and ultimately faster at crashing too !
When I get half a chance, I will get some photo's up and perhaps if anyone is interested, some plans (or at least dimensions). Meanwhile, the electrical setup is as follows:- 12a ESC, 1000mah lipo, turnigy2730-1500 motor, 6x4 prop, 2x 9g servo, 15min run-time, dare not do more than about half-throttle !Wing config is delta-style with two fins on top, elevons each side of pusher-prop. The full fuse is difficult to explain as it is seemingly constantly undergoing re-mods ! Perhaps a slower model for next build would help.
As I am quite new to model flight, there are still a number of mysteries that are taking their time to unfold. This build is the third I have completed from no particular plans. They all fly okay, in fact the first delta is bordering on majestic (even if I say so myself).

Photo's next time, in-flight hopefully, but it's hard to frame when it is out-there !