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Posted by A Useless Geek | Nov 08, 2012 @ 04:36 PM | 31,013 Views
Okay, so I've been playing with that WLToys ICopter for a while now. Yesterday I managed to "land" the thing upside down on the driveway hard enough to crack the bug shell in half. Uh, oh. Gonna hafta add some protection to the board on the top side now.

But I've got enough quad time under my belt that I want to move up to something a little bigger and better. To that end I have a few multi frames that I'm building up. Only two flight controllers right now, but that'll change with my next Hobby King order. Of everything else I have plenty, but the flight management is hard to come by.

The three quads are a Holybro Hobby X-230, a Hobby King CF Talon, and a Hobby King fiberglass X666. The tri is from Scott Hall, aka Hall Effects. [cough]

(As a side note, those two frames are only modified by Hobby King. They are not the OEM.)

We'll see how this goes.