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Posted by VicT | Feb 17, 2020 @ 01:12 AM | 2,040 Views
I flew a few yrs ago outside with landing gear removed for maximum speed. Now I’d like to fly in the gym much slower. I made fixed non moveable flaps for the UMX Radian so I will be doing the same for the Aero C (AC).

I used cardboard and tape for the prototype flaps. After experimenting with fixed angles I will finalize by removing the temporary cardboard flaps and cutting the flaps into the wing. They will be hinged and be locked up for outdoor fast flying and locked down for inside slow flying.
Posted by VicT | Feb 02, 2020 @ 10:51 PM | 4,583 Views
My AT6 is pretty worn out and I recently saw play between the rear bearing and plastic bell housing when moving the prop end. Most likely the cause was over 100 flights mostly on 3S. Time to replace the $54.99 PKZ5116 15 BL 950Kv motor with a more efficient and robust all metal motor. I have a used Eflite Commander motor 900 KV motor that is all metal, larger and a little heavier that should work with 3 or 4 S. I will be test flying and measuring current and watts with an APC 12x6 prop.

The plane was used primarily for half throttle training on different 3S packs where flight times extended out to 20-30 minutes as the Texan has nice flaps and drag reducing retract gear. There were a few times she tip stalled when power was reduced to idle and airspeed decayed. My 93 yr old student loved flying the Texan but was not as forgiving as the E-flite 1.3m Valiant also used for training. In hindsight itís better to complete training in a simple model (like the Valiant) before going on to more complex models. And if you fly the Texan like the Valiant you will see more tip stalls and crashes.

The EC1500 motor mount was swapped out for the stock motor mount and then mounted to the white plastic firewall using the stock sheet metal screws. A standard prop adapter/ collet was used to mount a spinner and 12/6 APC prop. No spacers were needed.

A 4S 3200 40 C Kinexsis pack was amp metered at 27 amps and 413 watts. Using an estimated 60 oz or 3.75 lb flying weight this works out to...Continue Reading