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June 1, 2013:

To Initially set up the HT8 for Walkera:
1. Charge the HT8 internal battery using the included USB cable.
2. Connect the HT8 module to the DSC port on the Devo 10 and turn both on.
3. Press the tiny center button until the FJ/W light cycles from green to red to out. Only the signal light is now on (green).
4. The HT8 is now set for Walkera and will remember that setting.

Important to set up the 70 Model in the Devo 10 Before Flying:
Ail/Elev/Thro must be reversed and Rud is normal. Swash is set to '1. Servo Normal'. For flying in my living room I found too much expo makes it slow to react and too little makes it twitchy. I settled on D/R low rates at 70% with 20% expo for Elev and Ail. My initial impression is that these settings fly close to the X-6S with 70% D/R.

Binding the first time:
1. Connect the HT8 module to the DSC port on the Devo 10.
....Also connecting the power lead made no difference, and the switch still needed to be on, but I left it plugged in so it was out of the way.
2. Place the heli very close to the tx/HT8.
3. Turn on the HT8 - both lights are red.
4. Plug in the heli battery.
5. Very quickly, ie while the rx green led flashes once, turn on the tx.
----> Thanks go to member TFMeouch for figuring out this critical 'one blink trick'!
6. The HT8 signal light goes to green as the tx is powered on.
7. The heli rx led goes to solid green.

Once bound to the Devo 10/HT8 simply:
1. Turn on the HT8.
2. Turn on the Devo 10 tx.
3. Plug in the heli battery.

If you want to Re-Bind back to the X-6S:
1. Place the heli very close to the X-6S tx.
2. Plug in the heli battery.
3. Very quickly, ie while the rx green led flashes once, turn on the tx.
4. The heli rx led goes to solid green.
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SUBTRIM ON Solo Pro 260a or 328a:

THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NOVICE PILOTS. You should be familiar with adjusting and repairing your Solo Pro before attempting any subtrim adjustments. There is no way to reset to factory default so use these adjustments with caution.

-> Procedure to adjust the base setting for rudder trim:

With the TX in mode 2, power up TX and heli, then press the little button on the back of the TX a few times in quick succession. The button is located near where the antenna is mounted.

You will hear a beep and notice all trims are set to neutral. Now you can fly like usual and make trim adjustments,(except the rudder stick will do nothing!). You won't see the trim indicators moving.

Adjust the tail trim until it is holding well, and land the heli.

Press the little button on the back one more time to hear an affirmative beep the new setting is locked in.

Now trims will move again, but since the tail is holding with the new setting, you have equal “trimming space” to both sides again. You may also notice the tail responds better in both directions.

-> The procedure to subtrim the elevator and aileron servo is identical, except you press different trim buttons,the same ones you would use when trimming in normal mode.

NOTE it is recommended that you manually adjust the servo arms rather than use the subtrim for elevator and aileron.

->There is also an adjustment for the gyro in subtrim mode.

Pressing the throttle trim up increases gyro, pressing it down decreases it.
Most tail issues are tail motor or tail rotor related, or caused by fading batteries.
But you will get much better piro-rate with reducing the gyro to zero (~30 clicks down), and then about 6 clicks up again.
Note that the tail might become a little more twitchy

Stock Servo Arm Length 260a only:

Length is taken from the z-shaped part of the metal rod to the center of the hole in the link that snaps on to the swash arms.

Elevator: 28 mm
Aileron: 25 mm
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Note: I am not the originator of this procedure. This is simply documenting the steps and parts needed.

The Nine Eagles Solo 210a coaxial helicopter is a fun indoor flier. But the carbon fibre flybar is extremely brittle and can not withstand any impact at all.

By upgrading to the more flexible flybar of the NE Bravo III coaxial, the durability issues are completely fixed. You can then confidentaly fly with much less chance of ever breaking a flybar again.

To view the procedure, open the pdf file below.:
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1. Start with the transmitter off and battery out of the helicopter
2. Press and hold the black button at the top right of the transmitter and then turn the transmitter on
4. Continue to hold the button down for 3 to 4 seconds and then release - the battery indicator lights at the top of the transmitter will flash
5. Put the battery into the helicopter
6. The helicopter receiver light will blink, and then when it stays on solid, binding has completed

I have succesfully bound 2 Solo Pro 260a and a Solo 210a to this transmitter.
My Solo Pro 328a will not bind however.
Mechanically trim the helicopters for perfect hover and then switching between them is easy with only a few minor trim clicks needed.
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Note: I am not the originator of this procedure. This is simply documenting the steps.

For step by step instructions to change your HQ-852 transmitter to mode 2 expand the following thumbnails:
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Expand this pdf thumbnail for info on tuning the HQ-852 Coaxial: