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Posted by Chris F | Apr 24, 2009 @ 12:20 AM | 39,181 Views
After giving my Formosa II away I have missed flying behind the house lately, so I decided it was time for another little foamy so I can do touch and go's. The model I decided on is the ST Cessna, a RTF model. It took a few hours to get it together and program my radio and the next morning it had its maiden. There was no wind and it flies great! I flew it in the wind and it gets tricky so it will only come out on the dead calm days from now on. This is a geat little model for the money, and as it comes with everything but Rx and lipo you don't even have to make a list of stuff to buy to get it flying.

Now I want another aerobatic model for behind the house . Maybe another Formosa II or even a Multiplex Acromaster would be nice.