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Posted by wolw | Jan 05, 2011 @ 07:14 AM | 35,931 Views
I'm expecting ... A Reichard MAXX

I just got a reply from Modellsport Schweighofer regarding my question of color scheme, it would seem that Mr Reichard can supply custom color schemes. I'd prefer black underside and fluorescent signal orange wing top and tail. Just got it confirmed. order on it's way

I have a Reichard Svist before, beautiful, well built model.

I wanted a smaller ~2m E-glider for relaxing thermal flying from my back yard, the larger and faster models are more suited flying from my airfield. As I found out it will also be very competitive in the new ALES(US)/FAI F5J (proposal) classes. The rules (FAI F5J here) are similar with a max 30s motor run, motor cut off at 200m, 10 minute thermal and precision landing. I'm hoping for some "post" competitions.

Here are are a few tips from some California guys flying it.

Special Features:

Carbon fuselage ; carbon gondole and carbon tube
Foam core balsa sheeted two-piece wing
Made by CNC technology
Pre-made servo trays
Carbon wingjoiner
Fibreglass canopy
Pre-hinged ailerons
Oracover on wings and balsa tail parts
Tight covering, with all seams hand-sealed
Includes all necessary hardware

RC function:

Rudder, elevator, ailerons, flaps, motor

Technical Data :

Wingspan : 2000 mm
Length : : 1170 mm
Weight : : 340 g
Area : : 32,17 dm2
Airfoil : : AG 46-44


Motor: Turnigy AerodriveXp SK Series 28-26 1350Kv for FAI F5J/ALES setup (2S) and Turnigy AerodriveXp SK...Continue Reading
Posted by wolw | Jul 14, 2009 @ 02:47 PM | 16,471 Views
I bought one quite a while ago and started putting it together, there's a lot of gluing with CA and a quite "raw" finish (I don't like either) so it took a year to complete

I've set it up to be a relaxing warmliner, nothing special.

Motor:Turnigy 35-36C 1100kv
ESC: Tower Pro Super Simple 40A
LiPo: Rhino 3S 2250mAh 25C
Rx: Corona 35MHz 6ch Synth dual conversion
Spinner: Hobbyking headless
Prop: 10x6 Aero-Naut CAM folder

Everything except prop from hobbyking.com

I gave it a Surprise XIII look.

Anyway, here's some pictures and the maiden video.


Multiplex Blizzard warmliner maiden (4 min 12 sec)
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Posted by wolw | May 10, 2009 @ 02:27 AM | 17,664 Views
As I was asking a lot of n00b questions on a Swedish forum, another member (who was checking a number of my questions) offered me a heavily hopped up ST-S to take parts from. It was almost complete, only lacking radio gear, engine, wheels and some small stuff and came with a lot of spares so I decided to leave the old ST-S as it is for my wife and son to drive and get the missing parts for new one.

Thanks Christer (Inferno Skara @ www.rsb.se).


ST-R Front CVD driveshafts
ST-R Rear center CVD driveshaft
50T Steel Center Differential Spur Gear
Hardened camber/steering/servo turnbuckles
150cc tank
17mm HEX
Nanda NRB long shocks
Hardened steel lower suspension arm axles
Ball bearing servo saver

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Posted by wolw | Apr 12, 2009 @ 01:38 PM | 17,174 Views
I made a bargain on E-bay, first owner shot the GX28 engine and sold it, previous owner installed a GX21 but couldn't tune the engine. It had a broken clutch spring, had a shot clutch bearing and one bearing missing
The GX21 isn't powerful enough for the very soft surface with last years grass, accelerates and picks up speed nicely on gravel road though

I've installed new fuel lines, a fuel filter with priming bulb and a failsafe. New carbon clutch shoes with spring was included in the auction also included was the four bevel center diff kit.

A much need steering servo are on its way from HobbyKing.com.
It ran quite hot with OS A3 plug, OS #8 kept it ~110C.

Kyosho Inferno ST-S US sports truggy with GX21 engine (1 min 33 sec)

This is fun !!

Posted by wolw | Mar 04, 2009 @ 03:20 PM | 17,066 Views
My old .25 Protech Kolibri was a bit too small for AP.

Fullkontroll had a sale with free shipping, the .40 Above All Retro Trainer was cheap to begin with ($85) and with free shipping a real bargain.

The Above All line up are built somewhere far east for two Swedish LHS's (MFT and Full kontroll), price vs quality is great.

It's supposed to have a single standard size aileron servo but a couple of mini servos (VS3) can be squeezed in. I'm thinking of splitting the full span ailerons to flap + aileron. It will be set up to be a full span aileron in flight but mixed to flap + aileron in landing and to be used in flight for slowing down taking photos, so three different flight phases will be set up (easy in the Royal Evo ).

The undercarriage for the tail wheel is enlarged to take a larger wheel/ski.

A pair of old skis was sacrificed, sanded down from 396g/pair to 172g/pair.


Motor: Turnigy SK 35-48 1100kv
ESC: Hobbywing 60A linear BEC
UBEC: HXT UBEC 5/6v output, 5.5~23v Input
Rx: Jeti Rex 7 MPD
LiPo: Rhino 3S 3700mAh 20-30C
Undercarriage: 105mm wheels / 48x570mm skis

Posted by wolw | Jan 22, 2009 @ 05:08 PM | 17,481 Views
After eyeing Chris F's brushless car for a couple of moths and wanting one too, I accidentally bid on an auction and won

I wanted one with bigger wheels to cope with the grass in the back yard and be able to run it in the fields around the house, I wanted it to be brushless too. Unfortunately the Swedish currency has taken a plunge, and the price now is around €225 for a buggy.

So I actually ordered a Nitro truck

It's from Seben-Racing but same as the HSP/Himoto/Redcat etc ones.

We'll see how it goes, at least I can start outside my work shop and won't have to wipe off slime after I've run it as you have to do with a plane.
The downside from EP is that the motor has to be broken in, the upside is that I won't have to worry about snow and water getting into the ESC.

Will post some more photos and maybe some video after the motor is ready to go.


Sold in favour fo another Kyosho

.46 AT-6 Texan

Posted by wolw | Jul 01, 2008 @ 03:31 PM | 20,968 Views
A friend gave me this AT-6 Texan. I was a bit sceptical at first looking at the short nose suggesting it would be very heavy if made to get CG where suggested.

A closer look revealed built up elevator and rudder, first thing to lighten if making a glow to electric conversion, looking good!

Wing wasn't a perfect fit and wing mounting holes a bit off, easy fix and a common mod on most ARF's. That would be all on the negative side, the rest is above average, elevator joiner was a perfect snug fit, the covering job is great, threads for pulling servo leads through wings fitted.

So far it's looking good, weight is 1448g with motor and mount fitted excluding gear, cowl LiPo's etc.

Everything from motormount to larger tail wheel (discontinued).

Motor: HXT 50-45
ESC: TP n65A
Servos: Jamara XT-mini 16.9mm (But don't buy if from this shop)
LiPo's (preliminary) : older HXT D9 in 4S2P config.

Posted by wolw | Jun 08, 2008 @ 03:56 PM | 26,098 Views
I've been thinking of making a stand for quite some time, I'm getting tired of using scrap foam blocks from work to use as stands.

Right, first I need a nice design to copy, this is the first problem. One reason I've been using foam blocks is that there are no nice stands to buy, there are stands but either they're ludicrously expensive (and not very nice) or made of cheap foam (which I already have), I finally found a nice stand surfing the net, I don't know if its home made or not but I decided to copy and modify it some.

I added a third "step", glider fuses are very narrow in the tail and I only want to make one type of stand suitable for everything from 1 m gliders to .60 scale warbirds with radial engines.

Plywood would be the best material to use but I didn't have any at home so I recycled an old bookshelf I had as a child.

They're almost finished, I'm giving them two layers of spray filler, a couple of layers of base coat before final cote, some foam to protect the finish of the planes is also needed.

More to come,

Posted by wolw | May 25, 2008 @ 03:37 PM | 23,251 Views
I won't cover the technique as Chris already did it in his "Mini-How-To", I'll start with the fun right away

As this is my first try at this I needed a suitable object that possibly couldn't get any worse. The object is the E-starter I bought for my wife that she never even dared to try. I only flew it a few times before I got bored, it has been moved around on the shelfs and are suffering from some hangar rash.

It will be painted with airbrush, I'm a total newbie, this will be the first plane I paint so it will be interesting

Posted by wolw | Jan 23, 2008 @ 07:42 AM | 30,484 Views
Seing Ed's (aeajr) review of the Sky Runner I immediately realised that this would be someting I could adapt to get into a suitcase and to be handy to fly when you have a few minutes of spare time

It will get a detachable tail (rudder/elevator)

World Models specification:

Wing span: 49" / 1240 mm
Fuselage : 33" / 835 mm
Wing area : 336 in/ 21.7dm
AUW brushed: 23.7 oz / 670gr (with 8cell 1000mAh)


Turnigy 2213 22turn 924kv 17A
Folding Turbo Spinner 35mm / 3.0mm
ZIPPY 1500mAh 3S1P 20C
TURNIGY Sentry 25amp Speed Controller
Parkflyer Switch-mode BEC
HXT900 9g / 1.6kg / .12sec Micro Servo

I'll be using Aero-Naut CAM folding props, starting with 10x6 (I got 10x7, 10x8 to try as well). But as I will be using partial throttle as opposed to my other gliders running LMR I think 10x6 will fit the glove.

This one will be perfect for leisure flying in Priory Park at my sisters place and to have handy at home to fly at a moments notice.

Posted by wolw | Dec 18, 2007 @ 04:21 AM | 28,394 Views
This one was built in the summer of 2006. There's a thread in the Glow to electric forum.

As an effort to clean up my blog and to make it easier to browse I'm moving all my entries of the PC-9 to one post.

And one reason to do that is that I most likely will get another PC-9 one day.
Can't praise it enough

Here it goes:

Finally recieved the PC-9, bought at Sussex Model Centre. This is the first time I've bought from England. Shipping is fairly priced 18.5. It ships with Parcel Force Euro 48, Don't ask what 48 stands for, shipping took 10 days. Nothing to gripe about as long as you know it, kinda hard to wait once you decided for something

Wasn't supposed to do anything Tuesday evening but one thing led to another and I ended up in my hobby room anyway

Everything looks to be a nice fit, fitted the winghalves and let it cure for the night(1,2)

Took away the covering for the wing retaining screws -they were misaligned (3), corrected the hole, filling up so the wing won't move during flight, glued on supports (4). Looks like the hole already been adjusted once, found filler in one end of the hole.

I'm not going to use standard servos, trying 16g/0.56oz for ailerons (5). Been told that she's tail heavy, therefore everything aft CG is going to be kept light. Moving elevator and rudder servos forward to throttle servo bay (which is being unused going electric)

Motor: Dualsky XM4250CA-6
ESC:Aero-Nuts Platinum 60A (Dualsky XC6015BA)
UBEC: Dualsky VR-3
Battery: 4X VamPower VP-2S1P2250 4S 4500mAh
Reciever: JETI REX 7 MPD
Servo: Aileron : Global-RC 17gr Naro Max Midi, Elevator, Rudder:Jamara XT Miniblue. (All later changed to 27gr Jamara mini servos )

Will add more information as the work progresses.


Posted by wolw | Nov 24, 2007 @ 04:53 AM | 31,368 Views
The T2M/Scorpio Condor Voodoo 3.2m arrived yesterday 23rd from Germany, ordered Sunday 18th, that's a quick delivery
I was just about to post a link to Staufenbiel where I bought it but it looks like they're out of them. I'm not surprised, they where selling them as "second choice" with wrinkles on the covering etc for 99
I feel very satisfied that I got one, after I gave heads up on the deal on a Swedish forum a lot of guys have bought it.

I don't know when I'm going to start building it, I just couldn't pass on the deal

Posted by wolw | Sep 02, 2007 @ 01:18 PM | 26,142 Views
Here's another one that's suffered from me trying to do too many things at one time

Full build in the "glow to electric forum" here

It's ready for maiden but I'm waiting for a dead calm day and trying to summon some courage, it has by far the highest wingload of any plane I ever flown. Final weight is 2800gr that's 500gr more than the PC-9 which had more wing area.

Here is the final setup:

Motor: Dualsky XM4250CA-6
ESC: Hobby Wing 60A
LiPo: HXT D9 4S 20-30C 2200mAh in 4S2P config
UBEC: Hextronik UBEC 5/6V
Servos: Jamara 27gr 4.2kg/cm
Rx: Corona RD820 8ch Dual conversion
Motor mount: 3D Hobbyshop 2" stand off kit
Wheels: 80mm lightweight
Prop: APC-E 12x6

Posted by wolw | Sep 02, 2007 @ 12:43 PM | 26,566 Views
This build started over a year ago, it's been delayed by a faulty kit, problems with motor and motor mount plus that I've been side tracked more than once
The whole story (and build) are in the "glow to electric forum" here

When finally finished I was more than pleased, it's setup to be a sport flyer not a 3D ship, I can't do any 3D nor have any interest in doing any.

It was maiden on a very windy day with the wind 90 across the airstrip, but took of steady, flew extremely well. Maybe it's the planes way to compensate me for its troublesome build

Here are the final setup:

Motor: HXT 42-63 kv646 (measured by Miljenko)
ESC: Hobby Wing 60A
LiPo: Early generation HXT D9/Aero-Nuts 5S 13-15C 5S 4100mAh
UBEC: Hextronik UBEC 5/6V
Servos:Jamara 27gr mini 4.2kg/cm
Moto Mount:3D Hobby shop 2" stand off kit
Wheels: United Hobbies/ HobbyCity 3.5" Scale alloy wheels
Prop: APC-E 12x6


Hangar 9 Funtana S40 maiden in hard wind (3 min 2 sec)

Posted by wolw | Jul 21, 2007 @ 04:44 PM | 31,297 Views
This Kobra was designed 1980 by Lars Holmgren to be a parkflyer by 1980's means. Hand launched, no landing gear and a Cox baby bee or tee dee glow engine.

Chris F and I was discussing building a portable fast aerobatic glider when I got a hunch and started rummaging around in the garage attic and found my old Kobra which I built when I was around 12 years old. It newer flew, a lot of things came between and it got forgotten until now. I had an idea of making it portable but I broke it in the process, probably for the good as it was built wrong. I managed to get hold of some .PDF plans (thanks Sebbe ). Got another hunch and started rummaging around in the barn and found the original plans with the magazine it was presented in. AUW at that time was +500g. It's a fast flyer that can do everything a aileron/elevator plane can do.

It was drawn to be fast and cheap to build, all you need is 2 1.5x100x1000mm, 2 3x100x1000mm balsa sheet. and 1 10x10x1000mm balsa rod.

The idea is to make it portable which means detachable wings and detachable horizontal stabiliser. The fuse will get a fixed 4mm CF rod and the wings 6/4 mm CF tube and main spar made of 3mm plywood instead of balsa.
That's as far as I have come, I makes changes as I go.


29" Kobra parkflyer (3 min 36 sec)


Reichard Svist

Posted by wolw | May 25, 2007 @ 01:53 PM | 51,734 Views
The Svist has arrived

The build has started

It's very well packed, thick outer box and well packed inner box.
The fuse is between FVK's Bandit and Topmodel's Nike 2 in quality and finish.
As with the Nike (and the Bandit of course) the wings are top rate.


Motor: MT Dragon W35E3 730Kv
ESC: H-Wing Pentium 60amp Speed Controller
UBEC: HXT UBEC 5/6v output
Servos: 4x VS3 16.2g / 2.5kg / .09sec Servo
Prop: Aero-Naut CAM 13x8
Spinner/yoke : Helmut Meyer Lightspinner system
Rx: Corona RD620II DC
LiPo: 4 older but never used 10-12C 16C burst 2S1P 2250mAh in 4S2P 4500mAh config

Final AUW 2003gr, [email protected]


GWS Formosa II

Posted by wolw | May 24, 2007 @ 10:50 AM | 35,307 Views
I needed a durable aerobatic trainer, and to find a better and/or cheaper than the Formosa II is hard.
If you are going to fly it stock it's a fast build, it takes a little longer to implement the (needed) mods found in the Formosa II thread.

I glued fuse together with the supplied GWS glue, if you're not in a hurry it'll do fine, no point in having a strong joint if the materials you glue together is weak (foam).

The mods so far:

Stronger mounting of landing gear and thicker wire (2.5mm), the way I did the mount it's easy to step up in diameter if needed, just drill a bigger hole.

Covering it in packing tape is no real mod just a way to be able to use regular paint, it will be stronger as a bonus though.

More on the packing tape .. It can be a PITA but this tape is just great, going over curved surfaces and it starts to wrinkle, give it a go with the heatgun (watch that foam). The tape is 3M scotch preassure sensitive.

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Posted by wolw | Apr 18, 2007 @ 03:23 PM | 42,964 Views
I thought that I'd build/assemble another entry level hotliner to double my odds at having at least one ready to fly.

I picked it up on my way to work and had a quick look at it during lunch, I instantly realized that the fuse is not as rugged as the Bandit. I had a more thorough look when I came home from work. The wings a very nicely finished but the fuse leaves more to ask. I don't know if I'm spoiled by the very nice finish of FVK's model (Bandit) or if this is the quality I should expect since this is only my second hotliner.

I'll reinforce the area around the wingbolts, canopy and wing saddle as this is known weak parts and put some clear tape on the bottom of the fuse.

Setup (might change and usually do ):

Motor: MT Dragon W35E1 1090Kv
ESC: OEMRC Pulsar 80A
Servos: HXT 9314MG 14.7g / 1.9kg / .12sec for elevator and HXT 9320MG 20.2g / 3.8kg / .15sec for aileron. As they are full span I went with a sturdier servo.
Rx: Corona RD620 Dual Conv. 6CH Receiver 35Mhz
LiPo: Not decided, might try Polyquest from HC, US $ makes stuff cheap , besides, they come in very nices sizes and capacities.

Note, the dimensions on the ESC on HC's site is wrong, correct size is: 75x30x13mm

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