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Posted by myrcmodel | Apr 25, 2014 @ 01:39 AM | 9,428 Views
ARRIS GY01 3 Axis Handheld gimbal is produced on the basis of the ARRIS CM3000. More information, you can check

Here is the video from the ARRIS GY01:
ARRIS GY01 Handheld 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal in New Zealand Part 2 (4 min 47 sec)

Main Features:
1. 3 Axis Stabilization: With the 3 Axis on the GY01, the video is more stable, and the wobble from side to side is not obvious especially when you take videos while you are running.

2. ARRIS GY01 3 Axis handheld gimbal integrated with the manual control joystick, you can control the Yaw and Picth.

3. 3. The angle of joystick is adjustable. The angle of the monitor installation position is adjustable. According to the actual need in real aerial photography, you can adjust the angles,

For ARRIS GY01 3 Axis handheld gimbal, it needs one 3S 11.1v lipo battery (not included in the gimbal) for power supply. When you use it, please pay attention to the voltage of the battery, low voltage will influence the performance of the gimbal.